Thursday, 9 June 2011


Do you fancy getting a sneak preview of these babies 
you wont be disappointed scroll ahead down :) 

E.L.F Cream Blush in Seductress 

E.L.F Matte Lip Color in Tea Rose 

As you know these two products are not available on the U.K site yet but i've got them here and one lucky lucky winner is going to have them before they do arrive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All you have to do if the following 
  • Be a follower on my blog    

  •  post this competition onto your blog page & share this on your facebook page  post below the links to your blog and facebook page to show you have done this :) 

  • and finally tell me one good reason why YOU should win this prize :) for 1 extra point
This is also open to international folk!!!! :) :) whoop whoop :):):)
Thats all you have to do girls and of course i have a runner up prize and that will be :

These 2 fab super glossy lip glosses for e.l.f

So thats it ladies the best of luck to you all please leave your email address so i can email the winner and runner up also i will be announcing it on both pages and the competition ends on my sons birthday 29th June to give you all enough time.........good luck girls :) :) :) the winner will be chosen by :) 

bye for now 
lots of Irish kisses 
xoxoxox nina 


Lisa Washington said...

I'm a follower :)

Blog link here :

Facebook link here :!/Lisawashington43

A reason I should win? Ever since I spotted those matte lip colours on the US site, I have been dying to try them, and waiting (in vain!) for them to appear on the UK site. Same goes for the gorgeous cream blush!

Thanks :)

Lisa Washington said...

And also....

Debora said...

Hello!!! :D

I'll start from the end of your list :)
I think I desearve the extra point because I'm an Elf-aholic/addict, all I use daily is e.l.f stuff... so as soon as I saw this I had to enter!!! Really cant wait to get my hands on the matte lip colour and that gorgeous cream blush!!! oh (sigh) :P

I'm am probably your most recent blog follower!!! And I'm sure I will love everyone of your posts ( I can tell from what I've seen on facebook) Sooo hope I am the lucky one picked by

Facebook :

Blog : (very recent too!! :D )

Yayy can't wait for the 29th !!!

Good luck to everyone who enters :)

xoxo Dee*

Debora said...

ermmm... lol

I forgot something!!!

:) ooopsy daisy!!!

Nina said...

@Debora hi hun thanks for the lovely blog post but you called me tina instead of nina lol

Debora said...

I am sooooo sorry!!!! major oooops!! I will change it right now!!! :)

Ashley Tiernan said...

Great giveaway.
GFC: Ashley Tiernan
Blog sidebar:

I think I should win this giveaway because I love e.l.f so much and have been waiting for these 2 items to come to the UK. :)

Also I would love to have you follow my blog, as I live in Ireland too! :)

Nina said...

hey ashley where abouts in ireland chic :)

ComaHeart said...



Reason why I want to win: I'd LOVE to try these products out. The cream blush looks so fierce and I've been dying to try it out since forever! I really hope i win :)

My e-mail:


Ashley Tiernan said...

I live 25 minutes from Roscommon :)

Nina said...

im from the great county of meath :)

Minalher said...

I'm a follower.

Blog link:

Facebook link:

But you probably wont be able to see any of it, as my profile is set to private. I put it on Twitter as wel.!/Minalher/status/81661940497256448

I haven't got any items of E.L.F. yet, and I would love to test some, but I have no idea where to begin. This giveaway would be an awesome start. It might even convince to purchase myself.

Nina said...

Minalher you dont know what your missing with e.l.f check out my facebook page i have plenty of e.l.f posted :) i love e.l.f

Minalher said...

I was just checking it out. Do love the pigment in the mineral eyeshadows. They really pop. Also really like the looks of the nailpolishes (I'm quiet into nailpolish atm), especially Innocent & Champagne look gorgeous. Even if I don't win this contest, I will purchase something in the nearby future. When all the items are in stock.

sarah-carry said...

im a follower
blog name Sarah-Carry

i really hope i win because im only starting with e.l.f products am very new to it and i think i need more to my collection hahaha

Irena B said...

Hey! Great giveaway! I just started to buy online and my first online order ever was from e.l.f. :) Lots of girls in Croatia are buying from their UK site and i decided to try it out! i'm totaly happy and satisfied with all of the products that i bought :) Thank you again fot this giveaway!

GFC Irena B
fb post

Jen said...

I've really enjoyed your ELF reviews.
Thanks for the chance to win such amazing goodies!

Nina said...

no problem jen have you entered :)

dancing shoes said...

I am a follower
Link to my blog

you can check my FB

and I should get it because it was you that got me hooked on ELF, so you gotta keep me in gear haha :)

Becca B said...

I am a follower

Blog site (just created) -


I think I should win because I have finally decided to create my own blog (thanks to you) and as I love ELF make up as well as various other brands I am always keen to try new products.

Nina said...

@ Dancing shoes haha dont blame me blame e.l.f and its goodness :)

@ becca and keep that blog going :) girl use it to show you off :)

limegreen said...

Hi, Nina!
i'm a recent follower, but i really like your blog.

this is the link to my blog:

and you know me in facebook already :)

my email:

i hope i will be the lucky one chosen by the because i love elf products, but getting those products in my country is very difficult and the price is very often pricier.
alright then,
good luck for all who enter this competition!

Mary said...

I am a follower, he is the post on my fb:
and on my blog:

also, I would really love to win cause I haven't done anything really on my blog for ages and I feel kinda bad about it, as my beauty course took up so much time! But I've finished now and I want something super to review :)
Thanks for your time and the great giveaway!
& my email is :) xoxo

Olga said...

I am a recent follower, I don't have fb or blog but I shared on twitter!/olgap77/status/84980362366828544

I would love to win these, I have been dying to try these out esp. the cream blush!!!

Lisbeth said...

Hi Nina,

Since I don't have a blogspot and it didn't seem right to just make a quick blog with nothing in it, I decided to use my twitter to follow you(: and I also put a link to your contest on here:!/natalieetuporn/status/85994553521352704

My fb is
where I also put up a link(:

Yesterday I purchased my first E.L.F products. I had known about it in a couple of months but yesterday was when I got the time to watch/read reviews on their products. Some were good - some were not. I thought I would give it a try anyway because it was soo cheap and that's what I've been looking for in forever! To be honest, I buy makeup very rarely because it IS so expensive in the stores and I don't have that much money so I would always put my other needs first... My dad thinks makeup is a silly thing, although he's okay with me wearing it I think. Oh well, I finally found something cheap, so I bought 11 things. To me that is alot of makeup because I don't have that much. I would love to get lipglosses because I never really had some, besides some from girl magazines. I forgot to look at the blushes they had on E.L.F, so it would also be amazing to get that! And at last there's the Lip color. I don't have that much for my lips and I would love to try this!
Now that I think abaout it, this is a great giveaway for me, because the most of the makeup I have is for the eyes and your prizes are not for eyes, so that's perfect!

Thanks for having this giceaway(: or

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