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e.l.f Studio Shimmering Palette Review

e.l.f says: The weightless and creamy shimmers instantly illuminate the eyes, lips, and face. Gives skin a healthy and natural glow. Mix and match colors to create your unique look.
To begin with i have to say since i started buying the Studio line products from e.l.f i have been super impressed with everything that i got from this line........thats why i had no problem trying anything at all from this line.....So when it came to getting this Shimmering Palette i was super excited to try it out.......This is available at and retailing at £3.50/$3/€4 each.......i got this on one of the 50% sales which was even better........Now to be honest i was kind of thinking that this palette was going to give the same pay off as the e.l.f Shimmering Facial Whips  that you can buy from the essential line for £1.50 each but i didnt want to presume and i think curiousity got the better of me on with the review then :) 
The Packaging & Product 

Well the packaging isnt much different to any of the other studio line products......You are getting a fairly sturdy black palette something like the Nars packaging only e.l.f has a little window on the front of it that allows you to see the  what the product is ....I love that......Inside the packaging you are getting a little mirror which is handy for travelling and a small applicator brush which looks like a mini concealer brush too is quite handy .............

You are getting 4 different shimmery creams......They are all different shades in the package........1.  Is a Pearl white  2.  Is a Peachy toned  3.  Is a Bronze gold & 4. Is a Beautiful pink 
These shades look so great in the palette.  They look beautiful, bright and shimmery.  I first thought wow this is exciting but when i swatched these on my hand they basically looked the the shades didnt seem like the shades in the palette they all looked like the pearl white one.  Even though the pearl white is probably the one that stands out more 
These are heavy swatches of the 4 shades with flash  
in normal light 
These shades are so so creamy and so easy to blend.......i use my fingers to apply as its my own product.....i use the 2nd and forth one for the tops of my cheekbones....the pearl white one for the inner corner of my eyes, my browbone and a little on my cupids can even use these down the bridge of your nose....They give such a beautiful highlight to your face i love them........They are just so easy to work with.  A little of these goes a long long way.  Some people say that these can be used as an eyeshadow base i really dont know how as they crease so bad on the lid ( yes i did try it out lol).
The best thing about these is that even though its called shimmering palette there really isnt alot of shimmer in them when blended which is good they just gives a beautiful even glow where ever you place them.  i find these last a good 4 to 5 hours before they start fading which is quite good for the price of the product.......I even find i like this palette a little more than the Shimmery Facial Whips from the essential line even tho they kind of do the same thing its maybe because the palette is alot more handier and the consistency is a little more creamier.  

In all i think this is a brilliant palette in which i will be buying on a regular basis 
Thats it from me everyone 
i hope this was helpful to you all thanks so much for taking your time to read my review and dont forget to follow :) :) 
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lovexxxbeauty said...

I wasn't sure whether to buy this or not but after reading this, I'll definitely be buying it when I place my next ELF order. Thanks for the review! x

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