Tuesday, 5 March 2013

ELF Maximum Coverage Concealer in Sand & Nude Review & Swatches

Hey my beauties how are you all doing today :) 
I thought it was about time I reviewed another elf product from my recent haul and to be honest i have really put this to the test by using it every day since i got it so basically I have been using it a good 2 weeks or even more :) 
Now when I first heard of e.l.f cosmetics coming out with a Maximum Coverage Concealer I was super excited because in all fairness (sorry elf) the other concealers on the site are not much to talk about but the whole Maximum coverage excited me because we all need Maximum coverage for certain reasons be it dark circles, blemishes and so on plus we need them to be covered all day long without worry dont we :) 
So when I got these on their 40% off I made sure to get 2 shades so I know at least one would suit my skin tone :) 
There is 6 Shades to choose from going from the lightest which is called "Porcelain" to the darkest which is called "Almond" 
I went with the 2nd and 3rd shade up as I knew "Porcelain" would be too light for my skin tone which is about Fair to medium skin tone aka NC 20-25 :)  Depending on the time of year of course :) 
Each concealer contains 20mls of product for £3.75 which is about 4 euro 
Nice and affordable eh? 
So e.l.f claim that this Maximum Coverage Concealer provides blendable, wearable, customisable coverage for body and face. The Oil Free formula is perfect for hiding birth marks, dark circles, blemishes, scars and more.  So lets see does it do that for us shall we :) 
I like the way the packaging is simple for hygiene reasons because you simply squirt out a little each time you use it either on your hand or on a lid of some sort where every you desire :) 
The packaging also reminds me of the Studio Tinted Moisturisers same idea only smaller :)
But for the price you are getting a nice amount of product so I cant complain about that :) 
The consistency of this concealer is actually quite creamy and thick almost as thick as some foundations out there, but not too thick :) 
It feels really smooth on the skin and to be honest takes very little effort to blend out.  
I have found just a pea sized amount is more than enough to do each under eye area which says alot the above picture is a peas sized amount lightly blended of each shade :) 
This takes very little effort to apply so you can either use your finger tips or sometimes I even use the e.l.f Studio Angled Contour Brush for times i need to tidy up the under eye area :) I love using that brush around the nose area too :) 
I use Sand for my under eye area as its a little bit on the lighter side and perfect for brightening up 
I use Nude for my blemishes or anything else I need to cover up :) Its a perfect match for the rest of my face :) 
So does this actually do what it says???
I have to admit I am very impressed with the the fact that this concealer does not have a dry finish which means it does not soak into any fine lines or blemishes you have.  Another thing I love is that if you suffer with dryness under your eyes this concealer will actually cover that and will actually make your under eye area look fresh and dewy at all times.  Now the thing is I applied this under the eye and went about my business but noticed after about 4 to 5 hours that the concealer actually started to wear off which was a little disappointing so I highly recommend you use a little powder to set this as it will need it I use a translucent powder to set my under eye area and it lasts all day.  Does it cover my dark circles ?  Not 100% but it does a great job for a drugstore product and you can build it up.  If you are very very dark under the eyes this will not completely cover 

For blemishes yes it covers them well and again will need a power to set to last all day 
Now for tattoo's no it doesnt cover tattoo but to be honest you would need a full coverage concealer to cover up tatoos and i wouldn't really call this full coverage it would be more medium :) 

Overall I am happy with this and I do recommend it to you to try out.  ELF has really stepped up this time on the concealer department for sure and for the price you cant go wrong 
Ok for the moment I have been dreading The BEFORE & AFTER PHOTO (ahhhhhhhh)
Ok the before picture was taken first thing in the morning and I was tired as always but I have marked a blemish on my chin in which the concealer covered quite well and you will also notice the dark circles (hard to miss) 
The first picture was taken in natural lighting the second with flash :) 
I really could have made an effort to smile in the first photo lol but hey who is full of smiles after been up at 5 am and rushing an racing around before even getting a cuppa tea in them lol 
So have you tried this concealer yet 
What is your thoughts on it :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


the creation of beauty is art. said...

This sounds like a pretty good foundation! It looks amazing on you :)

Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

Thanks for the review! I was actually recently looking into this product to purchase! ♥

Tânia Fernandes said...

ohh i don't buy ELF such a long time!! i'm still waiting for the 50% off =D .but after read this review this one i will buy for sure!! i saw your review about MUA's bb cream, i bought it and i really love it =D
thanks Nina for your amazing reviews =D

Sarah Egan said...

wow it looks amazing on you!! ELF face products are always too dark for poor sarah though!

Angela Peters said...

This is actually one of my favorite products from elf!!

lol I wouldn't be smiling either :)


Nina s said...

The creation of art Hunny its not even a foundation but you could actually get away with just using this in the summer with no foundation and you would cover up all you need to cover :)
Maria-isabel No problem hunny
Tania I am so glad you love the bb cream and your very welcome let me know how you get on with the concealer
Sarah Egan yes some one on facebook just told me even the lightest shade is too dark her I am hoping they make more shades
Angelathanks hunny i know with 5 kiddies running around you before you have you wakeup tea/coffee is tough work lol

Marafada Doce said...


Love it!



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