Monday, 7 January 2013

Mally 5 Piece High Performance Essentials

Hey my beauties How are you all doing :) 
Happy New Year to you all and I hope this Year brings you all happiness and health.  
Wow It feels like its forever since I last wrote a blog post but as I said on facebook I just had to take a week or so off just to revive and charge up my batteries as the month up to Christmas I dealt with a very sick household, caught the sickness myself and then Christmas arrived which was crazy but nice.  I was so so exhausted I just needed time out with my family.  This is why this blog post in particular is a perfect way to come back and I will tell you why :) 
You see with endless sleepless nights, sickness and of course stress over the holidays I ended up been total wore out and developed even more darker circles under my eyes I really did look like death warmed up over the holidays and believe me it was not attractive looking as you will see later on in the post.  
Before the holidays I seen an advertisement the QVC UK was doing a special deal on a set designed my the lovely lovely Mally :) Now If you don't know who Mally is WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING ??? 
She is amazing and very inspiring just look how amazing she looks and she is so so positive.  I have always wanted to try her products out because I know she works hard to design her "Bulletproof" products for every woman's needs , she designs her products to highlight women's beauty not cover them up :).  She know what women are looking for they want eyeliner that will last even on the waterline, mascara that does clump but yet make lashes look AMAZING!!! etc.  Well this is what Mally is all about.  Beauty guru's Like Emilynoel83 and Judy from Its Judy Time are huge huge fans of Mally :)   Mally has had the pleasure of applying makeup on the biggest stars of America including Angelina Jolie , Beyoncé Knowles, Jennifer Lopez, Mary J. Blige, Rihanna etc.  How lucky eh?
Mally has a site where she sells her own makeup products but unfortunately they do not ship to Ireland so I was so disappointed that i could never be able to try them until i found out that QVC UK sells her products so i was on the ball to choose my first Item which was Mally 5 Piece High Performance Essentials as this was a 5 piece set for a reduced price of £22 which is absolutely amazing as you are getting all full sized products in this set. 
 This little beauty set came just in time for me to put it to the real test I tell you :) 
This set is actually called Fierce Face in Five Minutes on Mally's Site.  This is a perfect little set for anyone who is on the go all the time.  Anyone who just doesn't have the time to apply a full face or anyone who is under the weather but just wants that pick me up look and believe me I have ran to this set on more than one occasion in the last month.  
The packaging on this set is impressive even though on the Mally site you get a lovely beauty bag with it but with the QVC site you get a box.  I have to admit this box is very girlie and i love the way everything is compacted carefully and budge proof.  
This brilliant set contains the following items :) 
1 x Cancellation Concealer System
1 x Evercolour Automatic Waterproof Eyeliner
1 x High Shine Lipstick 
1 x Evercolour Shadow Stick 
1 x Volumising Mascara 
1 x brush for easy application
So lets get down to what I actually think of each item and did they meet my expectations :) 
This is the Famous Famous Cancelling Concealer system 
I have been wanting to try this every since I seen it on Mally's videos.  You know how hard it is to get a really good concealer that wont cake up and make you look 10 years older and also make those horrible dark circles go away.  I got the shade Light/Medium which it the absolute perfect shade for me.  There are 5 different shades to choose from and mine is the 2nd lightest Let me just mention how cute the packaging is :)  Its a little pink palette with a magnetic lid thats very sturdy.  Inside you will see a Concealer on the left and a translucent setting powder on the right.  Around that is a snakeskin pattern which looks so cute I love it and of course you are getting a mirror :) 
The Concealer is very cream and amazingly easy to apply.  Simply apply with the Concealer end of the brush you get with the set and then blend in with your fingers.  Boy oh boy is this baby full coverage I could not believe how much it covered my dark circles it made me look instantly awake and circle free i was totally speechless.  Then I used the fluffy brush side to apply the setting powder beside it and I noticed it had teeny tiny specks of shimmer which is what brightens up you eye area and i have to say it works.  
Now that it looked great and i felt so much better I was also worried about the fact that maybe it will dry into my few laughing lines and also dry up my under eye area but it didnt and it lasted all day long I was amazed :)  Now there is some people who have complained that it has soaked into their lines or made their under eye look caked up but to be honest its quite easy to apply too much concealer or too much powder you only need the smallest amount :)  I presume if you suffer with very dry skin you might have that problem.  This can also be used on blemishes, nose area etc.  I am just amazed at how much healthier and how much it made my eyes stand out.  I am in love :) 
The Utmost Famous Eyeliner bought by many happy customers and voted customers choice beauty awards of 2012 :) 
The Evercolor Waterproof Automatic Eyeliner 
According to Mally This creamy gel smooths on effortlessly for a vivid, waterproof line. It sets in 30 seconds so your eyeliner won't smudge, run, or fade through the day. And it's infused with nourishing and conditioning ingredients that make it gentle enough to use on your inner rims.
And she is 100% right :)  These eye-liners are sold separately for $18 on Mally's site and I tell you one thing TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!  QVC sells these in sets which is well affordable 
I got the Shade "Onyx" which is a nice black shade its not jet jet black but a nice everyday wearable black which i love.  
This is highly pigmented so you only need one swipe.  Its so creamy and so easy to apply its a pleasure to use.  Its soft but not soft enough to fall apart while using it.  Now if you wanted to smudge this baby out you will have to work quick like I mean VERY QUICK do one eye first then the other because once this is set ITS SET until you take it off.  Not a smudge flake or budge from this and i have worn this as long as 10 hours.  i got caught in the rain one day heavy heavy rain and let me tell you it never budged either. :) 
Well impressed :) 
On Mally's Site one of these costs $25 but you can get them in sets for very affordable prices :) 
This is the Evercolor Shadow Stick they are available in alot of shades but in this set you are getting the shade "Taupe" :) 
Mally promises that the Shadow Stick is your primer, shadow base, and eye shadow all in one. You can also use it as an eyeliner. It won't come off until you take it off! You can use it to line and define or create a quick smokey eye. The creamy texture helps to smooth out fine lines. Once your beautiful eye look is complete you can be sure it will stay fresh all day long!
I have to admit i was very sceptic as it is very hard to find a cream shadow to last all day long on the lid especially if you suffer with oily lids.  This applies like a dream its soft cream and very easy to blend.  And for sure it does exactly what it states.  When i applied it first it felt moist and actually stayed feeling moist on my lid for a long time even up to a few hours which worried me as i thought it would surely smudge or fade but it didnt which is surprising. 
Left is the eyeliner and right is the Evercolor Shadow Stick :) 
 I have to admit I have not tried this without a primer as its just habit i apply primer before any eyeshadows.  The colour pay off is lovely its a beautiful golden brown I love it :)  
To be honest I find that I would reach for my Lovely Maybelline 24hr color tattoo shadows quick and i probably will not repurchase Mally's shadow stick again not because i dont like it but because the colour tattoo's are actually more affordable and I just love them more :) :)  i feel Mallys shadow stick doesn't do anything different to the Color Tattoos so why pay extra.
The oh so famous and popular Mally Volumizing Mascara retailing at $20 on Mally's site 
There is only one shade available which is black.  It promises to give full lush lashes without clumps and lasts all day long.  Mally said with the combination of natural waxes and carefully chosen powders this mascara should give instant boost 
I have to say I am well impressed with this mascara.  It literally started to work straight away on my lashes and normally when you buy new mascaras you really cant tell if its any good until you have used it a few times.  The brush I absolutely love its big enough to grap all your lashes but not too big for you to make a mess :)  Another thing i love is the brush doesn't pick up too much product each time you use it.  So there is no excess formula that you have to scrape off before you use it.  The formula is not too wet either which I love its in between dry and wet PERFECT in my eyes as you know your not going to have spider leg lashes.  The pigmentation is amazing .  I have to admit since i got this mascara I have not put it down it lasts all day long without smudging, flaking or looking like its faded.  This isn't even waterproof and i found it doesn't run if you got stuck in the rain.  This surely gave me the thick lashes look i was looking for I love it :) 
and not only that my lashes did not feel hard they remained soft not matter how many coats i gave them 
This is just to show you how full and natural looking my lashes look with 2 coats of this mascara 
Mallys ever so popular High-shine Liquid Lipstick Pen 
This is suppose to be your:
Lip Primer
Lip liner 
Lipstick & Lipgloss altogether in one pen :) 
This costs $20 on Mally's site and to be honest this was the least impressive out of the lot for me.  I am going by the price of this product on its own compared to some more affordable lip products and to be honest I was expecting alot more from this than what i got.  It does look stunning on the lips but to me it was just a sheer gloss with some shimmer and only lasted and hour on my lips before i felt it wearing off :(.  It has got a beautiful glossy look without been sticky and does make the lips look plump but to be honest its not worth $20.  Maybe I would feel a little different if it was a darker shade but the shade i got which is "Starburst" is a very light pink with golden shimmer just looks too sheer on my lips.  
I like the brush on it as its small soft and makes applying the gloss very easy.  Overall I would not repurchase this on its own for that price.  I would like to try her other lip product though and hopefully soon I will :) 
And lastly 
The duo brush all I have to say is its brilliant and so handy.  Its so so soft and very easy to wash and perfect for travelling.  I experienced no shedding whatsoever :) :) 
Now ladies the photo you have all been waiting on the before and after photo with me using these products as well as a few extras of my own be warned the before photo is to show you exactly what i look like with just been over a winter bug and also no sleep in like forever.  I just had to put the concealer especially to the ultimate test and without further ado I shall let you be the judge of how it looks :) 
Oh my goodness I look scary in the before picture.  The before picture was taken with a flash as it was 6 in the morning and very dark the after picture was taken in natural lighting later on in the day :) 
Huge difference eh?
The products that mostly impressed me in this kit is surely the Concealer without a doubt just look at the picture the dark circles are gone and It looks bright and cheer under my eye area.  It also did brilliantly covering up a blemish that i had going on top marks in my eyes 
The mascara super impressed with for sure :) 
The Shadow stick is extremely handy for travel as there is no need to have brushes all you need it this and your fingers and you have a lovely natural look going on that lasts all day long in the picture i applied a darker brown in the crease it looked lovely. 
The eyeliner is very good but there are more affordable eyeliners that do the same thing in my eyes 
So I think I have rambled on enough lol 
This kit is surely worth the money to try and its perfect for anyone who need the 5 minute face on busy days you will surely look fabulous :) I Cant wait to try more of Mally's products I have a few on my Wishlist :) 
Until next time take care :) 
Lots of Love Luck & Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Makeup Over Mind said...

That's amazing value for money! Wish I had a cent to my name to pick up anything in the sales! Always want to try all of Mally's stuff!:)

Chloe said...

I have to say your face almost looks airbrushed in the after picture - Your skin is flawless! I'm definitely interested in the concealer but I guarantee my under eye circles are ridiculously bad!

Nina s said...

Orla isnt it unreal the price is amazing compared to what you would pay if you bought them separate :)

Chloe your telling me its my favourite out of the bunch 9 times out of ten i have dark circles deep ones and it completely covered them i love it

nancyohh said...

Omg I just ordered this and wasn't sure if it'd be worth it then found your review now I'm super excited<3
didn't pay shipping either so it was just $18 :D

Nina s said...

Wow nancyohh you got a great deal there :) Let me know how you get on with it and what you think :)

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