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#28 Days of Kisses *Day 4 Lipstick Tag

Oh my goodness Since I started this yesterday I have added a couple of lippies to my wishlist.  Doing this tag could be trouble for me lol :) 
I love it :) Not only that I have new blogs to read and have been enjoying since starting this tag.  I can tell this is going to be a huge success and lots of fun.  
If you have missed what this post is all about click here to get more information :) 
So this next lip product I am going to show you isn't exactly a lipstick as such but I do use it as an all over lip product.  I actually received it in the April 2012 Glossybox I loved it when i got it and then sort of forgotten about it for a good while until maybe the last 3 months or so I found myself reaching for it.  In fact I wore it alot in the past week.  
I to be honest have never heard of the brand before. 
 Inika is an Organic Site which sell nothing but pure organic beauty products.  Inika is a 100 percent natural beauty brand incorporating mineral makeup, vegan and organic products that are completely free from synthetic chemicals and harmful ingredients.
Now I have to admit there hasnt been many Organic products in my collection (tut tut).  I actually never really got into the habit of buying any.  Maybe a little bit of mineral products like eyeshadows, blushes and lipsticks from the mineral line from e.l.f (eyes lips face).  Maybe its because alot of Organic products foods etc. is a little pricier than other items.  So maybe thats the reason I pass by it but its great to have the chance to try out anything that's Pure for my body and skin.  Thats why I was thrilled when I received this and I love it.  Since getting this I have been trying out more and more organic and natural products and loving everything I have so far. 
Anyways I am rambling :) (If any of you find my rambling too much let me know but I do like to talk and especially when I am with my friends I never stop lol as you are my friends I find it so comfortable chatting away) 
So today I am going to show you an amazing lip liner from Inika 
The packaging is really no different to any other lip liner and to be honest I was expecting a little more to the packaging especially for the price as on the Inika Website this costs a whopping £13.50 yes I know I said the same (say whaaaaaaatttttt???)  
So I was then thinking ok maybe they concentrated on the formula rather than the packaging (Rather I was Hoping ) 
INIKA Certified Organic Lip Liners are a creamy blend of cold pressed plant waxes and oils added to natural mineral pigments to create beautiful long wearing colour.
The formula did surprise me i have to say I could not believe how smooth and soft it was and is.  It is so so easy to apply yet not too soft to go all over the place.  There is no tugging and literally no effort in using this pencil.
When you have applied the liner you think ok its soft and creamy its bound to move but actually it doesnt it dries as soon as you apply which means no budging.  
Its is transferable but it will take alot of the shade to leave your lips. 
Talking shades
Safari:  Is a stunning stunning warm brown shade.  You can either apply lightly for a natural lip shade or apply heavy for a more noticeable brown lip colour :)  You can apply this just on the outline of you lips to match your favourite lipstick or apply all over the lips.  I do find you need to have you lips moisturised with a little balm before you apple over the lips.  But this is absolutely stunning and Its a pleasure to use each time.  
If i apply this all over the lips I like to wear a little balm over it just for the moisture or i apply Revlons Lip Butter in "Fig" which is a nice match and it looks stunning.  I find this shade lasts for the most part of the day obviously it fades through out but the the tint stays put.  
I have a photo of it on my lips heavy and light 
The top photo is applied heavily the bottom is applied lightly.  :) 
Overall I absolutely love this lip liner.  I am not loving the price tag though and to be honest i will find it very hard to part with £13.50 which is about 15 euro for a lip liner.  They are been sold on ebay alot cheaper so if I get the right price I will surely stock up :) 
Have you ever tried this lip liner or anything from this brand 

Check out the ladies who have also taken part in #28Kisses posts you might see something you want to try out for yourself :)

I really hope you enjoy this little journey or new task I am taking part in with these lovely ladies and If you are interested in taking part you still can simply click on the top picture to take you to Nykki's Blog.  See you tomorrow with Day 5 :) 

Lots of Love Luck & Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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