Monday, 4 March 2013

Product Rave!!!! Lorac Pro Palette

Hello my Fantastic Readers.  How are you all doing today :) 
Well the post in particular will be an absolute Pleasure and I mean PLEASURE to talk about.  Plus its a long awaited review by some of you dying to know what palette i have been raving about.  I have been so busy playing with this palette it took over me writing about it lol my apologies :) 
I have been posting up a few looks lately on facebook that i have tried with this palette and each time you have all loved how the eyeshadow look so I am now revealing the palette of my dreams.  I have even stated that this palette has taken over the love I have had for my Urban Decay Naked Palette.  Do not get me wrong I still love the UD Palette but I have to admit i have played with this palette more than the UD which says alot in my eyes :) 
I have been wanting to get this palette for a very very very long time and first seen it on Its Judy time and Emily Noels youtube and they rave about it.  But to be honest its very very very hard to get it and yes it is on ebay but its been too expensive to purchase because in America its one of the top sold palettes.  So I was beginning to give up any hope until one day I was chatting with a lovely American friend who said she had no problem posting it to me I was super dooper excited and thank you so much hunny Love you :) :) Let me tell you right here right now If you have any American friends or anyone going over to America for a trip make sure to ask them to get you this Palette cause Gurlllllllllll you will fall in love !!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway I knew I was going to ramble and I am very sorry but when I rave about something I tend to go on about it lol but you love me really dont you ;) ;) ;)
Awwwww ladies and gents and all you makeup lovers this palette is amazing and I love love love using it 
Ok lets get the whole packaging and price and stuff out of the way before I show you the shades I will be really quick i promise
The packaging is a fantastic professional looking packing and the feel of it is somewhat lip the Nars packaging its actually hard to explain but the nearest explanation I can think of is it sort of feels rubbery and while you have this in your hand unlike some palettes because of the rubbery effect you have no fear of this baby slipping out of your hand it gives you a good grip of it.  This is a perfect palette for make-up artists as it does look so professional.  The palette comes with a primer just like the Naked palette even tho i have to admit I prefer the UD primer over the Lorac one.  The Lorac primer is good but I have found it to be more sheer and a little more water based that the UD Primer.  Now to show you whats inside this beautiful palette :) 
As you can see it comes with a very good sized mirror which is hand for travelling :) 
It doesn't come with any applicators in which I don't mind as its more room for the shadows ;) 
The price of this palette in America is around the $40 price mark which is about 30 euro :) 
The Urban Decay palette here costs around 35 euro here so its around the same value in money.
The Lorac Palette comes with the total of 16 shades of eye-shadows (WOW) and half of those eye-shadows are Matte !!!!!!!! The other half is shimmery
The Urban Decay Palette comes with 12 shades and only 2 of them are matte !!!
 Let me tell you now these shades are amazing.  This is a perfect Neutral palette filled with lots of choices in looks for day and of course night.  You also have a choice to go matte all the way or shimmer all the way or even a mixture of both.  
The shadows feel so creamy and soft.  What amazed me more is the pigmentation and the colour payoff from each of these shadows i mean NOT ONE SHADE IS A LET DOWN THEY ARE ALL SUPER PIGMENTED 
Dont get me started about how blendable each one of them are oh my goodness they are amazing and so easy to blend :) 
There is a couple of shades in this palette that are a little on the chalky side and you will end up loosing a little of that shade each time you use it but hey it cant be 100% perfect can it :) 
Now for the shades :) 
This is the top row which are the Matte Shades :) 
  1. White:  Is not exactly matte but is near enough there is a tiny bit of microshimmer in it but nothing noticable once you apply it.  I was surprised at how pigmented soft and oh so beautiful this shade is.  
  2. Cream:  I love this shade for the brow bone for the inner corners of my eyes and for blending again very pigmented for a light shade 
  3. Taupe:  This is perfect for the crease for your brows for anything really A nice medium brown shade that you will always find use for 
  4. Lt. Pink:  This shade is stunning I presume LT. stands for light but if anyone knows what its stand for let me know its kinda bugging me lol.  This is a stunning light pink shade perfect for lid perfect for inner corner or even for the crease when your going for the purple pink look :) 
  5. Mauve:  I love this very light to medium Mauve shade I have used this in the crease for far for one of my looks and its gorgeous 
  6. Sable:  A Beautiful Brown with red undertones to it again a stunning shade 
  7. Espresso:  Well th name speaks for itself a very pigmented Dark Brown 
  8. Black:  A perfect pigment black :) 
Wow oh wow these mattes are amazingly pigmented and so easy to work with as its hard to find really easy to work with matte that dont take forever to blend i feel totally blessed I have this palette :)  Just to give you an Idea of how good these matte shades look and work well together I will post up one of the looks I have tried out with Just matte shades from this palette :) "Remember I am not a makeup artist I just looooovvvveee makeup" 
In this look I used White all over the lid, Mauve in the crease and Sable for a little definition and a little Espresso on the outer corner.  
Next up is the bottom row which are the lovely shimmery shade :) 
  1. Nude:  A Lovely shimmery cream/pink shade perfect for a highlight or for the inner corner or for a lid colour to open up those tired eyes :) 
  2. Champagne:  A Lovely shimmer cream shade I have used this shade alot in my looks so far :) 
  3. Gold:  This is a beautiful very pigmented shimmery gold I love this shade and have also used this alot since i got the palette this shade only takes a little to go a long way :) I will be posting up a look in which i have used this all over the lid along with other shades from the palette :) 
  4. Lt. Bronze:  There that LT again :)  This is a stunning light goldy champagne shade its stunning for the inner corner of the lid I love it :) 
  5. Pewter:  A Dark brown with a dark purply undertone I absolutely love this shade :) 
  6. Garnet:  Another favourite :)  A rich coppery red shade absolutely stunning with gold and purples :) 
  7. Deep Purple:  awwwww ok no point in me saying this is a favourite lol you all know I love my Purples :)  This is a fantastic and most used blackened purple with purple and red shimmers :) I love it :) This can be quite chalky and can leave you with some fall out but so worth the little clean up after using it :) 
  8. Slate:  A very pigmented gunmetal shade :) 

This is my most favourite look using Gold, LT Bronze, Garnet and Deep Purple :) and Cream on the Brow Bone 
Ah sure let me show you one more look :) : using a mixture of both matte and shimmery :) 
Is it worth the pennies/cents oh yes yes yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much so I want to try more of Lorac's products :( 
Totally I am having so much fun with this palette alone I will nearly need another one soon lol 
This palette is actually working out a little cheaper than the UD naked and to be honest I would repurchase this palette quicker than the UD :) 
Its amazing and if you can get your lovely little hands on it grab it like its the last piece of chocolate you will ever see :) 
Have you tried The Lorac Pro Palette yet ???
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Marie Papachatzis said...

The LORAC Pro Palette is one of my all time favorite palettes. Her shadows are underrated in my opinion. I think this is good on everyone. So pigmented and so creamy. LOVE!!!!! Very nice palette. :)

Just me, Leah said...

Wow, it looks amazing! Those looks you did with it were awesome. x x

FitznBitz said...

I'm in looove!! I need this! Damn you Nina/I love you!!

Nina s said...

Marie Papachatzis Awwww i totally agree with you hunny I absolutely love it :)

Just Me, Leah Thank you very much hunny that means alot :) xx

Angela Peters said...

Ahh I want this palette, thanks so much for the swatches!!


Nina s said...

Fitz N Bitz awwww hunny I am sorry lol but you know me when I love something I have to share it hahahaha Love ye too chic hehehe ;)

Angela Peters no problem hunny anytime ;)

Dee said...

OMG Nina I am in love with this! Have an auntie coming over from Boston next month so I'm going to beg her to pick it up, the looks you created with this are stunning xx

Nina s said...

Dee Thank you very very much hunny oh do get it if you can your wont regret it you will love it :) :)

Bree TheUrbanUmbrella said...

Wow great review! This palette sounds and looks awesome, I love that it has so many neutral and soft shades in it. I don't really wear bright shadows so this one is perfection!

Oh So Gawjess said...

Never heard of this brand before - do you know if it's available in the UK?



S.Lennyn82 said...

This palette is on the top of my wants list. Love that it has matte shades. Beautiful looks you created lovely xx

Zauberin Zebulon said...

the look you've created are simply gorgeus!

Nina s said...

BreeYes i have to say i am a neutral gal myself nothing beat it :)
Oh so GawjessNo hunny its only available in America as far as i Know :(
S.Lennyn82 Thank you hunny very much I hope you get it let me know if you do
Zauberin Awww thanks so much it mwans alot

Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

Gorgeous Palette, and I LOVE the looks you have created with it. Thanks for sharing the swatches and review!

Thank you so much for linking up to Makeup Monday!
I hope you will be back again next week!

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