Monday, 15 April 2013

Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation Review

Hey my beauties how are you all doing today :) 
I have made a promise to myself that I am going to start to review some of the newest foundations I have tried tested and basically finished up and bought again :) Sounds good already doesnt it :)  Well after I finished my beloved NYX HD Foundation I repurchased but got the wrong shade somehow so I ended up buying a different foundation closer to home because I would be waiting for at least 1-2 weeks for my NYX one to arrive.  Then When i started buying closer to home I kept buying as it was much easier to be honest to work out shades etc.  So my beloved NYX is on stand by for now im afraid :) 
Since then I have tried some different brands one been Bourjois so today I am going to review my most recently bought foundation because to be honest this foundation and I didnt see eye to eye first time around :) :) but now since we got to know each other a bit better I am having a really good relationship with it ;)
Ok so let me tell you why I went for this foundation in the first place.  Seeing as I am at the age I am and seeing as I stupidly didnt look after my skin in the earlier year (lesson well and truly learned) I ended up getting dark spots from the sun basically I have pigmentation from sun damage on my forehead especially tut tut I know but I am well and truly SPFing all the way now  
I also have dark circles from been a mum of 5 and surviving on around 4 to 5 hours sleep a night.  I do suffer with discolouration too.  So I thought hmmmmm my face is a real tester for this foundation 
Bourjois state that this foundation has 3 colour correcting pigments to help correct the most comment skin faults we all tend to suffer 
  • Yellow Pigment which is used to correct dark circles 
  • Mauve Pigments which is used to correct dull complexions 
  • Green Pigments which is used to correct redness 
Another plus about this foundation is that it has SPF 10 I like that.  After all even when the sun is not shining you still need protection SPF protect that is so my mind is at ease when I wear this.  Do not jump to the conclusion that because this has SPF it doesnt photograph well as I will be putting it to the flash test later to see ;) 

Plus Bourjois Promises that this foundation lasts 16 hours. 
Enough about that let move on to the packaging and the shade shall we 

What I love about this foundation is A) it comes in a glass bottle which in all fairness is alot better than plastic.  It means you are get quality for your money.  B) it comes with a pump perfect !!!! I love that as it hygenic and neat and tidy and no spillages :)  Plus you have control of how much product comes out of the bottle.  
There is only 5 shades available
I ended up choosing the lightest shade which is 51 Light Vanilla 

Remember I told you at the start that I wasnt entirely impressed at the start with this foundation The reason is because the consistency at the first few pumps was very watery, the scent wasnt exactly attractive in fact I thought I got a bad batch and maybe it was gone off and when I applied with my normal brush which was the Blank Canvas F20 Flat Top brush it seemed the moment the foundation hit my face it sank into every pore and fine line I had Oh I hated it and took it right off.  
Then a few days later I thought ok Maybe try applying this a different way 
but for that I shook the beejeebees out of it and bam the consistency was thicker that before 

Then I grabbed my Blank Canvas Double Ended Painter Style Foundation Brush and applied it to my face with great fear lol but bam instant perfection I couldnt believe how easy and fantastic this foundation was to apply.  I was totally amazed at how different this foundation looked on me.  It took very little effort to apply and took very little to apply.  
Plus it didnt soak into my skin the way it did the first time.  So word of advice shake the bottle before use and also use a foundation brush to apply or a beauty blender if you suffer with pores and fine lines.  
The shade I got is the perfect match for me.  It has a yellow undertone to it.  I did find the foundation does oxidise a little maybe a half a shade darker than the pumped out shade in which was perfect for me 
The coverage is light to medium, light been 1 layer medium been 2nd layer but does not build up to full im afraid so any of you ladies looking for a full coverage foundation will not get that from this foundation.  

I let the 1st layer dry before applying a 2nd layer to show you how much of a difference it makes.  I also applied a 3rd layer to try it out and it made no different 

So now for the next photos I have been dreading lol come one ladies who likes putting up before pictures of themselves seriously lol 
Ok I have one before and after in natural light 

Now for the Flash which always brings out your flaws more 
And of course I will look a little yellow lol but thats because of the lighting and of course the flash of camera.  
Now the evidence speaks for itself you can even see I have a blemish and the foundation done well covering it up :)  I did find that I had to use a brightener under the eyes along with the foundation but no concealer.  It covered up the dark spots on my fore head which is great :)  It also covered up alot of my freckles but not totally which im happy with after all freckles are natural :) 
Over all I am very pleased with the finish I had to apply two layers on my forehead but the rest of my face has only 1 layer.  The finish is semi-matte.  Lasting power to be honest I would not say it will last 16 hours on the face I found it did start to wear off slowly after about 7 hours but not noticeably until 10 hours if you are oily you will find that you will need your compact with you to top up.  The scent as i mentioned earlier is still there but to be honest you dont notice it after applying it and its not strong.  It has that slight old fashioned foundation scent.  
I am not a fan of that scent but with this foundation I can tolerate it and to be honest it has not turned me off using it and i have been using this for the past two weeks non stop.  It certainly will not replace my love for the NYX HD foundation or for the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation which I absolutely adore and will be reviewing very soon but its not the worst I have tried of foundations.  
This foundation cost me about 12 euro and is worth it for everyday use 
Have you tried this foundation 
Would you try it ?
Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


carina said...

ohh i like

Kerri_Jane said...

Ive heard so many mixed reviews about this foundation, but theres no denying it looks lovely on you. x

Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

wow what a great foundation! It looks amazing on you. Gorgeous photos by the way... The Before AND the after!! Love your eye makeup too. ♥ Thanks for linking up to makeup monday!

Despoina said...

I really like Bourjois foundations,they always make my skin looks dewy,i am gonna try this one cause i `ve heard that my beloved `10 hour sleep effect`,is now discontinued.

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