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October Glossybox 2012 - DIY Beauty

Hey my beauties how are you all doing?  :) Getting so close to Halloween now the kiddies are getting excited now and for the first time ever my twinnies will be able to go trick or treating awww i cant wait :) They will be totally amazed with the fire works and bonfires hehe 
Anyways as you can see i still haven't unsubscribed to Glossybox reason for that is i have been actually impressed the last 3 boxes they were quite good and found myself reaching for alot of the samples from them lately :) so this months came this morning and i am going to get right down to showing you what i got :) 
Now you can imagine my excitement when i seen this card first in the box :) DIY Beauty box yeeeeeeee.  With the weather changing and skin changing etc i had already got ideas in my head of what could be in the box as it stated on the card that we could create our own "Home Spa" experience :) not only that Glossybox is supporting Breast Cancer Awareness month by donating to Breast Cancer Care :) I Love It.  
So on with the show :) :) 

First up on the list is 
Anatomicals Don't Just Clean It Woman, Scrub It - Body Scrub 75ml Scrub costing £3.49 for 200mls 
This is a nice sized sample I like the packaging its nice a girly.  This definately smells of grapefruit its lovely.  I have actually tried this already it came at great timing this morning :) i was nicely surprised at how this lathered up and gave me a nice gentle exfoliation.   My skin felt nice a soft too for the price its surely worth the try but as i only used it the once this is only a first impression i will keep you updated.  
Next up 
Olay Regenerist 3-Point Treatment Cream Fragrance Free 7mls - Original size is 50ml and costs £29.99 
Olay statesthe  Regenerist 3-Point Treatment Cream is specifically designed to give dramatically younger-looking skin for areas most prone to ageing—eyes, jawline, and neck.
Hmmmmm I dont know about this i dont think it would be something i would purchase especially with the price tag but i will see how i get on with it and let you all know 
Skinetica Anti- Blemish Treatment 10ml Sample - Full size is 100mls and costs £6.99
Ok this is something I am actually happy with having and will surely try as lately i have bee getting a few nasties on my face for some apparent reason  Be it weather change, too much heat in the house, stress, trying out produts whatever i have been suffering.  Its calmed down now but im surely i will be reaching for this at stages :)   One thing i have noticed about this is that the scent reminds me of fairy liquid Anyone else get that scent or is it me 
Dr Jart Premium Beauty Balm 15 mls - Original size 40ml for £24.00.  
This Dr Jart+ BB Cream provides high SPF40 protection with anti-oxidents. A slightly glossy, low coverage cream which helps fight ageing. Particularly suitable for those over 30.
This really got me interested in trying like almost straight away as it states:
1 Perfect Cover
2 UV A/ UV B Protection 
3 For Sensitive Skin 
Plus it has SPF 40
The shade did look a bit on the dark side from the tube and i was quite impressed when i swatched it i literally put a pea sized amount on my arm and rubbed it in and it cover quite alot around the area.  The consistancy is not thick whatsoever.  I applied this with my fingers.  It was a tad bit dark on my face not too dark i actually liked it on .  The only thing i have to say is if you suffer with an oily complextion you are going to find this very very shiny.  I found this a little shiny and used a translucent powder over it just to take some of the shine away but left it that it still looked flawless.  I was impressed it lasted all day long a good 10 hours without having to use a compact.  
It feels so light and only gives light coverage.  I had a pimple on my cheek that is so obvious (dont ya hate that) it did not cover it up 
But my face did look even and very natural and the best thing about it is even with SPF 40 it does effect photos with flash :) Happy Days 
And Lastly 
Yves Rocher  - Moisturising Cream Lipstick - 160 Mauve Cost price £14.50 for 3.7 g product 
A melting texture, hydrating and nourishing. Perfect coverage from the first application, lips are enhanced by a smooth, radiant film.Its Plus : The precision of its application, thanks to the flat bevelled edge. The click which ensures good closure.
Well now the price tag is what got my attention wowzer that's about 15-16 euro for one lipstick hmmmmmm.  The lipstick I was holding in my hand when looking at the price tag did not look like an expensive lipstick its so light and the packaging isn't exactly what you call fancy to be honest maybe I am just been fussy lol.  As I always state its not really the packaging that is important anyway but that was my first thought.  Now when i took the lid off I instantly got a cosmeticy scent not strong but its there and instantly I wasn't sure about trying it as i hate strong cosmeticy (old ladies lipstick) lip products but I chanced it and surprisingly enough I didn't notice the scent too much i could actually tolerate it.  I got instant colour from this lipstick boy is it pigmented.  You get medium coverage for sure.  It feels extremely soft and moisturising and the shade is stunning.  Its a perfect fall shade and one shade I actually do not have to my collection.  I took a picture of one coat on my lips and then applied a 2nd coat to show how build-able it is :) 
So there you have it thats all the items i got in the October Glossybox now for my opinion.....
I am actually quite happy with everything i got especially with the full sized lipstick that literally cost the same amount as the box so the rest of the items is a bonus.  I am looking forward to using these items Further.  For the lipstick I don't think i would go out of my way to rush and buy another i like the one i have its nice to have an expensive lipstick but it hasn't exactly blown me away there are cheaper versions out there that's certainly opened my eyes more.  
So what did you get in your Glossybox.  I know a few people got different items in theirs 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Krystal Caracol said...

Looks like such a great box this month!

Loevens said...

I love Dr. Jart but I find the black label BB cream to be the best. It's not as oily, has a bit better coverage and is just a tiny bit lighter in colour. Dr. Jart black label is my favorite BB cream ever.

Anna Ho said...

Oh this looks nice. I hope my box comes soon! I hate it when I get really dark lipsticks that don't look good on me. It looks great on you though!

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