Monday, 1 April 2013

The Body Needs Lip Lusters in Cupids Crush & Chic Flick

Hello my wonderful readers how are you all doing today :) 
Wow it feels like I havent done a review in ages as I have had such a busy family long weekend and you do not find the days flying by.  I cant believe that there is less than 2 days until my giveaway ends either where did the time go .  Plus its the 1st of April how crazy its that.  
I hope you all had a lovely Easter and got plenty of choc to much on :) 
So todays review is on the 2 new Lip Lusters from The Body Needs I have added to my collection.  I actually cant pin point when exactly I purchased these I would say maybe about 3 months ago but it was around the time The Body Needs had 40% off everything on their site.  
This is not my first time experiencing the Lip Lusters in fact I included 2 shades I got as samples in my 28 days of kisses challenge I done Check it out where I review 2 shades Tokyo Pink and Do That Voodoo both shade I love.  Check out other reviews I have done on products I have purchased from their site.   
Each Lip Luster comes in a 10mm diameter slimline tube.  In each Tube you get 4g of lip product but wait for the price :) the price is only $2.75 each which works out at only 2 euro each.  
The best thing about the body needs lip lusters is some of them are Mac Dupes how nice is that.  

So let me show you my 2 new shades :) 
This is an absolute stunning Light peach Pink shade.  I am amazed at how similar it is to Mac's Angel Lipstick on this is a little on the sheerer side.  I am in love with this shade. Its a stunning nude shade for everyone even people with a fair skintone.  It is a little sheer to apply at first but is also build able   I love wearing this with a smokey eye or on days I just want a tint of colour on the lips.  Its smooth creamy and very moisturising.  Lasting power is between 2-4 hours depending on how pigmented you apply it I love to apply a lip pencil to my lips before applying this so that it lasts much longer which it does :)  I can guarantee this is a very popular shade to sell I love it :) 
Lastly is 
Again another stunning shade A Medium Rose Mauve Pink as described on the site. This shade is a perfect summer shade and also for everyday wear.  Its bright and cheerful and makes the face alot more bright looking.  Again this has a sheer beginning but builds up beautifully.  This can be worn on its own or over a matching lipstick.  Its again very moisturising.  
Over all like before I amvery impressed with the Lip Lusters they are not only affordable but they also are very pigmented, moisturising creamy and soft. 
I know they do not look like they are going to last but surprisingly they last alot longer than you expect for the price you cant complain plus they fit even in the skinniest clutch or purse you have  (you know for those nights where you have the smallest bag ever and you can even fit your favourite lipstick in it because its too bulky) well let me tell you these lip luster will not let you down in that department lol 
I will surely be keeping my eye out for another offer and as soon as there is one I am buying more of these babies.  I hear the question floating "Why is she waiting for an offer instead of just buying off the site" well the shipping that's the answer........ It is a little on the expensive side in my opinion so if you were to buy you are better off waiting for A) a discount code and B) when you know you will be buying in bulk that way you will not notice the shipping which usually costs me about 10 euro which is steep but I do take advantage dont you worry :)  
So that is it everyone what do you think of the shades :) 
Have you tried these yet :) 
Here is a Picture of me wearing Cupids Crush which is my favourite out of the two.  
Until next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Claire does beauty said...

Hey There!

I found you're blog through Monday Beauties Blog Hop!
These look lovely will have to try them! Great blog :)

Claire xx

Claire does beauty

Naomii @ Glitterbomb Makeup said...

These are lovely on you :). Really pretty colours!


Barbie's Beauty Bits said...

I love these colors!

Anne-Marie said...

These look fab!gonna check these out - look perfect for the summer x

Sara said...

Both shades are lovely:) xx

Eva-Lynn said...

I haven't tried them yet but they sure look lovely! x

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