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Product Rave: Pixy's Spa Fresh Shower Mousse

Hello My beautiful readers.  How are you all today :) 
Well I am sure you can guess by the title that this is already going to be a positive review :) 
I love that I love coming across reviews that I know will be good even before I read them but I still like to find out why and whats so good about it. 
I am sure you remember me talking about the Brand Pixy before but if you are a new comer it is basically an Irish brand/company who sells pure and natural beauty products.
"We only use nature's best in all our beauty products including moisturising shea butterand healing vitamin E oil to leave your skin soft and supple. We use essential oils, for their amazing fragrance - some energise you, others bring you back in harmony to calm you and soothe away the stress. Pixy is sheer indulgence leaving your skin glowing and renewed.
On top of all that our fizzing bath bombs, soaps, vibrant shower mousses and beauty gift sets are affordable so everyone can join in! "
I have tried their Bath bombs and their cleansing mud which i absolutely love :) check out my reviews on them here 
When I first laid eyes on these at the Beauty show this year I instantly fell in love.  They look amazing and smell amazing but at the time did not buy any.  Since been told about them I was determined to try one so I ordered it a couple of weeks ago and instantly fell in love.  
There are 5 scented shower mousses to choose from 
Strawberry which contains Vitamin E oil and Jojoba Oil To nourish the skin 
Pineapple which contains Rich butters and almond oil to leave your skin smooth and soft 
Cocoa which contains Shea Butter and Apricot Oil to soften and enrich your skin 
Lime Sorbet(new) which contains Lime and lemon myrtle essential oils make brighten your day and make you feel fresh all over
and lastly Spa fresh which I will talk about more 
Each jar contains a show pouffe which is brilliant and very handy even to bring on travel.  
You are getting 300mls of product for 12.95 euro which in my eyes is well worth it believe me.  
It warns you on the site to be careful while having this in the shower as the container is glass and to be honest they are right as its a very fragile glass very thin and if it did by any chance fall it will surely smash on the first fall.  This jar is actually very light weight even though it looks big which is great from travelling just make sure if you are bringing this on travel to wrap it up amongst your clothing so that if your bag falls it will not break.  
another thing I noticed is that once you open this and the pouffe is released you will have to keep the pouffe separate to keep the jar sealed if you try to put pouffe back in it will spring up and the lid will come off so wait until you have used it a while before placing it back in.  
To use you simply dip the pouffe on top of the mousse make sure not to dig in because you will take up too much.  A little goes a long long way in the above picture you will see the amount of the pouffe and that literally does your whole body because once in contact with your wet skin this amount lathers up something serious I couldnt believe it myself.  Oh boy ladies and gent the moment you apply this to your body its like rolling around on cotton wool.  It feels AMAZING!!!!! Its so soft and the scent is released straight away.  HEAVEN!!!!!
Spa Fresh smells absolutely devine.  Spa Fresh contains primrose and peach kernel oils to leave your skin soft and supple.  I actually can not describe the scent but I can tell you that it sort of reminds me of soap they made years ago the soap my mum used to buy when I was a kid.  I think it was actually the Palmolive Soap the green one.  It reminds me so much of that.
So every time I have a shower with this it brings me back to my childhood :) :) 
Awwwww If you want to smell extra clean this is surely the one to go for.  
:) I love it :) 
The best thing about this is when i usually step out of the shower my body instantly feels dehydrated as i suffer with dry skin but with this I didnt feel the need to moisturise even though I still do anyway.  Also the scent lingers on the skin for the most part of the day which is brilliant.  Even now as i sit here typing this I am sniffing my arm and am in bliss :) 
I Absolutely adore this product and I plan to stock up on more scents for sure I have already cleared an area on my dresser from them lol 
Have you ever tried these if not why not believe me you will love them :) 
I hope you enjoyed my review 
Check out the Pixy Website for these :) Pixy also ships internationally and there is free shipping  to all Irish customers :) 
Until Next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Karen Hayes said...

have this in the shower at the moment, mine has sparkly bits in it, don't know if they've stopped doing that now. but i've just read we are not supposed to leave in the shower oops, i didn't know, and because of you i now know to put the shower puff into the jar and press down first, i was trying to lift it out with my fingers and then put it on the puff with wet fingers, will try this way tomorrow!! i have this scent which is very fresh but i'm more of a fruity person ha ha

Nina s said...

Awww im glad I gave you a few tips out of the review hunny. I would have probably done the same thing only for I was at the Beauty Show and the lady at the counter explained how to use it properly :) Yes im the same I like fruity scents too thats why I will be going back for more hehehehehe I will have a collection before you know it :)

Jesss said...

This sounds lovely!! The only thing that would put me off is the packaging, it'd be almost guaranteed to get broken with three kids in the house!
Great review!!

Jesss xo

Nina s said...

Jess hunny I have 5 kiddies :) And believe me if you love something you will make sure it will not get broken ;) mines still intact :)

Shannon Boyce said...

Oh this sounds fantastic! It looks like a lot of product and it is great that it doesn't take much for each use.

Barbie's Beauty Bits said...

Thanks for sharing as I thought about trying these out. I just wish it wasn't in the glass container. It would end up shattering in my tub. I think I'd have to switch out the container, do you think that would be possible?

Anonymous said...

Now that's a different way to deliver a shower product. Very nice and thanks for sharing. I'm always on the look out for new natural and organic brands.


Kerys Marie said...

Woww, this looks amazing, I'd love to try the strawberry one.
Absolutely love anything really strong fruit scented in the shower. Obsessed with all things mango at the moment haha.

Great review :)

Kerys -xo
Little Bo Blab

Tatiana said...

ooh, I love how fluffy it looks! unfortunately I'm always dropping things, so I doubt the glass would work for me... :P

visiting from the yolomonday hop :)

laura said...

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Keep up the superb work!

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