Sunday, 16 October 2011

e.l.f Healthy Glow Bronzing Powders Review

e.l.f says:  Achieve a sun-kissed complexion year round! The silky smooth, fine powder formula blends evenly and easily onto the skin for a lightweight feel. Use all over the body for a touch of sheer radiance. Perfect to buff onto the face, arms, shoulders, legs and décolleté for a gorgeous natural glow. 
Hey everyone today i am reviewing the Healthy Glow Bronzing Powders in "Luminance and Warm Tan" by e.l.f.  There are 4 different bronzes from the essential line for £1.50/$1/€1.70 and i decided for my skin tone that maybe these two would be best suited for me.  They are available on both sites and  So i will go ahead and review them shall i :) :) 
Starting with the Packaging First for both of them and then i will talk about them separately.  
The Packaging 
Ok the Packaging isnt what you call flattering.  I like the clear plastic type packaging but the fact it scrapes quite easily isnt going down to well i have only had this for about 2 months and it already looks like i have had it forever as its well battered.  Aswell as that when you turn it over you can see the pan stuck with a blob of glue ......So cheap looking aint even the word but hey we did pay cheap for these so what do you expect.....Of course packaging does help but at the end of the day its mostly to do with the product in my eyes and you can always depot these and put them into you own palette if you really wanted to go that far........
The Product 
Firstly i will start with "Luminance" :
I was pleasantly surprised with this one :) I did hear good reviews about it but of coarse you have to be a bit sceptic as it is from the cheaper range.  So when i received this i couldnt wait to try it out and from then on i cant resist using this almost everyday.
This is a creamy pinkish shade with golden shimmer.  
This is definitely in no way a bronzer even if you have the lightest skin tone.  This in fact is a beautiful highlighter and when i say beautiful i mean beautiful.........
i can bet my cotton socks that this is suitable for every skintone.....I mean i was amazed by this product.  There is plenty of pigmentation in this enough to do every skin tone but dont worry its not overly pigmented to make you look like you jumped into a pool of shimmer ..........It lasts all day on me and thats what even more shocking because of the price of it i was expecting to have this in my bag at all times but girls its actually ok you can leave this baby at home after you use it as you wont need topping up...............This doesnt have chunkys of glitter or anything its very finely milled with a satin finish...............I use this on my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose, under my brow, my collar bones and even down the front of my legs hehe yes it works i promise............The down side to this is that it is a bit on the powdery side so do please be careful girlies as it can get a bit messy if you use a heavy hand......use it lightly and carefully.  
This is one of my favourite products from the essential line.  It totally brightens up my face and gives me such a beautiful healthy bright look im constantly glowing with this on i love love love it.  
"Warm Tan"
Now for "Warm Tan":
This is the second darkest on the site actually a little on the dark side for me i would really only use this on nights out........if you are fair skinned maybe go for the sun-kissed one as that is lighter and more of an everyday bronze.......putting that aside though......This is a lovely golden bronze with plenty of gold shimmer.....Again this shimmer is finely milled and the powder is smooth and silky to touch..........This is extremely pigmented its actually more pigmented than my Isadora Bronze that i also use on nights out and i paid 4 times more for that........
Picture taken in sunlight
This is quite powdery too and you can over do it alot be extra careful......this is in no way shock proof as i had this in my bag and let my bag fall lightly on the ground when i reached for the bronze it was all over the place..........There is another way i use this and its as an eye-shadow its fantastic for that.......I do like this bronze as when applied it gives you such a beautiful summer glow look and you wouldn't need to use a highlight with this as the gold shimmer give you that highlight effect.........
"Luminance & Warm Tan" in Normal Light 
"Luminance & Warm Tan" in sunlight 
"Luminance & Warm Tan" with Flash of camera 
My overall opinion 
I don't in anyway regret buying these two products.  I'm actually quite surprised by them to be honest.  For £1.50 each they are well worth having in you collection.  Maybe the only regret is that my choice of "warm Tan" for an everyday bronze was a mistake because its too dark for me but its not wasted as i do wear this on nights out or as an eye shadow but i would not purchase it again after im done with it......"Luminance" is definitely worth having in your collection and is suitable for every skin tone.  The healthy glow you get from these is incredible and the lasting power is great for a cheap product.  

So i hope this was helpful to you all 
have you got these what do you think of them
Until next time 
Take Care 
Love Nina C 


sophieSfrancis said...

I don't have any of these but once again nina you have made me want em :) xx

C A Smith said...

I LOVE that you have so many ELF reviews. I am a huge ELF fan and I've definitely just added these items to my cart for my next order!!

Nina said...

awwwww im glad to help girls i love e.l.f myself and when i have the products i will most definitely review them :) :) to save you the trouble of getting the wrong shade etc :) its horrible wasting money on makeup that doesnt suit thats why i do this to help you all

PinkyLorren said...

Ohhh i want to try these too! xx

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