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MUA Undress Me Too Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

Hello my fabulous Cailins :) Wow i haven't said that one in a while :) ;) 
Well today's blog post is on the New MUA Undress Me Too Eye-shadow Palette :) aka the rumoured dupe of the Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay.  Now let me tell you one thing I can not compare this palette with the Naked 2 because I do not have it but I have seen plenty of reviews on the Naked 2 and have the swatches stuck in my head.  I know one thing and that is MUA Undress Me is a sure dupe of the 1st Naked Palette (if you want me to do a comparison post on that let me know but I purposely left that one out because there is loads and loads of those posts when you google it and to be honest I was nearly sick of seeing the traffic of reviews on the same thing at the one time when it was first released.  
Anyway's on to the review. 
At the moment MUA is selling this for only £3 normally it costs £4 which is super super amazing for what you are getting.  You are getting 12 whole shades for that price and Everybody will love this palette as its a neutral palette.  The packaging ok is not exactly glamorous but to be honest in my eyes as long as the product performs good thats all that matters right??
What I love about this palette also is that each shadow is named not like the single eyeshadows MUA sells not that it really matters either but its nice to put a name on the shades too :) 
There is also a double ended sponge applicator included which I usually throw out but some people with no brushes might like that :) 
Just look at those shades hehehehe sorry I just got another exciting rush there looking at it :) 
The joys of a beauty blogger eh?
Just let me tell you all now GET THIS PALETTE you will not be disappointed.  Put aside that this is supposed to be the dupe of what ever to be honest I don't care (sorry but i dont) I just love every last one of these eyeshadows and their shade they are amazing !!!!!! 
Lets talk about these shades :) 
The first row going from left to right:
Naked:  A matte creamy shade a perfect match to my skin tone as you will see by the swatches its hard to detect but a great brow bone shade and also great for blending out harsh lines 
Devotion:  A deep metallic gold absolutely amazingly pigment and a wee bit chalky be careful this looks incredible I love it **An exact match of "Half Baked" on the Naked Palette**
Shy:  A metallic champagne shade this is absolutely stunning on the brow bone and inner corner of the eyes it would also be a fantastic lid shade for those days you want a pick me up on the eye area 
Fiery:  A Stunning coppery bronze shade oh boy is this shade pigmented literally one swipe will do the job love it 
Lavish:  A taupe shade perfect for brows, crease or an everday eyeliner I did find this shade less pigmented than the rest maybe because its a matte shade but its still manageable 
Dreamy:  A deep bronzy brown shade awwwww this is just stunning beautiful and very pigmented.  It is a little chalky and you will find a little fall out from it but just tap your brush a little and you are well on the way :) ***A little darker than "Smog" out of the Naked Palette but a near enough match***
Now for the second Row starting from left to right 
Tranquil:  A stunning light shimmery bronzy gold.  I love this shade its very pigmented and works great for a lid shade or a highlight 
Exposed:  This is a taupe grey shade with gold shimmer again a lovely shade and very pigmented 
Reveal:  A very light grey could be used as a highlight but very sheer it has little shimmers to it 
Wink ;) :   oh boy oh boy oh boy do I love this shade Its stunning :) :) This turns out to be a  Duo Chrome eyeshadow its sort of between a taupe and copper brown.  The more its built up the more amazing it looks you could get away with this shade on its out apply on the lid and blend out into the crease and it will look like you applied two shade instead of one :) Love it 
Obsessed:  A deep chocolate brown with tiny gold specks this is a brilliant shade very pigmented and not at all chalky 
Corrupt:  I am over the moon with this shade a semi-matte black and highly highly pigmented it blends brilliantly and looks amazing this is also great for setting eyeliners that tend to fade :) The only fault I have to say about it is its a little rough meaning when I apply it to my eyes it feels like there is little grains of sand in the eyeshadow for some apparent reason it does not feel as creamy or smooth like the other eyeshadows 
The top photo is is taken with flash of camera the bottom is taken in normal day light !!!!
With a primer I found these eyeshadows lasting all day long.  
The matte shade could be maybe a little more pigmented as they do need more work than the rest but they are not the worse I have used believe me 
Look at the end of the day 99.9% of this review is positive which mean one thing........If you buy it you will not be disappointed :) 
Below is a picture of look I tried out the first day I got the palette just a simple everyday look
So have you tried this palette yet if not why not (only kidding) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Kellina's Thoughts said...

Definitely getting this! The shades are just perfect!

Thanks for the review!

Having a giveaway on my blog, if you'd like to check it out!

Tânia Fernandes said...

hi Nina!! i haven't got it yet, but for sure i will!! i have the undressed me one and i love it!! i use it almost everyday. :) the shades of this one is amazing!!! when do you make some tutorials with this palette =D xoxo

Sarah Dora said...

ugh all of the colours look absolutely incredible! I need to get this!! x

Steph Lau said...

ouu the colours look gorg and I love the eye shadow look you've created!

Katie Larkin said...

I just love MUA so much. They make palettes of such beautiful colours for such ridiculously cheap prices! How do they do it?
The review is great, I can't wait to get my hands on it! I already have undressed and heaven and earth and I can't wait to add this one to my collection.
Love the way you did your eye makeup. Its gorgeous!

Nina s said...

Kellinas Thoughts You wont regret getting it hunny

Tania The shades are amazing hunny I will be doing tutorial soon I promise

Sarah doraGet it!!!! you know you want to ;)

Steph LauAww thank you hunny :)

Katie Larkin Yes i have to agree hunny MUA is a great affordable brand and great quality thank you hunny :)

DIYMama said...

Have it, and love it;-) !

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