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#28 Days of Kisses *Day 25, 26 & 27 Lipstick Tag

Hello my gorgeous readers :) I hope you are all well 
I bet you thought I forgot about the lipstick tag in which is coming close to the end actually tomorrow is the last day of it :) I didnt forget about it I have left it purposely because I have been wearing the same brand lip product only in different shades including today to try and test them out :) So you can say this is also a review aswell as lips of the day :) 
The weather has changed quite a bit in the past week or so as it got very very cold all of a sudden and we even had spells of snow so my lips has been through warm heat in the house out to freezing cold temperatures outside so lipstick has been out of the question the past few days as I have had to keep my lips moisturised and what better way by doing that is either wearing balm or gloss so I opted for gloss :) 
The brand I choose was BH Cosmetics Lip Gloss :) 
I am sure you all know at this stage I am a fan of BH Cosmetics :) I have purchased quite alot from the site now and to be honest the shipping is very reasonable more reasonable than some sites who sell near enough the same type of products and not only that I never (touching wood) had any faults breakages late postages missing items or anything from them) 
When these glosses were released last year it took me some time to purchase them because in all fairness I have alot of glosses in my collection and really didnt need to buy more but then months later I broke and bought 3 shades I just had to try them and for the price it hardly broke the bank 
There are 10 shades to choose from some are matte and some have shimmer and the price varies depending on the offers at the time as BH Cosmetics are always doing great deals but at the moment there is 33% off these glosses.  Their original price is $5.95 at the moment they are $4.00 which is only around 3 euro each :) 
The packaging of these lip glosses is quite nice nothing exciting but the lid is sturdy and will not leak out any product.  The brush is very small and very handy especially if you have forgotten your compact mirror and need to top up ;) 
The scent of the glosses well to be honest is non existent which is great for those of you who had any type of scented lip products 
The consistency of these are actually quite nice they are thick yet not gloopy or sticky which I love but I also like to feel my glosses on my lips and know that they will last more than 5 minutes on my lips :) 
So let me go ahead and show you the shades i wore and am wearing today :) 
Copper Crush I wore on Monday which was Day 25 I picked this in particular because I was having one of those lazy days and didnt really want to go crazy with my eye makeup so I chose to go plain eye noticeable lips :) 
This surely made my lips noticeable I tell you I was actually quite surprised by the pigmentation :) 
This shade definitely lives to its name its a stunning red with copper and gold sparkles its the most pigmented out of the bunch and I love it only thing is that when it wears off the sparkle stays put which can look odd if you do not top up :) 
on day 25 I decided bright lips was out of the question I was just in the mood for a little pick me up shade so I went with 
Plain Jane well this is actually one of the popular shades even though its a more sheerer shade I think maybe it is because its simple plus matte.  This is a perfect nude brown shade and a perfect pick me up gloss for your nude lipsticks or simply perfect on its own :)  Obviously this shade will not last as long as the first shade as its alot lighter but its perfect for those days you just want a little pick me up for your lips 
and lastly on my lips today aka Day 27 
I went with a little brighter option to brighten up yet another dull drab day :) 
Studious is yet another matte gloss which in all fairness i prefer especially for everyday wear.  Even though it looks darker in the tube its not as dark swatched.  It turns out to be a lovely bright bubblegum pink shade and if you have pigmented lips you might find this a little sheer but still noticeable.  
And here are the swatches on my lips :) 
Overal If you are ever shopping on the BH Cosmetics site I do think it would be worth your while trying out at least one of these glosses.  The darker they are the more pigmented and longer lasting they are.  Top be honest they havent exactly wowed me into buying more shades as I do have better glosses but I also have worse glosses They are affordable and nice to wear on their own or over your lipstick.  
Well thats it for the day Tomorrow is the last day of the lipstick tag awwwwwww 
until tomorrow :) 
Keep safe and happy and healthy and enjoy the day no matter what you are doing for the day and night 
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  • Until next Time 
    Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

    I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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