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MUA Brush-on Concealer Pen in Light

Hello My beautifuls How are you all doing today :) 
Awwww im in a great mood because as i type this the sun is beaming in on top of me and I love it.  The brightness is beautiful and its beginning to feel like Spring long may it last PLEASE!!!!!!
So today I am reviewing the MUA Brush-on Concealer pen in Light 
I was actually a little excited about trying this out as i do use the Rimmel Match Perfection 2 in 1 concealer and highlighter pen in Ivory sometimes (well on my not so dark eyed days) and I love it (i have to review that one yet) but it costs about 7 to 9 euro to buy compared the the MUA Brush-on Concealer Pen which costs only £2 I was very hopeful that MUA would replace my Rimmel pen 
I was in fact very wrong !!!!!! 
I will go into that in a little bit but firstly let me tell you a little about the packaging and product itself 
"You might have seen some more expensive versions of these in the beauty world but the joy of MUA is that we’re just *so* good at creating versions that are just as good but a tiny fraction of the price! (You can thank us later.) Brush on the concealer across any imperfections and blend gently with your finger to create a gorgeous, flawless face!"
There are only 2 shades available "Radiance" and "Light" I did see a review on the shade Radiance and it seemed to be a little on the orange side  
So I went with Light as I am more on the fair to medium side.
The packaging is the same black with silver writing on it.  Even though this only costs £2 I like that MUA have chosen to go with the black packaging as it does not give away that you have paid so so little for it.  The pen itself comes with a twisty wheel type bottom in which you have to twist to get the product out.  It comes with a brush for easy application which makes life alot easier for people on the go 
I did find when trying this out first you have to twist the bottom about 20 times before any product comes out but be careful because you can twist it too much at first and the product will end up gushing out 
The moment I say the shade I knew it was going to be too dark for my under eye area in which is the purpose I bought it for.  :( disappointment straight away 
This shade is certainly not for anyone with very fair skin or even anyone with fair to medium for the under eye area.  For anyone with fair skin this wont even do for blemishes as it will be too dark for you.  I find this even a shade too dark for me for blemishes.  I shall not waste it though as it will do for going out nights when I wear a darker foundation.  
Compared to my normal Rimmel concealer pen for instance the shade is incredibly different I will show you how different later 
As you can see by the photo it looks light enough but when it dries and sets its seems to oxidise a little.  Click the picture for a closer look.  The consistency of this concealer is actually thick a sort of moose like texture and it is very very pigmented which means a little goes a long long long way.  It blends out very well so it takes very little effort to work with it.  If you are very dry under the eye area you might find it settling into your fine lines a little but its not noticeable.  For blemishes it does cover them up well enough.  
I really want to try radiance out for myself after all everyones skin tone is different but this shade is certainly too orangey and way to dark for what I wanted it for.
For £2 its a pretty good long lasting brush on concealer but whats disappointing is the shade even for the shade "light" you would imagine it to be alot lighter than it is but its not.  If you are someone who is NC 15-25 you will find this too dark anyone darker might find this perfect for you :) 
Below is a comparison picture of the Rimmel Pen in "ivory" in which I use for my undereye area for brightness on an everyday basis compared to the MUA pen in Light 
So overall for the price it is a good everyday blemish concealer.  For brightening under the eye are no no no not this shade either.  It is  medium coverage concealer and is actually build-able to full coverage.  If MUA brought out more shades I would surely repurchase because overall 
Performance is actually quite good for the price whereas shade is not so good 
Have you tried this yet 
What is your view on it 
Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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adoreabubbles said...

Concealers always tend to clump up on my skin and never sit right and I always have clean skin. I don't know why that is! Great review hun x

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