Tuesday 19 February 2013

e.l.f Studio HD Blush Review

Hello My lovely Ladies & Gents of course.  How are you all doing today :) 
As you can see I have been shopping on the e.l.f cosmetics site lately :)
Well actually it was about 3 weeks ago when they had a 40% off everything sale I just had to take advantage to stock up on my favourites and of course try out some of their new products.  
One of their new products is the e.l.f HD Blush in which I have been wanting to try out since I first saw them released on the US Site :).  
There are 5 shades of the HD Blushes to choose from and I purposely left out one which was the darkest one as I knew it would be way way too dark for me :) 
There is 10ml of product in each blush and they only cost £3.75 each.  That's pretty amazing especially when they are been compared the the MUFE HD Blushes which to my recollection cost about 20 euro or so That's some difference eh?  Now I don't own a MUFE Blush to do a comparison post but I have heard that e.l.f has done a pretty good job making a dupe of their HD Blush :) 
The one thing I was surprised with even though I seen a few reviews on this and the people who reviewed them said that the size of these blushes are very small.  When I got them in person I was still surprised they are so cute and small and so easy to store :) They are also great for the hangbag ;) 
They come in a plastic tube with a pump applicator which I hate and love.  I love because its hygienic and hate because you can pump out way too much product as these a super super super pigmented.  
I have to say god bless beauty bloggers I love them :) Not just because I am one myself but you get all the warnings before you buy the products :)  One warning I am grateful for is the whole "Dont press the pump too much as you will get too much product" and that's surely what i watched out for when I got these.   
Let me show you the shades and then tell you my opinions about them 
Diva:  This is my favourite blush at the moment I absolutely love how it looks both on the cheeks and lips :) Yes you can wear these on your lips too :) 
This is a stunning Hot pink shade and boy oh boy is this super pigmented and bright !!!!  Lets just say Barbie came to my head when I seen this shade.  To be honest i thought this shade was going to be OTT on me but I love it :) I will post a picture later of how it looks on both my cheeks and lips :) Anyone with very pale skin might find this a little too bright for them but anyone with fair to medium (like me) or medium to dark skin will love this :) 
Next up is ............
Superstar:  This is a lovely light coral orangey shade with very fine shimmers in it.  Now do not be put off by the word shimmers because when applied these shimmers do not show on the cheeks they just leave a nice healthy glow.  
This is a perfect shade for pale skinned gals :) Its very light but pigmented at the same time :)  Now even though this is lighter you still have to be careful as you still can apply too much :)  This is stunning on the lips :) A perfect shade for the summer :) 
next up is :) 
Encore:  Oh this is is even brighter than Diva let me tell you and the pigmentation from this is UNBELIEVABLE!!!! In fact ladies with pale skin will be very afraid of this shade believe me it even frightened me lol.  
You will in no doubt use too much of this even if you squirt a half pump.  This is a very opaque Fuchsia Pink.  This would look absolutely fantastic on someone with darker skintones.  This wouldnt exactly be one I would run to for my cheeks for sure even though if i had the time of course I will use it but if I need a quick makeup look this surely wouldnt be one i would run to as you will need time to blend and get it right that's how strong it is.  On the lips its stunning :) 
and lastly is .........
Headliner:  Another shade I love.  This is a perfect everyday wear blush.  This is a beautiful Natural pink shade.  This is perfect for everyone :) What more can I say I love it :)  Oh and it makes a nice neutral lip shade too ;) 
In the swatches pictures you can see 3 swatches 
1st one is literally a tiny pea sized amount put onto my hand 
2nd is of it spread out a little 
3rd is of the shade blended out as much as I can 
e.l.f Cosmetics has worked amazingly on this product by far.  I am totally in love with them :)  
The consistancy of these blushes are creamy and thick but not too thick :)  I have to admit I was a little worried at the beginning as it seemed when I pumped it first it was watery like it was separating and I actually thought that would interfere with the application and blending of the blush.  With one good shake of the bottle that soon sorted that "Problem" out.
Another thing I noticed which kind of eased my mind about the blush and the whole blending and applying situation was one particular ingredient 
"isodonencane" which is an ingredient that prevent evaporation of water from the skin 
which mean no drying out of the skin love it!!!!!!!!!!!

I found applying this with a small stippling brush the best way to be honest.  I simply apply the tiniest dot of the blush on the back of my hand spread it a little then dab the brush on it and apply to the cheeks.  This is so so easy to apply and smooths on nicely.  If you fin you have applied a little too much to your cheeks simply grab your foundation brush you used to apply your foundation and go over your over done cheek and your sorted.
The lasting power of these blushes are amazing I found they last all day long with a smudge.  They are 110% worth every last penny and you are going to find they will last you a very very very long time.  
Here is a picture of "Diva" on my cheeks and lips :) 
Another piece of advice I can tell you is make sure to apply a balm before you apply the blush onto you lips as it can be a little dry due to the fact it is matte :) One thing i have to say is I hope e.l.f brings more shades to the collection I would love it :) 

So that is it everyone thats my review on these fantastic New HD blushes by e.l.f 
10/10 for them without a doubt :) 
Have you tried these yet?
Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Unknown said...

I really want to try these. Headliner looks like my kind of colour :)
Gem x

Unknown said...

Ive never used a blush like this before, the shades are gorgeous xx

Unknown said...

These are gorgeous! They remind me of stains. Definitely would love to try them. Great review xx

Chiara said...

they look promising :)
i hope they will do more shades coz these shades are awesome :)


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Unknown said...

I will have to try these. You look so pretty. x

Blah said...

I personally love the way these blushes look on ( I have two myself), however, I don't know if I'm just lazy, but I think they are a bit time consuming to blend. lol I think I'm sticking to powder! :)

I Am THE Makeup Junkie said...

I just bought one of these when I raided their website! I haven't tried it yet but I am going to follow your advice.

Anonymous said...

I love these blushes...especially headliner. Such a beautiful soft pink.

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