Tuesday, 5 February 2013

#28 Days of Kisses *Day 5 Lipstick Tag

Day 5 yeeeeeeee I am really beginning to enjoy this tag :) :) Its fun as its taking me out of my box a little.  As lipsticks are concerned I do have a little fear of certain shades that "Dont suit my skintone or even me" but its all to do with how you wear them too that makes even the no no lipsticks wearable in my eyes :) 
Now todays lipstick is another Limited Edition I think dont worry this will be the last Limited Edition Lipstick I will add to this tag lol but this lipstick in particular I think does be brought out every year around a certain time so if you like it make sure to add it to your wishlist at least that way you have it for the year until its out again :) :) Everyones happy eh?
So this lipstick did in fact take me out of my comfort zone as many of you will agree its very hard to wear a red lippy especially when you have fair to medium skin tone or even us Irish gals find it hard to wear the reds :) 
I got this lipstick with a Loreal Gift Set that was out at Christmas If you spent 22 euro your got the gift box for free :) 
So I snatched like a child in a sweet shop hehehe 
Todays lipstick is 
Loreal Color Riche Diamantissime Feeric Fuschia 325 
Wow thats a mouthful :) :) 
The packaging is the same as any normal Color Riche Lipstick apart from the glittery sticker on the lid.  
I have always loved the Color Riche Lipsticks as they look more expensive than what you have paid for it.  Its a nice goldish tube I am so proud to pull this out of my handbag in public hehehe
Now when i pulled the lid off this lipstick let me tell you now the Angels were singing in my head and my eyes lit up.  The shade was just so so bright and cheery I couldnt help but stare.  
Then on the other side of my mind i was Think oh goodness could i actually wear this shade and would it suit me.  I just had to apply straight away to see.  
The formula is amazingly soft and smooth and so so moisturising.  Applying this lipstick is like a dream but the fact that this shade is oh so pigmented you definitely need a mirror at all times :) To be honest if you are not used to applying such a pigmented bright lipstick maybe apply a lip liner or even a lip primer first beforehand as this is so so soft that you will make mistakes.  
This shade is is a stunning bright Fuchsia red with stunning micro glitters.  This is perfect for the party season or even on a night out.  As you can see it is a blue toned lipstick but matches so well with my warm skin-tone.  
You do not feel the micro shimmers on the lips but they do remain there when the lipstick fades.  This lipstick lasts a long long time on the lips and i have found it actually stains the lips.  This is a Stunning Lipstick over all and i love the shade.  Its a great shade to make the teeth look even whiter too :) :) 
The only thing I am not fond of is the scent of these lipsticks they have a light cosmeticy scent sort of like what lipstick smelled like years ago but I have to admit you forget about the scent after a while.  
If you can get you hands on this shade grab it with both hands its absolutely stunning :) 
Isnt it Stunning :) 
Well thats it for today.  As promised I will not show you anymore Limited Editions in this tag but you have to admit it this lipstick deserved the mention :) :) 

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  • Until next time Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

    love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    Ashley Tiernan said...

    gorgeous lipstick :)

    PR Fashion Beauty said...

    That red is sensational!!! prfashionbeauty.blogspot.com

    Nina s said...

    Ashley and PR Fashion Beauty Its even more beautiful in person trust me :)

    Zoe Dubs said...

    LOVE a color riche! They are one of my favourites :)
    Only 20 more days for us to go!

    Love Zoe x


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