Sunday, 3 February 2013

#28 Days of Kisses *Day 3 Lipstick Tag

Hey my beauties how are you all doing today?
Ok let me explain a little something something to you before I begin 
I of course am a little late with this series as thats what i get for not been near my laptop that much for the past few day but the wonderful Nykki from Nykki Talks Beauty has come up with a brilliant idea.  That some of us beauty bloggers take part together and post up 28 days of kisses aka 28 lipsticks in 28 days.  The moment i seen this post I thought YES I wanna do this.  I love lipsticks I kind of have a little addiction to them.  I just think they are amazing and even if you didnt have a full face of wearing a nice lippy brightens up your whole face I feel there is 2 things about your face thats always noticed 1) Your eyes and 2) You mouth/lips/teeth so why not emphasis them eh ?
So Nykki organised that the posts be this month as there is 28 days of the month and of course this the the LOVE Month :) a time where you will wear lipsticks even more for that special day.  
Plus it might give me a little wishlist of my own seeing everyone elses lips of the day (not that I need more but you can never have too many lipsticks) :) 
So Anyways I am going to start off with day 3 so I can run with the girlies but when this finished up I will make up for the 2 days I have missed by posting up something like Lips of the day or something like that oh im so excited 
Ok enough with the rambling lets get on with the Lips :) 
Todays lips are what I have been wearing Quite a bit lately especially with a dark smokey eye.  
Now I know that this particular brand is not available in some countries yet I think at the moment this brand is only available in EU countries but for some of you who can get their hands on the brand will be very interested in this shade as its a very near Dupe of Mac's Angel Lipstick :) :) ;)
There is 2 lipstick ranges from Catrice The Ultimate Colour Line which I absolutely love and adore, they come in a black tube like the picture above and then there is the The Ultimate Shine range which I am not a fan of They come in a silver tube.  These lipsticks are all part of the permanent range.  
These lipstick cost around 4.59 euro for 3.8g product which is a super amazing price for what you are getting :) 
Todays shade i am showing you I only recently purchased and I am in love with it :) 
The formula on these lipstick are incredibly smooth and soft.  They are creamy and so moisturising.  I have found even when you suffer with dry lips the formula does not settle into the lines and actually keeps your lips smooth and soft.  They glide on the lips without too much effort.  The formula reminds me so much of the Mac Lipsticks.  The pigmentation all depends on the shade in my eyes.  With this shade you will need about 2 layers to get the true shade.  
This is a stunning cool toned neutral pink shade and gives a satin finish.  It looks moisturising on the lips so you would not need to apply a gloss over it.  I absolutely love this shade with a smokey eye.  Some people might find this a little too light especially anyone with a medium to dark skin tone.  I highly recommend this lipstick if you are into bright pink shades or want that perfect lipstick for wearing with a smokey eye :) 
I find this lasting about 3-4 hours before a need to top up depending of course on eating and drinking. 
I will always and ever had highly recommended The Catrice Ultimate Colour lipsticks as I love them and think they are amazing for the price :) 
So thats it for today everyone.  I havent a clue what lippy to wear tomorrow but I think this is a great way to get the "Forgotten" lipsticks out to wear again :) 
Some lipsticks I own I havent even reviewed yet so this will be another great way to show them off :) 
Check out the ladies who have also taken part in #28Kisses posts you might see something you want to try out for yourself :)

I really hope you enjoy this little journey or new task I am taking part in with these lovely ladies and If you are interested in taking part you still can simply click on the top picture to take you to Nykki's Blog.  See you tomorrow with Day 4 :) 
Lots of Love Luck & Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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