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#28 Days of Kisses *Day 6 Lipstick Tag

Hello my fantastic readers how are you all doing today :) 
Wow 2nd post of the day I am surely on the ball :) 
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Anyways today is DAY 6 of the Lipstick Tag aka #28 days of kisses :) 
What do you all think of it so far I would love some feed back :) 
Todays post I am actually going to show you 2 lip shade but from the same company :) 
This company I have reviewed about before and I am sure you will remember I got some eyeshadows and some Mac Lipstick samples which you were all amazed by 
Well this company actually makes their own lip products too and I Have never actually gotten around to reviewing them even though I have had them for quite some time.  Its not that i dont like them no no its just you ever get a time were you forget about a product then get re introduced and suddenly remember wow I really like these why havent I showed these off.  Well thanks to this tag I have that chance :) 
So the brand or company I am taling about is The Body Needs .  I have already went into who they are and here is a link to their facebook page to give you a little more insight to who they are and what they sell.  I have purchased off them a few times and each time has been a pleasure.  They are lovely people and I will always go back to them if I need something new in fact because I have tried these lip products out again I shall be making an order sooner than we think :) 
Anyways The Body Needs make a lip product Called Lip Lusters and I was luck enough to be sent 2 samples with my last order which was so sweet of them.  The shades in all honesty wouldnt have bee shades I would have went for but I am glad I had a chance to finally try shades that are out of my comfort zone :) 
Each Lip Luster comes in a 10mm diameter slimline tube.  In each Tube you get 4g of lip product but wait for the price :) the price is only $2.75 each which works out at only 2 euro each.  
The best thing about the body needs lip lusters is some of them are Mac Dupes how nice is that.  
As I stated above these are only samples i got but i have to admit the sample sized are amazing generous.  They are going to last me a while :) 
There is about 40 shades to choose from and the 2 shades I got was 
Tokyo Pink and Do That Voodoo :) 
Tokyo Pink:  This is a shade you will either love or hate for sure.  When I seen this shade I thought of Nicki Minaj :) This is definitely her colour of lipstick :) 
On the site this is said to be a dupe for the Mac Saint Germain Lipstick.  I haven't got that lipstick to compare but I have seen swatches and I have to admit its a brilliant brilliant match.  This is a stunning very bright Pastel Pink shade Wow this is one shade you wouldnt have seen me wearing ever in my life and at first I thought no hate it but to be honest especially today I have had fun wearing this shade I didnt apply it too heavy and its actually a really nice shade even for my skin tone :)   Its a stunning shade for the spring and summer months if you dare to wear it that is.  ;)
Do That Voodoo:  This is described as a cool light brown on the site but to be honest to me its more of an orange toned red with maybe a slight brownish undertone too.  Ladies this is the most nicest shade for this month in particular.  The shade is eye catching but not OTT.  It has medium coverage and also leaves a stain behind after it fades a little.  I absolutely love this shade as it brightens up any look you have going on.  If you are one who is afraid of the whole red lipstick thing you can surely get away with this as it will suit all skin tones.  It gives a nice glossy finish and make those lips looking kissable which is well suited for the 14th eh?
The texture on these lip lusters are amazingly creamy soft moisturising and ever so silky.  They sort of remind me of the Mac lipsticks only these are more moisturising than so Mac lipsticks that I have tried.  
The quality of these lip lusters are amazing and to be honest if you blindfolded a pro make-up artist or any lipstick pro and asked them if these felt like a drug=store or high end lipstick I am sure the votes would be more to high end that's for sure.  I found these lasted about 4-5 hours before I felt i needed to top up but as i said they both leave a stain behind so you will have a tint to your lips all day long 
I have absolutely not one bad thing to say about these what's so ever.  I actually think I would prefer the lip lusters in the sample packaging rather than the tube as I find them so much easier to store and easier dipping my lip brush in is like a dream.  
The only maybe downfall I have is if you were not making a big order from this company you will find shipping a little expensive but all my purchases so far has been when there was either 40% or 50% etc. off so the shipping doesn't not feel so bad with such big codes.  Keep you eye on the facebook page or even the site for offers.  
 So thats it for day 5 I hope you enjoyed 
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