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Blank Canvas Cosmetics (BCC) 6 Pan Contour Palette

Top of the Morning to you all (well some of you as it could be night time now in other countries)  Ok ok Hello everyone :) 
Please excuse the craziness you might read in this blog post as im am kinda full of caffeine as I was up the whole night long with the most horrible horrible tooth ache and everytime I even tried to lie down The shooting pain would hit one side of my face plus i had no pain killers or anti-inflammitories in the house to get some relief.  I will have to go through this pain until if not longer until I get an appointment with Dentist :(
Any-whooooo enough about my moaning lol How are you all doing this fine weekend :) 
Well as you can see This blog post is about BCC's 6 Pan Contour Palette in which I finally after so long of wanting it Got yeeeeeeeee.  This has been on my wishlist for so so long but every time i went to purchase it, it was out of stock because this little beauty is the top selling palette from BCC 
Now if you are a regular reader you would know that Blank Canvas Cosmetics is one of my favourite Irish sites to shop from.  I absolutely love their brushes in which I have built up quite a few now (smiling very proud of myself) and I have reviews done on them for you all.  
Blank Canvas Cosmetics products have such high quality product for such a brilliant affordable price its amazing :) Una the woman who runs it is the sweetest person you could ever deal with and to be honest treats every one of her customers with the highest respect which is an added bonus.  Plus Blank Canvas does ship internationally which i love because you guys can get a taste of what Irish companies have to offer its great 
Im babbling again I'm sorry lol but when I rave about something I get so excited talking about it and have to give every detail possible :) 
This palette is absolutely amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is 100% a product RAVE !!!!!!!
Just look at the size of the 6 pans alone :O
You should have seen my 7 year old boys face when I opened up this palette you see he likes to take an interest in what I get makeup wise especially palettes as he loves colours etc.  
So he has seen quite a few of my palettes and what came out of his mouth was "Mam look at the size of those circles they are much bigger than the other ones you have" and he is right I was totally in awwww when I opened this up.  
As you can see you are getting 
2 highlight shades 
2 setting powders in which one of them could be used as a blush 
2 bronzer/contour shades 
This is the top left shade which is a Matte white (highlight).  This is great for the brow bone, for the inner corner of your eyes even for setting you under eye concealers 
The next highlight shade which is the first bottom left pan:  This is more of a light yellow toned highlighter and works amazing under the eyes for me when I am setting my concealer. I also use this on the areas the I highlight like the bridge of my nose, cupids bow etc. 
This is the second pan from the top row.  Its a Light yellow toned setting powder.  This is great for anyone with fair to medium skin who want to use this as a setting powder for their foundation. 
 This is the 2nd shade from the bottom row and another setting powder.  Its more of a peachy/pink setting powder and to be honest a very pretty everyday blush for anyone with fair to medium skin tones I have actually used this as a blush along with my contouring with a smokey eye look and have to say was very pleased with the finish :) 
This is the last shade on the top row and is a contour shade.  Its a light brown and is a perfect shade for me for contouring I love this shade and have been using it everyday since I bought this palette
& the last on the bottom row even though this looks light its the darkest in the palette.  Its a more darker brown and a perfect more noticeable contour shade.  I sometime mix the top and bottom shades or even on a night out when i wear a more darker foundation I use the darker one on its own.  
Overall this palette is absolutely amazing.  Its amazing.  I have not put it down since I got it and thats no lie.  The powders are so soft and silky smooth it is a pleasure to use these.  They blend amazingly and for 6 pans of powder you have so many options to mix and match shades to find your match.  The lasting power is amazing.  I just love the quality and the fact I only paid........ Wait for it ................ 10.99 euro ............ Yes that it thats all this palette costs and its worth way more than this.  Like one of these pans are exactly the same size as some other drugstore compacts and cost near enough the same price if not more.  
I also love the fact that every one of these shades are matte.  Its great for all ages even the more mature women as shimmery bronzers and blushes tend to enhance large pores and fine lines so this would be great for anyone who wants to buy this for their their mums, aunts etc 
I am 100% in love with this and will surely be buying a back up and one for my kit.  The packaging is so professional and will impress any client :)  
Now that i have had my first taste of BCC's palettes I am looking forward to trying more of their palettes :) :) If you are thinking of purchasing from Blank Canvas Enter "NINA" at the end for a little discount for all my lovely readers I Hope you enjoy 
Have you tried this palette yet?  What's your thoughts on it :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Makeup Monster said...

Wow this sounds amazing!!

Nina s said...

It is amazing hunny

Anonymous said...

Hey Nina, great blog post on Blank Canvas Cosmetics!! Love the Blank Canvas HD Brush Collection :)

Would love to be included in your BB Friends list!!



Nina s said...

Thank you for you comment I have added you :)

My Bathroom/Wardrobe Is My Castle said...

Great palette with lovely colours; so natural and perfect for contouring.

Your blog is amazing and I'm a newe follower on GFC now.


Eva-Lynn said...

Looks amazing! x

Anonymous said...

How big is the palette? Because I'm trying to order it and also a mirror so I could glue it on lol :)

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