Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Catrice Limited Edition "Neo Geisha" 2013

Well hello there my beautifuls how are you all doing today :) 
Well it wa my beautiful daughters birthday yesterday she is 11 which I can not believe.  I still remember the moment she was born and the fact that I had only 3 weeks to get it into my head I was expecting her and then have her YES I was 7 months pregnant when I found out I was pregnant with her but thats another story lol 
She has grown to be a fantastic girl and I am so very proud of her :)  Plus all my lovely kiddies are outside as i type this playing in the snow YES you heard again snow and its actually the most snow we have had all year awwwww Lovely Irish weather eh?

Today I am bringing to you The newest Limited Edition from Catrice Cosmetics.  As before I only purchased the Items I knew I would used so if you want to take a look at the whole range Click Here 
Widely popular on the international catwalks: the Asia trend, inspired by the Japanese Geisha look. Red lips and black eyeliner are absolutely essential for the silk kimonos, collarless jackets and spectacular footwear of this trend.
The Limited Edition “Neo Geisha” by CATRICE is a modern interpretation of the traditional Geisha look that unites artistic Japanese elements with facets of the Western World. The colours: red, dark blue and nude are mixed with intensive green, pink and purple. A combination of classical and modern.
So I just had to pick up the eye-shadows The Shades were just calling out to me.
Here is the shades up close :) 

  • 01 Japaneyese:  A deep Navy with grey undertones 
  • 02 Discreet Artist:  A cream shade with silver shimmers 
  • 03 Dance In Gion:  A beautiful blue toned purple 
  • 04 Planet Tokyo:  A beautiful lime green shade 
  • These eyeshadows surprised me to be honest as I am a fan of Catrice's Absolute Eye shadows I have many in my collection as normally they are highly pigmented but I found these four in particular a little sheer.  With a primer they definitely need building up but once built up they look amazing and last all day.  Each eyeshadow cost me 3.29 euro which is still a brilliant price for what you are getting :) 
  • I found the best shades out of the four is "Japaneyese" and "Dance In Gion" :) 
Next up is the Lip/Cheek colours :) 
I was even more excited to try these out as they are not only a cream blush but they are also a lip colour talk about handy for travelling :) :) 
There is only 3 shades available in these and of course i couldnt choose so I bought all 3 shades :) 
01 Discreet Artist:  This is a perfect everyday nude pink shade.  To be honest its very light on my as a cheek shade and it would have been a lovely shade on the lips but i found it to be a little on the greasy side then i found it soaked into every line on my lips so its a no no for me 
02 Picked Cherry Blossoms:  Now this my dears is a more pigmented more exciting shade :)  its a blue toned deep pink shade a perfect cheek and lips shade i have to say i love it :) 
03 Madam Butterfly:  A Blue toned red with pink undertones this is a shade for anyone afraid to wear reds I love this as it works well with my warm complexion
They are very easy to use.  You can either apply these with a stippling brush to your cheeks and apply with a lip brush to your lips or simply used your fingers.  I do find you need to apply a balm to your lips before you use these because they are matte they can dry into your lips.  As for the cheeks i found them lasting 5 to 6 hours before i noticed them wearing off.  
The best thing about these is you cant over do it on your cheeks as they do start off a little bit sheer but are buildable :) 
Lastly is the Kohl Pencil 
The Kohl Kajal in Ultra Black with a soft tip not only ensures an elaborate eyeliner look - the elongated, pointed pencil also serves as a traditional hairpin. With just a few swift movements, you can twist your hair around the pencil and put it up in a bun style: the modern Geisha look in perfection.
Now I have often put my hair up using a pen as a quick up-style when i am in the kitchen cooking or preparing food after all my hair is quite long but going to the extent of using my eyeliner as a hair accessory hmmmmm dont think so but if i ever have to I will surely let you know but that is why the eyeliner is in the shade it is :) 
As for performance and pigmentation.  This eyeliner is surely pigmented black as black could be.  Not very good in the water line and surely doesnt do well when tight lining but it does work well for that smoked out eyeliner look :)  It also works will as a base :) 
So that is all I got from the collection.  I wasn't pushed about buying the Patch Eye liners because they looked too fake and to be honest I don't see them lasting very long on the eyes if you have oily lids I could see them falling off 
The Nail Polishes did look lovely but i have so many in my collection and so many new ones to try out that i just had to say no 
And lastly the lip brush is the same as any other lip brush in my eyes so I passed on that too 
As for the items i did get there is nothing I am disappointed with apart from the lighter shade in the eye-shadow and lip/cheek colour.  
Have you tried these out yet 
Is there anything here that catches your eyes :) 
Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Sidrah!!!! said...

the lip and cheek color look gorgeous!!

LadyZet a Nikavero said...

Blushes look great! Unfortunately, we will not have the collection here in Slovakia :(((

Zwyczajna o wszystkim i o niczym ... said...

piekne kolory:)

Tolmu Rull said...

I have the eyeliner, it looks great and it is great! Now that I look at your lips I'm sorry I didn't get the lip and cheek colours as well :S

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