Monday, 10 October 2011

My Catrice Favourites :) :)

Hey Everyone today I am sharing with you some of my Favourite Catrice Makeup.   Some of you haven't had the experience of Catrice and i know some of you havent heard about Catrice Cosmetics so I will tell you a little about them.  
CATRICE is inspiration – stylish, vibrant, sensual, glamorous and always professional.

Life in all its colors and many exciting facets. Can you ever get enough? We certainly can’t!
The joy behind a perfect beauty appearance is the passion of the CATRICE experts. No trend, no must-have and no detail can escape our attention.
And we transform them into fashionable make-up collections. We set the pace at full speed as it is fun to constantly develop colors and looks that interpret the latest trends. This results in 12 convincing CATRICE Trend Editions per year. And naturally, the entire range is revised 2 x per year to complement the latest catwalk looks.
But can we really have all that we want? Yes, because CATRICE makes shopping fun. Everything that pleases is allowed. That’s what CATRICE is all about.  By Catrice :) 
The Team of Catrice 
CATRICE invited the four internationally renowned make-up artists Loni Baur, Nadine Bauer, Serena Goldenbaum and Claudia Perschmann to a beauty workshop.
Loni Baur mainly works in New York and is known for her versatility and her keen sense of colors, textures and details.
Nadine Bauer has regular bookings for fashion shows and events and also appears as a beauty expert on various TV channels.
Serena Goldenbaum works as an international hair stylist / make-up artist with homes in London, Madrid, Miami, New York and Hamburg.
Claudia Perschmann is well-known around the world and has worked together with renowned photographers on various large-scale fashion and beauty campaigns.
The result: lots of expert tips that show how easy it is to create a perfect make-up look when you have the right guidelines.
Catrice Cosmetics Does not test on Animals !!!!!!!!!!
So on with some of my Favourites :) 
"Sweet for my Sweets"

"I Sea You"

"Dance like a Prima Ballerina"

"Purple Silk" 

"Marilyn & Me"

"Scottish Red"

"After Eight"

LoL i could put up alot more but the page would go on forever......These products are so so cheap unfortunately they are not available in every country yet but im sure that they will soon as they sell so so well.....They are available in Ireland , Germany, Austria, Sweden and Switzerland but no where else yet......I have emailed Catrice and they have said there is discussion about expanding to other countries.......
I hope you enjoyed this everyone have a look at my videos part one and two of my Recommendations :) :) 

Until Next Time 
Lots of Irish Hugs and Kisses 
Love Nina Carry 


Emma said...

I want to try Catrice so much! I emailed asking if they planned on selling in the UK and they ignored me lol! x

Dyna said...

OMG that bronzer. To die for!!!! I love these kind of posts :D I think these are becoming available in Malta so I'm very excited about that xD

Nina said...

@emma hun they dont ignore hun they do take their time to get back to you tho which is so annoying they did write back to me eventually and told me they are hoping to expand :)

@Dyna hun you will have a ball with Catrice when you get you hands on it i promise you lol

Loevens said...

Dear Nina you have won a little something something. Please go to my blog to see what you won.

Loevens said...

Hey Nina I still need your contact info in order to send you your giveaway prize. Please contact me. You can contact me by mail or you can write me your email in a comment on my blog.

LadyZet & Nikavero said...

Catrice is for sure also available in Slovakia, Czech Republic and much more countries!

Nina said...

Really hun??? Thats excellent so its definitely expanding to other countries :) i wasn't 100% on how many countries it was not available in as i've emailed Catrice a few times and they never replied so i just done the research myself :)

Artemi said...

what an amazing post!!
thank you so much for your effort,really appreciated!

Nina said...

always a pleasure :) :)

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