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Catrice Prime and Fine Illuminating Base + Highlighting Powder Review

Hey my beauties :) :) I hope you are all well :) 
Today i have a 2 in 1 review for you :) 
I am reviewing Catrice Cosmetic's Newest releases in their Prime and Fine collection.  The reason i call is a collection is because they now have 4 items in the Prime and Fine category.  I now own 3/4 of their products  in which i have already reviewed one of them.  That was the Catrice Prime and Fine Smoothing Refiner Primer .  I was so impressed with the smoothing refiner primer that i didnt even think twice about purchasing these 2 new products :) 
So the first product as you can see by the photo is the Prime and Fine Illuminating Base.  
Catrice states The moisturizing formula provides the perfect base for all kinds of make-up. Light-reflecting pearl shimmer pigments cover-up skin irregularities, pores and fine lines. And make a visible difference. 
The packaging is a simple squeezable black tube with a skinny disposable nozel which i find brilliant as it hygienic and you have alot of control of how much product come out of the tube.   Top marks on that one :) :) 
You are getting 20ml of product for 5.49 euro but price may vary depending on what country you are from 
Ok on this one i have to mention the scent......Its a very unusual is a little cosmetic-y with a tint of sweetness.  I am not really great at describing scents but to be honest its not a scent i would like.  Simple fixture of this is not to put it around my nose area :) :)
The consistancy of this is not thick but not watery either which leave applying so darn easy.   
Ok Ok enough about the whole description and more on the performance.
To be honest I didnt find a great difference with this product.  It gives a tiny tiny bit of a glow especially if you apply it after your foundation but not before!! It soaks into the skin very well but i found no difference in wearing my foundation with or without this on.  I found more of a difference with the Catrice Prime and Fine Refiner Primer which i love and will definitely repurchase.
So over all this is a no no for me Sorry Catrice :O 
Next up is the Prime and Fine Highlighting Powder :)  Sorry about the photo the packaging looks like it had its worst for wear but to be honest it was like this when i picked it up at the shop.  It was the last one left so i just grabbed it besides its only a couple of scratches and i dont mind that.  
As you can see the packaging is basically the same idea as before black plastic square compact with silver writing on it :) 
You ger 11g of prduct for the total of 4.99 euro which is a good price for the amount of product you are getting 
When you look at the product you barely see any shimmer that it says it has what you see is a very pale pinkish shade with teeny tine micro-shimmers.  To touch the powder feels silky and smooth :) 
This is an amazing highlight for everyday wear the pinkish tone does not even show up on the face what you do get is a lovely goldish glow.  In the sunlight this looks amazing.  You can also be reassured that you will not over do it with this powder as its very light to apply.  
Depending on how much of a glow you desire you can build it up to whatever strength you like.  
I think this is the lighest highlighter i do have so i am happy to have this in my collection for everyday wear but if you are looking for a good strong highlight effect from this product i think you would be wasting your money.  
I love this and will repurchase for everyday wear in the future 

Well that is my review for today.  Have you tried with one of these yet? 
Whats your views on them 
Until next time Take care 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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I love the prime and fine range

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