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Famous X Spotlight Lipgloss in Bombshell & Babe

Hello my wonderful readers How are you all doing today :) 
I have another Famous X Review for you today :) 
This is not the first lip product from Famous X I have reviewed I have also tried and tested their Lip Addict Lipsticks  in which I like 
So I opted for they Spotlight Lipglosses to see what they were like :) 
I decided on 2 shades that would be perfect for the coming Spring/Summer season after all the brighter the better but looking out the window (sigh) in fact what i see in front of me is a blizzardy snow fall its not even flakes of snow its light the light fluffy beads you will see in a beaded play ball or something like that.  Ok i am verging away from what I should be talking about lol sorry everyone I am so like that though I just love to talk !!!!
There is 6 shades of these lip glosses to choose from.  They cost £4.99 each for 8mls of product which is quite alot I have to say.  They are available in selected Superdrug stores or you can buy direct from their site.
The packaging is cute and simple.  It remind me so much of the e.l.f Glossy glosses and the MUA Intense Kisses gloss where packaging is concerned only this gloss is half a size bigger.  
No only that but this lipgloss comes with a mirror on the side of the packaging which is quite handy if you want to top up are not near a mirror and forgot your compact.  Not ONLY That but it also comes with an extremely bright light when you open the lip gloss up to apply.  This light would be handy to apply your gloss if you esb went out or your stranded in the middle of no where in your broken down car and the AA man which could be good looking is on his way lol 
To me the light is just an additional thing that really doesnt excite me a whole lot but might to others :) Well my 11 year old daughter thinks its the best thing every when I bought her a couple of these glosses along with my own :) 
Whats more important to me is the glosses performance and of course the applicator.  
The applicator is a doe foot applicator which i love the most as it makes applying the gloss so easy even without a mirror.  
 So let me go ahead and talk about the glosses themselves :)
The shades I got I am very pleased with as I said above these shades are perfect for the Spring and Summer months.
Bombshell:  Is a beautiful dolly pink with tiny silver shimmers which dont really appear to be noticable on the lips.  This is sheer but buildable.  
Babe:  This is a nice orange nude shade it too has tiny silver shimmers in it.  This too is very sheer and adds a little bit or a tanned orange
The Consistency of these glosses is quite nice.  They are not thick nor too thin.  They are not sticky or gloopy they just feel like a balm like texture.  They do have a little scent to them a very faint vanilla scent you will notice it disappearing as soon as you apply it.  I found the lasting power a little disappointing to be honest.  I had to reapply about 1-2 hours later which is a little annoying on those dry lip days.  I like to apply these over lipsticks or when I use a lip pencils for a little extra boost and they work brilliantly for that purpose :) 
So if you are looking for a gloss that will give a little shine, a little tint, will not feel sticky and will do for an everyday wear lip gloss these are for you.  
I dont regret buying these glosses at all they are both beautiful shades that will do for my no lipstick days and for the days I just want something on my lips 
Have you tried these yet? 
What do you think of the shades :) 
Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

Disclaimer:  These glosses were purchased out of my own money 
I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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fluff and fripperies said...

That pink is so pretty Nina. The light and mirror sound handy too xo

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