Monday, 29 October 2012

Sleek i-Divine Au Natural Eyeshadow Palette

Hello Everyone :) 
Now I think at this stage you all know I love the Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes :) From the Last review i done on the Original Eyeshadow palette in which i love.  I also own the Matte V2 Darks Palette in which i have reviewed here  And i also have a review done on 3 other palettes i own from sleek 2 are Limited Editions and one is Permanent.  So in my last review i told you all i bought 3 more palettes (on different times of course) from Beauty Emporium which is an Irish site who ship internationally.  I have purchased from this site quite a bit and highly recommend it as they are 100% secure :)  
I have already reviewed one so now its on to the 2nd new palette which is the Au Natural eyeshadow Palette which i believe is a Permanent palette.  Its costs about 9.99 euro to buy for 12 x 1.1g of eyeshadow great bargain if you ask me.  
This Palette is a perfect palette for all of you who love natural eyeshadows.  This is mainly the reason i bought it for everyday use and of course for a variety of Autumn looks :)  At first i wasnt sure about purchasing this as it looked to me that the whole top row would be too light it was the bottom row that attracted me more but i took the risk and now im glad i did.  
You have a mixture of matte and shimmery eyeshadows 
So let me tell you a little about the shades 
Nougat:  A Matte White which is actually quite pigmented surprisingly enough as its a highlight shade
Nubuck:  A Matte light greyish shade This is very light but buildable 
Cappuccino:  This is a great blending shade Its a matte light beige shade 
Honeycomb:  A Matte yellowy beige this i found less pigmentation good for blending out harsh lines 
Toast:  A Matte Light Orangey shade good enough pigmentation a light shade :) 
Taupe:  The First shimmer on this row.  Hmmmm I am kind of wondering where the taupe comes in here to be honest as this is more of a shimmery golden beige shade pigmentation is quite good a little on the chalky side but just a little :) 
The Second Row
Conker:  Oh this shade is oh so perfect for Autumn/fall its a fantastic reddy brown with golden shimmer its stunning Highly pigmented shade I love it :) 
Moss:  A Shimmery khaki green with golden undertones again a very pigmented shade 
Bark:  A Matte taupe brown this i use for my brows in the crease for definition or just on the outer corner for a little added darkness in the day time :) Its a little less pigmented that the other two but of course to be expected with a matte shade :) 
Mineral Earth:  A Shimmery Dark Brown this has golden undertones to it and its FANTASTIC :) Super Pigmented 
Regal:  A Matte brown with purple undertones great pigmentation.  I love wearing this shade all over the lid it really makes my hazel eyes stand out :) 
Noir:  This was unexpectantly the most surprising shade ever for me in this palette.  I was convince it would be like most eyeshadow palettes with their so called "Blacks" that end up been a dark grey no no no not this one. THIS IS A TRUE MATTE BLACK I love it :) 
As you can see there are quite a few matte shades in this palette.  Now to be honest i was more excited about this palette to start off with but couldnt help been a little disappointed in the matte shades.  They took more work to apply than the Matte V2 Darks palette.  Now i know in all in every brand mattes are harder to work with anyway but the fact that most of the mattes in this palette are lighter shades left it even more harder to work with.  Thats not saying that they are all bad you can work with them but just to let you know so that you too wont be disappointed.  The shimmery shades on the other hand are amazingly pigmented they literally need a light sweep of the brush and you have enough to work with in one look.  They are amazing shades and perfect for Fall/Autumn.  
I find that this palette would be more beneficial to people with fair/medium skin tones but might be more disappointing for darker skin tones i think half of the shades will not even show up on darker skin tones.  
In all I am happy with the palette but it is not my favourite palette out of the palette i own but its certainly not the worst palette either :) 
So whats your favourite Sleek Palette?  So you own this palette? Whats your thoughts on it :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Katy said...

This palette has some beautiful colors! It's good there's matte shades as well :)

Adel said...

pretty colors :) shame some of the matte colors are not that pigmented,,

Lisa Truong said...

I have been debating on this for a while now, but I love Sleek products!

Barb Brussels said...

Just got it tday and cant wait to use it

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