Thursday, 7 March 2013

Famous X High Five Eye Shadows in Smouldering, After Hours & Exposed

Well hello there :) How are you today :) 
Following my great first time experience with a new founded brand called Famous X 
I just could not help myself to browse their site again and go a little cray cray buying some more of their products to try out plus there was a half price sale on everything at the time so why ever not eh?
If you missed my first experience post click here to see what Famous X is all about :) I know a few of you were very interested in it after my post and some of you like myself never heard of it before.  So why was I so excited to try it out??? Well its developed by a makeup artist and its also supposed to be the sister of MUA aka Makeup Acadamy which mean ones thing....... Another affordable drugstore brand wahoooooo we all like to hear that :) 
But are they worth trying???? Read on and I shall tell you :) 
Let me just show you my haul I got just to define what i ment by cray cray :) :) 
But plenty of reviews for you guys of course hehehe 
So back to what I am reviewing today :) 
The Famous X High Five Eye Shadows :) 
Now I have to admit these were the first thing I noticed and wanted to try out They just looked too irresistible
I have to begin with the packaging :) :) 
 WOW I am in love with this packaging its so girly.  If you are a leopard skin gal well these would suit your leopard skinned collection straight away lol and as for the glittery spots around it well, you would have no shame pulling this out of your handbag and showing it off.  No body would every imagine you only paid £4.99 for it shhhhhhhhhh 
Plus the fact that you have 6 of these palettes to choose from is brilliant :) 
I choose 3 just because I havent tried them before and i don't like to go completely crazy with the whole grab all job at once hehehe 
Each palette comes with 5 shades to choose from.
To be honest I thought when buying these palettes that the eye-shadows were going to be a little small and difficult to use when using a brush but I was wrong indeed again :) 
Starting with the first palette :) 
I am in love with these shades Dont they look amazing I just had to take this picture in the sun to show you its true colours :) 
Smouldering - I love how these shades collaborate with each other :)  
You are getting a lovely dark chocolate brown shade with burgundy shimmer the finish of this shade is metallicy and might i add a little chalky so be careful but its also very very pigmented I love it 
You are also getting a very pigmented burgundy shade with shimmers a little less metallicy but more of a satin finish 
The lighter shades you are getting a cream shade which to be honest needs a little coaxing to come out of the pan but is a nice highlight the other two shades is a medium brown with a peachy undertone and a nice peachy shade :) Altogether these shades look lovely together and is great for people with hazel eyes especially :) 
Next Palette 
After hours of course is a perfect dark smokey eye going out palette :) 
You have 
A very shimmer silver which I found is a little on the chalky side and you can pick up a little too much product so be careful 
you have A shimmery grey which is perfect 
A shimmery blackened grey again very pigmented and a little bit chalky but easy to work with 
A Matte black which shocked me a little to be honest I wasn't expecting it to be as pigmented as it is 
And lastly a matte light grey 
I am impressed with this palette the fact that there is two matte shades to work with The matte black is a tiny bit hard to blend out but if you apply a little at a time you can work with it better than applying too much in one go 
And Lastly 
Exposed is a great neutral palette and suitable for everyone :) 
You are getting a great blending shade which is a nice matte tan shade 
A medium brown with bronzy shimmer which is a little chalky but again great to work with 
A beautiful deep chocolate brown with stunning multi coloured micro shimmers 
A medium chocolate brown another matte shade a little hard to work with but can be done and lastly a shimmery white with a metallic finish 
To be honest when using this palette I find myself staying away from the shimmery white its just the sort of shade I wouldnt go for when using these neutral shade in fact I sort of find it funny that they even included this shade with this palette I would have rather a shimmer gold or even a cream highlight but not white metallic 
Anyway its not a major issue the rest of the shade are stunning and work well together :) 
To show you all how pigmented these are I applied the swatches without a primer :) 
I have to admit Famous X has won me over with these palette.  Some of the shades can be a little messy in the means of chalkiness and fallout while using them but that can be fixed of course but to be honest for the value they are they are so worth trying out and having in your collection the shades also work well together and make great day time and night time looks.  Here is a look I did with "Smouldering" 

Alot of these eyeshadows feel silky smooth and creamy.  They look even better when used with a primer and last all day :) 
I really cant recommend them enough for an affordable price you cant ask for more 
Have you tried these yet ?
I have no pictures as of yet to show what they are like on the eyes but when I do I will surely be posting up pictures on my facebook page ;)
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


the creation of beauty is art. said...

They look like a fantastic brand. I absolutely love the packaging! It is so cute. Love the eyeshadow shades!

Violets said...

Nina have you got Mariah shimmer brick? wow, I can finally write you a comment :)

Nina s said...

Violets no hunny I got the shimmer brick in beyonce and rihanna :) :) did you have problems before writing comments ? :)

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