Monday, 31 October 2011

MAC Glitter & Ice Holiday 2011 Makeup Collection Sneak Peek

Take a look at MAC's New Limited Edition Glitter & Ice Holiday Collection for 2011..........Was Released since 27th October.......I want it all :) :) 
Glitter and Ice Mineralize Eye Shadow
Frozen Blue, Snow Season, Hold That Pose, Winterized, Fresh Ice & Shimmermint

Fresh as ice, shimmering coolly, this winterscape of six exceptionally chilled-out shades. High impact solos to dramatic frost-on-frost duets, 
when it comes to party-style and performance, all score. 
Limited edition.
Glitter and Ice Technakohl Liner
Fancy Moves, Practice Makes Perfect, Silver Skates, Seasonally Spicy, Going for Gold, Smooth Manoeuvre

With this winning streak of high-style colour, 
glamour leaps ahead! Six dramatic go-for-gold shades including new ultra-cool silver. 
Line or blend. Glitter & Ice's dashing white and silver packaging makes this an absolute prize! Limited edition.
Glitter and Ice Paint Pot
For Effect, Morning Frost, Let’s Skate!

Paint Pots take to the ice! Soft colours glide. Frost sparkles. 
Winterized shades add to the mood. With its creamy application and smooth, melt-free shine, 
an ultra-modern display is promised. The glossy white cap - a fabulous twist! Limited edition.

7 Lash

Natural length. Everyday glamorous. M·A·C Lashes are handmade to exact specifications.
 Each pattern and design is perfectly shaped and arranged to give a striking effect, whether the look is natural or dramatic. 
Available in a variety of shapes and densities. If properly cared for, lashes can be reshaped or adorned if desired.

Glitter and Ice Lipsticks
Such Flare, What a Joy!, Whirls & Twirls; Double Spin, Eloquent Air, Sift Sable
Poised, ready, waiting - six championship shades. Haute matte red to shimmering silver. Double loops all round! Lips have never seen such a performance! 
All take their bow in the dazzling packaging of this limited edition collection

Glitter and Ice DazzleGlass
She Zam, Pleasure Principle, Dressed to Dazzle, Glitter & Ice, Love Alert, Spanking Rich
Outshining the competition in multi-shades of bedazzle-me pearl, 
this glamorous six are spectacular, colourful and daring! 
The silver packaging and white cap only adds to the excitement! Limited edition.

Glitter and Ice Nail Lacquer 
Get Noticed!, Unconditionally Fabulous, Festive Finery
Your festive finery is not complete without these! Three limited-edition shades that invite you to get noticed! 
Bright red to a deep grey violet, and a sparkling white Unconditionally Fabulous frost!
Look for them in their Glitter & Ice white cap!
Glitter and Ice Beauty Powder 
How Beautiful, Snow Globe
Cool and frosted. Soft and shimmering. The Glitter & Ice spirit of the season in an ultra-luxurious pressed powder. 
Graceful as all Beauty Powders should be. 
The inspiration behind the silver-domed glossy white compact - a snowglobe!
Get Noticed!, Unconditionally Fabulous, Festive Finery

Ice Parade: Snowglobe Eyeshadow Palettes  
Cool eyeshadow Palette 
Shake it up! Cool reigns. Frost and smoke, grey and blue, mingle in this sextet of six high contrast shades. 
Their stunning showcase: our silver-domed snowglobe compact with white mini brush. Limited edition.
Sultry eyeshadow Palette
Our snowglobe-inspired eye compact of 6 Eye Shadows is choreographed for drama! Smoky blacks and two sultry plums score points. 
Plus, 2 fabulous highlights to add that glamour pop! Limited edition.
Warm Eyeshadow Palette 
Time to dress-up, go glam! Gaelic Gold lights the way followed by a warm & wonderful flurry of taupes, browns and a shimmering patina of frost. Six shades to shake up your look! 
That glittering snowglobe compact? Flaunt it! Limited edition.

Now Girls i dont and probably wont own this collection but i am fascinated with this beautiful looking Limited edition......Isnt it fantastic :)   I thought i would share with you some of the Limited Edition Collection MAC has just Launched.......I actually heard about this from a YouTuber who has this collection and has reviewed it i will put his video below so you can see it and see the swatches of some of these beauties :) 

Hope you enjoy:

Until Next time 
Lots of Irish Hugs and Kisses 
Nina Carry 

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