Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Final Part of How I coped with my 2 Year Old Sons Cancer

After all the tests and CT scan we finally had the answer to all our question.....Will he need Chemo....The answer was yes he will need about ten goes of Chemo to get rid of the remaining cells after the operation :( 
Oh my heart fell the moment them words were said.  My poor baby has been through enough....Why????
I sit by his bedside felling butterflies in my stomach with the same questions as before running over and over again
I wish I was going through this instead of him.  Sudden Kian wakes up asking for brekkie and wanting to play with the boy across from him who was very ill.  He was just like an other boy.  You would not even think he was just after going through an Operation.  I was stunned.  We got the go ahead to go home and would be contacted when his first go of chemo would be.  
I was so grateful to be able to bring him home and the fact he was walking out the door himself. 
We finally got home and all he wanted to do was play I was running around after him like a headless chicken afraid he would fall been too over protective to be honest i was putting myself into more stress than i needed.  
I finally got a phone call about Kians chemo.  They wanted to start it ASAP to stop the cells from growing further.  
Aww god my poor little man i had so many questions.....Will he lose his hair?  Will he be so sick that he wont eat and get really thin? My head was like a whirlpool 
We arrived at the Hospital and his doctor came to meet us and explain everything about the Chemo the whole process and of course answer any questions I had.  
She told me that 10 goes of the chemo will surely clear kian up.  
She answered my main questions.
Kian might not lose his hair because its only 10 goes but he may lose a little.
Kian's taste buds might change due to the chemo because its known that one of the side effects is a metaliccy taste in the mouth He may be sick on the days he recieves the Chemo but they will give him an anti-sickness medicine to subside that.
Most of all the 10 goes of chemo will not effect his fertility (awww relief) 
There was so many answers she gave me but these were the main ones i needed to know.

So Kian needed to go for another little operation to get his "Freddy" aka a port  It is a small tube that goes through the skin of the chest, into a large vein that leads to the heart, and ends in the right atrial chamber of the heart.  It lessens the poking and prodding of needles as they can take blood test in which there will be lots of it during his treatment and of course they can give him his treatment through this also.  For anyone who wants to know more information on the "Freddie" click here and this will tell you all you need to know 
I was so nervous about his first treatment as i was fearing the worst as any mother would.  He is a 2 year old child and this is such a strong medicine how is he going to react to it.  I wanted to scream out i was so frustrated.  We were shown to the ward in which Kian will be staying for a couple of days.  They want to keep an eye on him on the first go to see if he takes to it.  If he does and everything is ok we can make day trips for his remaining treatment.  
Now i honestly can tell you i got a shock of my life when i reached Kians ward.  Never in my life have i ever seen anything like it.  The ward looked amazing, it didnt even look like a hospital ward.  It looked like a fun place for children with the added bonus of a bed.  They had a kitchen for the parents to store their food and a room for parents to eat and watch telly.  They had a big playroom for the children too.  Kian was excited poor thing 

The one thing that shocked me was the amount of sick children in the ward.  Oh my goodness believe me if you havent experienced any of your children been sick (in which im so happy you havent) you have no idea how many children are sick with cancer etc.  There was a baby there not even 6 months old who had the same as kian but lost 2 eyes, there was a gorgeous (they are all gorgeous) little girl who has had alot of treatment with lukemia and her mum told me it wasnt looking good for her she looked so pretty dancing around and singing she told me she lost all her hair and i told her she was the most beautiful girl god created and that she had the most amazing eyes she replied "ye i know" i couldnt help but smile.  I was in shock!! There was an old boy there playing in the playroom he was just finished his chemo and his mum was bringing him some food he told me what it felt like to get the treatment and that he doesnt like the food he used to eat because it tastes funny.  I was like a sponge taking all of this in as i needed to know everything i needed to know what my boy was to expect.  

Kian's little operation to get "Freddie" in ran smoothly and he soon was been connected for his first round of chemo.  He was given the anti-sickness medicine and they took some blood test in which they will be doing everytime he gets it was they have to keep an eye on his blood count.  I had a feeling i had alot more to learn along the way.  I was fearing this was going to be very hard work he had to sit in the bed for at least 4 to 6 hours straight while the chemo was slowly been pumped into him.  I thought a 2 year old child is not going to sit for that long but he surely did.  I kept him entertained with toys on his bed.  He was such a good little boy sat that whole time while this strong medicine was been pumped into him.  I felt like the proudest mother in the world.  When it was finished he was so so tired.  It took alot out of him he also was sick which was to be expected even with the anti-sickness he was still sick but not as much as he would have been without it.  He took to the medicine without any major effects so we were allowed to go home after a couple of days with warnings.  We were told that kians white blood cell count will go down for a period of time because of the chemo and that needs to be watched he is not to be in contact with anyone who even has the slightest cold or sickness.  He has to wear a mask over his mouth in public for a day or two after as he could literally catch anything.  Everything is to be sanitised and hands need to be sanitised at all times.  if someone is in contact with him they too need to sanitise their hands. 
If he gets sick at all it could be dangerous :O 
Oh the worries started and i could feel myself starting to become crazzzzzzy with over protectiveness.  I scrubbed the house from top to bottom i asked people to take their shoes off before coming into the house i had a hand sanitiser at the back and front door.  I didnt take him out of the house until his white cells were back to normal.  I was afraid his siblings would get sick and pass it to him so i loaded up on vitamins and gave his older sister a pocket hand sanitiser for her school bag.  
It was a little overwhelming at first but once Kian got to the 3rd treatment i started to relax a little and it became more of a routine than a nightmare.  
Kians granddad even got into a habit of bringing him to McDonalds after his treatment and everytime Kian went to the hospital he had to go to McDonalds straight after and you know what still to this day 5 years later everytime Kian goes for his check ups at the hospital he still has to go to McDonalds after lol :) 
To cut this story down Kians treatment was hard work but so so worth it yes he lost weight,  he lost a little hair and yes he was sick after his treatments he was also quite tired for a day or two after but he still acted like a 2 year old child he still played still enjoyed the trips to the hospital and made alot of friends along the way.  He has been the most strongest boy i have ever known and it opened up my eyes alot to life.  Children are amazing they are so so strong and the fact they are so strong they dont sit and "feel sorry for themselves" they just take everything as it comes.  To be honest my son has thought me alot about life and about they way we as adult approaches life.  We are older we think more and if we were half a strong willed as children are we would get through alot more than what we do.  
I know for a fact i have become stronger since going through this with him 
He is amazing even with the fact he is old enough to understand that he will be a little different to his friends aka he has only got one eye he doesnt care he says he is special in which he is!!!!
Its amazing so far he has been in the clear since he got the Chemo and i thank god every day for that as there is always that fear in the back of your mind that it could come back i dont let that get me down its is just a typical worry all mothers will have.  Kian even shrugs of bullys who has been making fun of him and his false eye.  We cant stop that but we cant teach Kian to be strong and to ignore the comments he gets.  To this day he has been called names gets some horrible horrible comments by both kids his own age and of course older children but he still shows his strength he is amazing.  
So that is a small story of how I have coped and have been coping with my sons Cancer.  To be honest alot of it is over but there is the after math too.  Never be afraid to talk about it with people even if it is years later it does have a huge effect in yours, your families, and of course your childs life forever but if you stay strong your family will stay strong and once you support each other and talk to each other you too will pull through this.  i feel so so luck to still have my son in my life and i feel blessed as i know not everyone is as luck as we are i have seen that for myself and its so so sad to think about it.  
I just want to say a massive thank you to the doctors and staff Temple Street hospital and Crumlin Hospital in Dublin they were and are amazing without them and their help i would have been lost they done so much for us and they are amazing amazing people.  We just had to pay back a little to Crumlin where Kian got his treatment as they done so much for him and that is where he spent alot of his time not only that they invited him a year later to a massive Christmas party which was out of this world and i know alot of money went into it so we done a fundraiser and raise over 3,000 euro for them.  Which is only the tiniest amount of what they need for the hospital.  Thanks to all who helped with making that possible too you all know who you are :) 
If you have a childrens hospital around you please please donate to them.  They need money all the time.  Just think if you ever have children thats the first place they go if they get ill and they need all the support they can get for everything.  With that your child would not get the best treatment they can get 
I really hope this post has helped any mother out there who is or has been going through this and please please ask me any questions you have and i will be more than happy to answer.  Even though these 3 posts has alot in them that is only a small amount of what we went through and what we are going through now.  Kian still needs looking after and over his growth spurt will need new false eyes which now will cost alot of money and looking after.  He still needs alot of looking after but he is over the worst :) 
Until next time 
Look after yourselves and no matter how hard your life might seem just think of those poor people out there in the world going through worse experiences than you and be grateful for every minute of your life as every minute is precious.  
One major piece of advice i can give you is dont refuse the support you get from your family and friends or whoever will offer it YOU WILL NEED IT.  Its very easy to refuse it thinking you do not need but but in all honesty YOU DO NEED IT.  I have to say without the support we got from family and friends and of course the medical staff I dont think i would have been as strong as i was for my boy and the rest of my family.  There is nothing wrong with asking for help either and there is nothing wrong with taking the help as we are not robots we are only human at the end of the day 
Thanks so much for reading :) 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Alisha said...

Wow I never knew you and your child went through such an event in your lives. Crumlin Childrens hospital are amazing. My brother's baby, Mary has a heart defect and is a regular in the wards. Because of them she will see her first birthday in November. They try and raise money for them all the time. A great cause.
Glad to hear your little boy is doing so well!

Daydreamer said...

I'm so glad your son is doing well! :D
He's a hero! And I cannot understand how other children tease him. If they only knew, what his been through!
Health and happiness, that's all we need in our lives. Be well and strong. :)

Mateja Mateja said...

You are really brave and an amazing mom! And I'm really glad your son is ok and happy and about the bullys - they always find something in people to be mean to them. Your son has such a story so early in his life and he really can ignore them and be proud of how brave he is and what an amazing supporting family he has!

Love to all of you!

Makeup Over Mind said...

Sending virtual hugs your way. X.

Nina s said...

Thanks for all you sweet messages everyone :) :)
Yes the bullies are unreal but at the end of the day we cant stop bullies saying and doing the things they do but we can teach our children how to handle them and thats whats more important i think

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