Saturday, 16 March 2013

Makeup Academy (MUA) Pro-Base Complextion Kit in Nude

Hello My beauties How are you all doing?
Today I bring you a requested review on the Makeup Academy Pro-base Complextion Kit in Nude :) 
Alot of you were and are iffy about buying this and are looking for my opinion on this before you buy it which is so sweet that you trust my word on it :) 
To be honest I have a mixed review on this palette and that is due to personal preference rather than anything else so read on to see why and what is my final thought and experiences with this :) 
This is Makeup Academy's latest releases.  This comes in 3 different shades 
Which to be honest is a little disappointing because there is alot of different skin tones out there and only having 3 shades to choose from is not great because there is bound to be someone out there disappointed with shades 
I picked nude for my shade because normally Ivory shades in any foundation is too light for me so to be safe I picked the Nude.  
This palette contains a Cream to Powder Foundation which is the biggest part 
A concealer which in on the top left and a highlight which is obviously the bottom left 
There is also a sponge applicator and a brush all for £6 which is pretty darn affordable:) 
Now to be honest I am not a fan of compact cream foundations I never was.  Its just my preference but I dont like the thought of the whole foundation in exposure and dipping into it all the time I prefer the pump as its more hygienic   I have to admit the moment i used this I noticed fluffy from my clothes sticking to the foundation and the only way to take this out is either dig it out with a brush or pick it out with a tweezers mess!!!!!
Anyway alot of you out there do like compact foundations so this is why I got this to review for you :) and for my own curiosity too :) So putting all that hygienic thing aside let me review this for you and tell you about my experiences :) 
So let me start with the foundation:) 
The foundation is 100% yellow base so automatically it was perfect for my complexion as I am yellow toned which would be in the Mac language is a NC.  If you are looking for pink based foundation this is not for you and I have seen reviews on the Ivory shade and heads up about that too as it is also yellow base.  
The texture of this foundation actually surprised me, its very smooth and creamy which leaves applying the foundation a dream in my eyes.  Let me just tell you this shade is a a shade darker than my actual skin tone so this would probably suit someone who is an NC25-30.  This certainly gives good coverage MUA states it gives medium to full coverage.  I would agree on medium but not full !!  Which is not bad for the price your paying.  I found applying this with my usually Blank Canvas cosmetics F20 brush easier than the sponge applicator.  I did notice a little later maybe about few hours later when I was out in the sun that this foundation contains shimmer.  Which is not actually very noticeable unless you had your face right up at the mirror but I think maybe thats why my face looked flawless which I have to admit I loved :)  I am actually quite pleased with the foundation but if you do not like shimmer in foundation this is not for you.  This also photographs really well I even used the flash of my camera and it looks brilliant :)  I found this did last all day on me without having the need to top up.  I did find I had to powder a little after about 5 hours as I started to look a little shiny on my t zone. This is perfect for anyone who wants an affordable everyday foundation for sure and its also perfect for teens I bought one for my 14 year old sister and she loves it :) just remember if you are prone to acne please please wash you sponge after every use 
The concealer 
I have to admit I am not a fan of the concealer.  The texture the feel and the application is the exact same as the foundation I find no difference whatsoever.  Its the exact shade of the foundation 
The Highlighter 
This has a slight pinkish base which is sheer yet does give a little glow to the skin I wouldnt say its a favourite and I certain have better highlighters but for a light highlighter for everyday use its good enough for me :) 
Overall I think this is a good palette for the price you are paying.  If you are only looking for an affordable everyday foundation this will not disappoint you.  The concealer in my eyes is not a concealer but you could use it as a foundation.  
If you suffer with oily skin you might need to carry your powder with you if you are wearing this as it can make you look shiny after a couple of hours.
If you are normal/combination skin you will be fine with this and will only need to either soak up the oils on your t zone or powder just to take the shine away 
If you are a dry skin sufferer this is a good foundation for you as there is a little moisture in this foundation and will keep your dryness abay but make sure to moisturise anyway as you should always moisturise before foundation :) 
So here is a photo of what it looks like on and this is just with one layer on and with flash of camera ;) 
I did have to blend it all the way down my neck to make it look a little even but I lightened it up a little using my favourite 6 Pan Palette from Blank Canvas Cosmetics 
So in all its a good product for the price.  Would I purchase it again No I am afraid not only because I am not a fan of compact cream/liquid foundations but if I did like them well maybe I would repurchase because to be honest its not the worst foundation I have ever tried 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 


I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Toothfairy said...

Great post hun! I bought this kit as well and yesterday was the first time I tried it out and loved it!

Eva-Lynn said...

Looks really amazing!
Shame they don't sell MUA in Belgium :(

Nina s said...

Toothfairyaww thats great hunny :)

Eva-Lynn you can buy on-line hunny they ship internationally

Cristina said...

Great post :) I really want to buy some MUA items, but I am a little bit scarred to try foundations or primers as I have quite sensitive and acne prone skin...

Shannon Boyce said...

Oh wow, this looks like a really fantastic set.

Nina s said...

CristinaThe best tip i can give you hunny is to first of all take note of what products effect your skin be it creams makeup etc. Take note of their ingredients and compare them with all that set your acne off. Then check the ingredients on the products that do not effect you and see which ones are popping up the most !!!!
If you want me to elaborate more on this let me know

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