Wednesday, 10 October 2012

BH Cosmetics 28 Neutral Palette Review & Swatches

Hey everyone how are you all doing today :) 
Ok i think you can all guess at this stage that i am quite fond of BH Cosmetics :) 
I have purchased quite a few palettes from the site now and have been very pleased with them so far.  To this day I still find myself reaching for the palettes if i want to experiment with colours and different looks.  I especially love reaching for these palettes when doing other peoples makeup as its handier and more convenient as well as easier to bring on travel :)  The best thing about these palettes is that they are super super affordable and shipping with BH Cosmetics is quite cheap seeing as they are coming the whole way from America Plus they take good care in wrapping what ever you purchase well so nothing comes to your home damaged.  
Anyhuuuuuu!!! Enough Jibber Jabber lol If you want to see any of my other Reviews on any BH Cosmetics Products Click Here for a Selection of my reviews 
I have had this palette for quite some time now actually a good few months.  I think everyone including myself love a nice neutral look as a neutral look suits everyone so i was super excited to try this palette in particular as its full of neutral colours.
The packaging is basically the same as all the BH Cometics palette.  A Black Plastic palette with the logo of BH Cosmetics and the name of the actual palette on it.  I Love the as it saves opening all the palettes to get the right one :) 
Another great thing about the palette is that it doesn't smudge which means you will not get stubborn finger marks on it that you can not remove :)
In this palette you are getting a mixture of everything.  From mattes, satins and shimmers to cool and warm toned eye shadows.  From light to dark shades.  My first impressions were somewhat 50/50 to be honest as i noticed the palette had alot of light shade that i thought would lack in pigmentation then i noticed alot of the shades looked alot like some Mac Eye shadows.  Now obviously they wouldn't be as pigmented as the Mac eye shadows but they look very very like them :) :) 
I have to admit some of the eye shadows are a little on the chalky side and some need a coaxing before showing their true potential but they are all easy to work with.  There is a few shades that you might fine less visible than others on my swatches but they are more for blending and more skin tone shades :) I will go ahead and show you the swatches and talk some more about them 
The first row is very light we have 3 matte shades the 2nd, 3rd and 4th shade and the second shade is alot like Mac Nylon eyeshadow the last shade i love this one its a blackened purple with Burgundy shimmer this is a perfect shade for fall/autumn i love it but you will get some fallout from this shade.  I prefer to do my eye makeup before my foundation using this little beauty.  
On the 2nd row we have some more lighter shades.  The second shade is alot like Mac Vanilla and the the 5th shade is suppose to be like Mac Cork.  There is only one matte shade in this row and that's the one that suppose to be like "Cork" i find this shade great for blending out harsh lines or just to use as a crease colour :) I think the light pinky shade with gold shimmer is stunning on the lid.  
I am sure you have noticed the shades are getting more pigmented :) This is the 3rd row and i love this one.  I especially love the last shade in this row as its a great dupe for Mac's Patina which I Love and adore :)  We also have 2 matte shades on this row the 3rd shade and the 2nd last both colours are great for the crease and blending out and can even be used for the brows :) I also love love love the 3rd last shade its extremely pigmented and a beautiful taupe with gold micro-shimmer going through it :) its stunning on its own or on the lid with a darker brown in the crease.  
Again as you can see the shades are more pigmented on the 4th and last row :)  The last shade surprised me alot i was expecting this like any other palette to be a sheer grey but it wasn't at all its a good pigmented black in fact its a great grey/black almost black black and very pigmented but is a little chalky so use with caution.  

Final Thought 
I found that you will need to wear a primer with these as some of them are chalky and need something to cling onto.  They apply really well and blend beautifully.  Obviously the matte shades were a real tester as matte eye shadows are harder to blend than any other eyeshadow but i found no fault with them.  I was expecting a little more pigmentation in some of the eye shadows but i suppose a little extra packing on is not hard work :)
Anyone who like neutral eyes will love this palette.  Anyone who wants something cheaper without having to touch their expensive brands will enjoy this.  Basically anyone will enjoy it not only for the eye shadows but for the price 
normal price this costs $18.95 but now at the moment its on value at $10 now that's a huge bargain not to be missed.  
Ok is it the best palette i have got from BH Cosmetics?? No its not the best but its not the worst either :) 
Have you tried this palette yet 
Until next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Beauty Make Up Addict said...

I have this palette but I bought it from coastal scents. It's a a great palette for beginners or for a bride.
Great review.

Rebecca Goodyear said...

Wow I never knew there were so many neutrals! Love the look of that pale pinky plum colour on row 4!

Nina s said...

It is suppose to be the same as the Coastal Scents palette alright :):)
Yeah i love that plummy colour too its perfect for fall :)

Wasifa Ahmad said...

Hey Nina! I am loving this palette and of course great review!


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