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Famous Cosmetics Lip Addiction in Raw & Pillow Talk

Hey my beauties how are you all doing today :) 
I dont know if you all remember around Christmas MUA aka Make Up Acadamey had an offer going that if you spend £10 you got 4 Famous product for free.  Now to be honest I had no idea what these 4 new products were I actually thought MUA was coming out with yet more new surprise product that we were getting to try out before they put them on site but now this is actually from another site.  I know what your asking now the same as myself.  Why would MUA give away 4 products from another makeup brand?
So I asked MUA what Famous had to do with them and they said that Famous was sister of MUA.  Nice :) 
I have never heard about the brand before and was so excited to try it out.  It was like finding a little pot of gold when I looked up the site to see before me yet another site that was super affordable. 
Famous Cosmetics was actually launched in 2007 by a a popular makeup artist Sue Moxley.  

Sue is one of the UK's leading beauty experts working with an impressive client list of celebrities,TV programmes,newspapers and magazines.  In July 2009 she joined forces with the people behind the leading tanning product Fake Bake to expand the Famous by Sue Moxley brand and increase its success. 

Sue also has an online shop on her website with brushes  

So let me begin by reviewing the first of the 4 products I got which is the Lip Addiction Lipsticks 
Ok so let me begin by saying these two little beauties were the first things that caught my eye and I just couldnt resist but try them out straight away.  
 Normally these lipsticks cost £4.99 each which is super affordable as it is but at the moment they are half price at just £2.49 :) Actually everything on site is half price until the 3rd February :)
Now the packaging is pretty straight forward apart from one thing :) 
The secret flip up lid with a mirror inside along with a lip balm matching the shade of the lipstick.  Now how cool is that :) :) 
There are 6 shades to choose from but because this came with the offer I didn't get to choose my shades.  The 6 shades look lovely and looks like there is a shade for everyone which is great.  
The formula on these are somewhat like the MUA Lip Boom Lipsticks .  
The scent of these lipsticks are of a vanilla scent.  Not too strong but you can get the scent when applying but after about 10 minutes the scent disappears.  The Formula of the lipsticks are so so like the MUA Lipsticks.  Smooth creamy and soft.  I found the formula a little different with the Shade Raw and later I will explain how.  The pigmentation is actually amazing.  You could get away with just one layer but they are buildable to whatever strength you desire.  
I found these lasted about 3-4 hours depending on eating and drinking but of course the darker the lipstick the longer lasting they are.  
Let me go ahead and show you the shades and of course the balms with them :) 
"Raw" This is a very neutral shade :)  This is a perfect nude shade with a peachy undertone to it.  Now to be honest This is far too nude for me.  It really does nothing for me.  The application of this lipstick was sort of different to Pillow talk in a sense that it seemed to be alot oilier than pillow talk.  When applying this to my lips yes it felt smooth and creamy but it seemed to slide around my lips.  It ended up becoming patchy on me and It was so much of an effort to get it looking somewhat proper on my lips.  Now maybe it was just the batch I got but I wasnt happy with it at all.  The balm part of it was fine and I actually see myself wearing it when i have a smokey eye going on.  
Its not the worst colour I have tried but its not a favourite :) I think maybe if the formula was a bit better that might have changed my mind :) 
"Pillow Talk"  Now this is a fantastic shade for the Spring and Summer months to come :)
This is a beautiful Orangey pinky shade but when applied you will see a slight hint of coral in the mix :).  When you look at the photo above you see nothing but orange believe me that changes once it touches the lip.  The formula on this lipstick is fantastic its smooth creamy and ever so soft and moisturising.  It glides on like a dream and you would get away with one application.  Of course like the other its build able   I found i got about 3 hours wear out of this before i felt i needed to top it up.   Now the balm itself is lighter and more on the pinky coral side rather that having the orangey tint I actually like it and it warms up my complexion even if I am not wearing makeup.  I really like this lipstick :) 
 Here is a photo of the balms on my lips without the lipstick applied 
Ok so Overall what is my opinion?
Well as I said at the start these lipsticks remind me so much of the MUA lipsticks which cost £1 and these full price cost £4.99 yes there is some difference there and to be honest I would not pay full price for these lipsticks even though you are getting the tiny mirror and the balm extra.  I would pay for them when they are half price though as they are funky and I like the style :)  I will go back and purchase more while the half price sale is on as I dont think MUA has the shades that Famous is doing.  
I think even for the price you are getting a bargain and they are perfect for everyday wear I certainly would not rely on them lasting any-more than the 4 hours without topping up but for a drug-store lipstick what so you expect.  
Famous Cosmetics is also sold in Superdrug stores 
Have you ever heard of this brand before?
Have you tried any of their products ?
I have been a very naughty girl and made a sort of medium to large order from Famous Cosmetics.  So much of her stuff looks too appealing to give it a miss and the fact there is a half price sale on I just Had to.  Ok its not really for me Its for you guys Ok????    Alright maybe its a little bit for me hehehehe
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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