Sunday, 23 October 2011

A Special Shout out to Dyna :)

Hey you guys i wanna give a special shout out to My good friend Dyna :) Im sure alot of you know her as she is quite popular with her blog and facebook page :) :) 
Dyna is a beautiful woman inside and out....she does fantastic reviews on her blog and always answers any questions you may have.  She is a fun loving carefree person and her love for beauty is incredible i would love if you guys would take a visit to her pages and add her not only for her writings but as a friend too 

I feel privileged to know her and feel she deserves this shout out :) :) 

Visit her blog:
Her Facebook Page:

Hope you enjoy her pages as much as i do 


Dyna said...

OMG you're so so sweet you so didn't have to do this hun :D :D xxx I'm speechless hun.. you're just amazing. You know how much I love your blog and your reviews so this is just amazing. And you're so sweet hun, you're always there for me. Honestly, the priviledge is all mine. xxxxx

Ashley Tiernan said...

Wow Nina that is so kind of you to do and I agree Dyna is a great person and has a great blog!!! :)

Nina said...

Dyna there is absolutely no need to thank me i find you blog so helpful and interesting everyday and you of course should be given a wee deserved shout out hun :)

yes Ashley she is amazing and such a lovely person to talk to........

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