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NYX Matte Lipsticks Review

Hey my beauties how are you all doing today :) :) 
As you can see todays review is on 3 NYX Matte Lipsticks that i finally own for myself :) 
Oh boy i have been waiting a while to try these little beauties out.  Actually it was this time last year when they where first released.  When i seen Judy's aka itsjudytime's Swatch video on these i want them even more.... So I finally took the plunge a few weeks ago and went on ebay and bought 3 of these from beautydiscount07 she sells NYX product all brand new and she is a near Top Rated seller so i knew i was buying from the right place I got all 3 for 15 euro including postage working out at around 5 euro each BARGAIN :) :) 
These lipsticks are not hard to find you can get them on alot of online stores like cherry culture, nyx cosmetics site, ebay, pork etc as i have noticed the seller i bought off has sold alot of these lipstick and is out of stock in a good few colours.  
There are 22 shades to choose from so there is a shade for at least every skin tone :) 
The packaging on these is actually quite nice.  I like the way you have the little window in the middle of the package and can see very clearly what the shade of the lipstick is.  I found the tube of lipstick to be sturdy and the lid seals well enough not to become loose.
I got 3 shades in which i did do my research on Judy's swatch video helped in that department.
That is a downfall when it comes to trying to choose shades that the sites do not give a good picture of what the shades actually look like. 
First shade i picked was 
I kind of knew off hand what this shade would look like on my as i have "Tea Rose" in the NYX round lipstick and i quite like it.  This shade is a beautiful Dusty rose shade and is more on the cool side.  This is a perfect everyday shade.  
Next Shade 
Sierra This shade surprised me a little to be honest :) This is in between a coral/red/brown shade but looks different on the lips to what it looks like in the tube.  To be honest when i seen it in the tube i thought i wasnt going to like it but i actually do and its a great shade for this season.  
And lastly 
Euro Trash now this is my go to everyday lip colour alot lately.  Its a perfect MLBB shade.  This too is perfect for this season :)  Its a lovely brown/pink shade.  Its not too far off the shade "Sierra" maybe a little more on the browner side but this is a perfect natural colour.  
The formulation of these lipstick are for sure matte.  But not so matte that you are tugging at your lips when applying.  What surprised me was when applying they feel really creamy and smooth.  Then i took a look at the ingredients and of course one of the ingredients is Bees Wax so that is the reason for the smoothness.  I do find you have to apply a lip balm to your lips before application or else this lipstick is going to emphasis on any cracks, chaps and dryness on your lips of course with any matte lipsticks. I did apply without lip balm just to see and even with my lips not suffering with dryness the lipstick did make my lips look quite dry.  
Here is an example of what i mean this picture is a swatch without lipbalm applied first 
You can see every line on my lips which is not very attractive eh?
These next pictures is swatches made with lip balm applied before 
The pigmentation from these is absolutely amazing you literally glide these on the lips and you have instant medium to full coverage.  I am in love with these to be honest and plan to buy a few more shade to add to my collection.  They last alot longer than a normal lipstick also and once you apply a balm they fade away quite well.  I found they last 4+ hours on my lips depending how much eating and drinking i do.  
Overall I think everyone should try these and have at least a few shades to their collection.  
Have you tried these lipsticks yet?
What is your thoughts on them :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


♥ Sara || Pretty In Pink || Beauty || Fashion || Music || UK ♥ said...

I really like Tea Rose actually. I'm a matte girl, ever since I bought MAC Ruby Woo I've been converted!

LadyZet a Nikavero said...

I must say I really love matt effect! Even more than with a lip balm :)

Jessica Hunter said...

Oh I love making up my eyes and lips I find a pop of colour on my lips alone instantly transforms me from washed out wallflower to sexy siren so lipstick is a must I like all the NYX shades but my favourite was Sierra and Euro Trash-thanks Nina new brand I can try x

Simone Housen said...

Lovely! I have Red, I think it's called True Red or something along those lines... I love it!

I was wondering, do u have a review of the round lippies?? I want Tea Rose, but am wondering if I should get it in matte or not. Does the round lippie look like the swatch of Tea Rose w/ balm applied

Mobruka Ahmed said...

Hey I loved the swatches. can you please let me know which Mac Lipstick is NYX Sierra a good dupe for if there is any? I badly need to know. Thanks in advance!

Gita Hayu said...

hello, i've been using nyx sierra and it really fit in my lips.but actually i will move into mac, but i dont know what shade of mac lipstick which has a same shade with nyx sierra, do you have any idea?thanks alot

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