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MUA The Artiste Collection Palette Review

Hey my wonderful readers how are you all doing today?
Well now today I have yet another MUA review this time its on The Artiste Collection
I actually got this recently on yet another one of the Brilliant MUA's offers 
You only had to spend (I think) £10 to get this Palette for free 
So I just had to go for it as I hadnt tried this palette yet and often wondered about it.
To be honest I was a little sceptic about this palette dont get me wrong I love all the MUA eyeshadow Palettes and this palette does look lovely to look at but I dont know I just thought maybe this might be a let down.  As they say you should not judge a book by its cover! Well normally I stick to that but sometimes I can be a little sceptic.  
So when the offer came i jumped to the chance and got it :) It DOES look pretty doesnt it :) 
So the one difference between MUA's Normal eye-shadow palettes and this is that you are getting 
6 Eye-shadows 
2 Blushes 
1 Bronzer
1 highlighter
This palette costs £6 on the MUA Site  This is also available in superdrug stores :) 
Now the packaging is the same as all MUA eyeshadow palettes.  Its very light weight but the lid is very sturdy.  You get a double sponge tipped eye-shadow applicator.  
What I love is the transparent lid allows you to see what palette is what and you dont have to go opening a load of them to get the one you want
To my surprise each shade of eyeshadow is named thats the first but also quite nice to have a name for these little beauties.  
I have to admit im in awwwwww everytime my eye catches this lovely palette :) 
So as I mentioned already your are getting 6 marbled eyeshadows 
Pistachio:  This is such a pretty pretty shimmer light Aqua green shade wow this is stunning you could actually get away with wearing this on it own on the lid with a nice winged liner beautiful and nicely pigmented to ;)
Mocca:  Ok the name still mystifies me to be honest as this is in no way mocca or any sort of brown shade in fact this is a very sheer cream highlight with silver specks of marble.  This shade you do have to coax a little to get some pay off I found it a tad chalky but when applied its an amazing highlight. 
Ice:  This is a stunning Bright blue shade with aqua blue marbling.  When swatched this has a sort of silvery undertone to it.  For a light shade this is very pigmented and a little goes a long way 
Grape:  Now if you know me a while you will know this shade is automatically my favourite out of the lot hehehe PURPLE :)   This is a stunning purple with blue marbling when swatched this is beautiful.  You do actually see the blue marbling in the shade when applied its stunning I love it 
Chocolate:  This is stunning and reminds me so much of "Smog" from the Naked Palette.  If its not an exact match it surely is near it.  This is a stunning metallicy bronze shade with creamy marbling.  The pigmentation is brilliant from this shade 
Cookie:  This shade surprised me a little as it turns out to be a matte shade.  This is another bronze shade with pinkish marbling.  The pigmentation is medium from this but stunning :) 
Even though you are only getting 6 shades these shade will last you for some time.  
Now that I have shown you the top part of the palette which is for the eyes.  Let me show you the bottom part which is for the face :) 
Well now let me tell you these 4 are the ones that's surprised me the most in a good way of course.  
First of lets see the blushes :) I love both of them 
The 1st blush is called "Pink Sparkle" which is a stunning light pinky coral with golden sparkles :) its stunning for any with fair to medium skin tone a little chalky but with a tap of the brush works fabulous 
The 2nd blush is called "Primrose" which is a deeper pink with a satin finish this blush is incredible and gives such a beautiful glowy finish :) This would suit anyone with fair to medium and medium to dark skintones.  I cant imagine a woman of colour getting any pay off from this I'm afraid.  
The bronze is a light to medium brown and perfect for fair skinned people who want to use this as a contour.  I have fair to medium skin tone and i tried to contour with this but actually got no colour pay off but it is good for warming up your complexion   This is a matte powder and a little powdery but blends very well.  
The highlight shade which is called "Shimmer Kiss" is a stunning very light pinky shade.  Even though its shimmery and a little chalky I have to admit it looks amazing it works beautifully as a highlight the cheek bone or anywhere else you want to highlight. 
This is a light swatches of each with no primer :) 
as you can see they are very pretty :) 
Over all this palette is worth the £6.  Not one shade disappointed me at all in this palette which is unusual as there always at least one thing you dont like. 
I would recommend this palette for people who are building up their collection 
For students with a low budget and need all of whats included in the palette
For people who are travelling and dont want to bring their good makeup collection incase they lose it. 
For anyone who has palettes like this or has plenty of makeup ....hmmmmm this might not be super exciting for you.  I am not saying its a bad palette in fact I have already used it 4 times since getting it so for me to go back to something i have tried is definitely worth reviewing :)  
There is more pro's than cons on this palette which is a thumbs up from me :) 
In this photo I am wearing a very rushed in a hurry light smokey eye.  This is just to give you an Idea on how the eyeshadows look when applied :) 
I used the highlight "shimmer kiss" in the inner corner of my eyes and a little on the brow bone
"Chocolate" on the lid 
A little bit of "Cookie" in the crease along with a little of the bronzer 
I got a black eyeliner to line the top and lower lash line and smudged it a little so it would not look harsh for day time
I also took a a darker almost black brown shadow from another palette to put on the outter corner to darken the look just a little.  With a good primer this eye look lasted all day long after about 9 hours wear i did notice some fading but for everyday thats very good.  
I am also wearing MUA Cream blush in "Yummy" on my cheeks :) 
please excuse the no lipstick in this picture as i ran to the window to take the photo really quick before the  sun went in again lol 

Have you tried this Palette yet 
Do you think you will get this for your collection :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Not Just Inside said...

I got this palette too, I found it a bit meh!!! And I thought it was a little funny that the blush was the same size as the eyeshadows, I do love all the other MUA palettes though

Nina s said...

yes hunny i was the same but maybe that is because we own lots of makeup lol for anyone who is trying to build a collection will find this handy :) Its not the worst palette I have gotten all the same :)

Sana Sadiq said...

MUA Palettes are just so awesome ang great pigmented ... Such bargain <3

Anca Pop said...

OMG I just fell in love with this! I'll be sure to get it next time!

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