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ELF Mineral Lip Liners Review and Swatches

Hey my beauties :) 
How are you all doing today :) 
Wow this morning started very wet rainy and wintery and now as i type this blog post the sun is shining and the mood in the house is alot livelier :) 
My weekend has been a little cray cray!!!!
Especially yesterday with my son turning 6 we went away for the day and had a ball 
What was your weekend like :) 
Oh let me tell you I have just had my first ever interview on someone elses blog :)  I was so nervous but the questions were so so easy to answer and I love the post :) Check it out if you have time :) 
Anyways enough with the blabbing and onto the reason you clicked the link in the first place lol Todays review is on a long time favourite of mine the ELF Mineral Lip Liners.  I have been using these for the past 2 years now so I think Its about time I reviewed them for you :)  You know what its like when you take something too much for granted as you use it so often and then realise oh my goodness I havent reviewed this yet !!! And no its not because I want to keep them to myself lol its just because I have had them and used them for so long I just never thought about it I was too busy reviewing new items I bought and tried :) 
I absolutely love the mineral line by e.l.f ( eyeslipsface)  I have every last one of their lipsticks ( THEY ARE HALF PRICE AT THE MOMENT ON THE UK SITE BTW) which i think are amazing they are long lasting creamy soft and feel amazing on the lips :) 
The Lip Liners are just as good.  
Create definition that ís soft, natural and brilliant. The gentle glide formula gives consistent color without tugging or sharpening for a beautiful enhanced look. 100% mineral based with no parabens, no preservatives and no chemical dyes. 
Each lip liner comes in a plastic pencil like form which are nicely slim.  One of the best thing about these lip liners is that they are twistable which means no sharpening wahoo I love that .   
I have all four shades in my collection but I would love a red :) :) 
Each lip liner only cost £3 each which is more than a bargain for what you are getting believe me :) 
Starting with the shades I own :) 
  • Brown:  The name speaks for itself :)  It is a nice medium brown shade.  It is suitable for Anyone with fair to medium skintones.  Anyone who is a darker skintone will find this to be more of a nude lip liner.  I have to admit when buying this I was worried it was going to be too dark on me but it isnt at all dark and looks stunning on the lips 
  • Rose:  This is my favourite and is always in my handbag.  I especially love this shade all over the lips for the days I do not want to touch up that much.  This is a beautiful Rosey brown shade and suitable for all skin tones I just love it I think its a perfect shade for anyone and it compliments every skin tone but more fair to medium skin tones in particular.  On darker skin tones its a My Lips But Better shade stunning :) 
  • Raisin:  This is a stunning Mauve rose shade.  You can build this as deep as you want its beautiful I have to say and would look extra stunning on anyone with a darker skin tone.  It is very pigmented and can look very dark on anyone with fair skin if used all over the lips but applied lightly this is beautiful :) 
  • Peachy:  Oh boy this shade is absolutely perfect for Spring/Summer months.  This is a peachy coral shade nice a bright and full of life  :)   I love it full stop :)
The Lip Liners are applied all over the lips in the Lip swatches and the photos are taken in Sun light 

Over all I love these Lip Liners.  For the price you are getting more than your moneys worth.  The consistency of these liners are creamy and smooth yet not overly smooth which means they last longer on the lips.  I found they didnt or dont dry my lips out but if you do suffer with dry lips simply apply a light coat of balm before you apply them if you are wearing them all over the lips.  I actually prefer wearing these all over the lips as a long lasting colour for the day and I find they last a good 5 hours before I need to apply either a lipstick or anything over them.  I do like to top the liners with a bit of gloss just for the extra va voom :)   The best thing about them is that they are matte.  That means they are not as transferable as some lipsticks and they just look awesome on the lips.  I actually do not have one bad thing to say about these and give them full marks in every way :) 
I highly recommend these to everyone you will not be disappointed :) 
In the above picture I am wearing raisin all over the lips 
So I hope this helps you out a little and I really hope e.l.f brings out more shades as I will be the first one to buy them all lol 
Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Jesss said...

These all look lovely, I love Raisin and Peachy! Great review :)

Jesss xo

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