Thursday, 21 March 2013

MUA Lipsticks in Shades 2, 6, 9 & 14 Review

Hello my beauties :) 
How are you all doing today :) 
I am looking out the window as I type this in my fluffy pjs and fluffy socks feeling all meh!!! The weather is not exactly what you call Spring time weather its more Winter with rain pelting against the window and the birds bearly able to stand on the branches with the wind.  Awww I think a nice cuppa hot chocolate and a chocolate eclair is on the menu for me hold on .........
Now that I am in a chocco happy mood lets get started on the review :) 
So you may already know I am no stranger to MUA's (Makeup Academy) £1 Lipsticks I have a more recent review on a shade called "Juicy" which I love and I have also a great love the MUA's Lip Booms they are amazing.  So I decided to go ahead and order 4 more shades in a sort of lucky dip way.  I normally google the shades but this time I just chose 4 for fun :) after all it was on the 50% sale they had a couple of months ago so it worked out I only paid 50p for them :) :) Happy days
The fact I have reviewed these already leaves me with just basically showing you the shades I got and then me telling you my experiences with them 
but to cut a long story short you are getting 3.8g of lipstick for £1 each these lipsticks are one of the most popular product sold by MUA So far I have had good experiences with these lipstick that is mainly the reason I went back for more :) So lets show you the shades I got :) 
Shade 2:  This is a lovely plummy pink shade with a satin finish.  Its very very pigmented and you would get away it applying one coat for a perfect everyday colour.  The more coats you put on the more pigmented it gets.  Applying this is like a dream is soft cream and feels really moisturising on the lips.  This shade would suit everyone including us fair Irish gals :) :) I love it :) 
Next up is a shade I wouldnt normal choose and will maybe only ever wear on a night out 
Shade 6:  I am not normally a fan of shimmery or frosty lipsticks both of which is the finish of this lipstick.  Even though the shade is so so pretty and the shimmers in the lipstick does look good on the lips its a beautiful pinky shade and perfect for summer time but I only see myself ever reaching for this maybe on a night out its a bit much in my eyes but some of you might like the look of it on the lips.  The texture is lovely and creamy and you do not feel the shimmers on the lips but I found when this wears off the shimmers stay put 
As I said it does look pretty but not my cuppa tea at all 
next shade is another shade I am not really loving 
Shade 9:  This is really not a favourite and to be honest I would reach for Shade 6 quicker than this one.  This is a very shimmery frost coppery brown shade very creamy soft and pigment but just not my shade or liking whatsoever here is the swatch of it for you guys out there who do like that sort of lipstick 
And last but not least 
Shade 14 "Bare":  Well I know alot of you will like this one :)  At first I thought this shade was going to make me look like death warmed up but It surprised me when I swatched it :)  This is a lovely peachy nude shade and yes its semi-matte an extra bonus :)  This is smooth and creamy and very pigmented what I do find with this lipstick is that you surely have to ex-foliate and moisturise your lips before applying this as I have found it to slide a little if I don't.  as you will see in the photo a little of what I mean but its a stunning shade and lipstick for those smokey eye days/nights.  
The one thing I will advise you when shopping on the MUA Site for lipsticks is please google for swatches before hand so that you do not be disappointed with the shade.  You will not be disappointed with the lipstick itself but the shades are hard to judge from the site.  
Over all I got 2 shades I love and 2 shades I don't but I took a risk purposely and Its beneficial in some ways as I still get to show you all what the shades are like 
So I hope this was helpful to you all 
Have you tried these lipsticks before?
What are your favourite shades :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


habibeauty said...

I love nº 14 Bare:)

Ashley Tiernan said...

i have shade 2, 9 and 14 too. I love shades 2 and 14 and i don't like shade 9 either. :)

Simera H said...

Really pretty colors.
Beauty Makeup Addict

Heather Mouse said...

The first one looks like a gorgeous shade for everyday. Great reviews! x

Caroline McMenamin said...

I love these shades, they look so juicy. I love your blog, I've just come across it and I'm your new follower. I'm from Ireland too. x

ABI said...

I dont have any MUA lipsticks but number 2 looks great on your lips!! :D

saracr said...


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