Wednesday, 5 October 2011

e.l.f 100pc Eyeshadow Collection Review and Swatches

e.l.f says:  All-you’ll-ever-need professional eyeshadow assortments. Create a dark and smoky eye, a fresh and bright aura, or a totally fun and funky look with endless color options and textures to select from..

100pc Collection includes:
  • 100 Eyeshadow colors
  • Mirror
  • 2 Double sided eyeshadow applicators for easy on the go touch-ups.

This Palette is available on for £15/$10/€17 each......I was super excited to get this as i got all of the 32 piece eyeshadow palettes and was quite happy with them......The idea of having a 100 piece palette was exciting as you have alot of different shades altogether......I have this reviewed on my Video in which i will post below so on with the pictures and swatches for you :) :) 

Row 1 and 2 with primer underneath 
Row 3 and 4 with Primer underneath 
Row 5 and 6 with Primer underneath 
Rows 7 and 8 with Primer underneath
Row 9 and 10 with Primer underneath 
My Video Review 

I hope this was helpful girlies 
until next time 


sophieSfrancis said...

Fantastic review nina, like i said in the youtube video, I like the look of this palette but i think, since i have so many it isnt worth it that much especially since the blacks are not that pigmented, i really wanted the 'highlight' shades and the 'dark' shades to be VERY pigmented, but oh well....Thanks hun xxx

Nina said...

no problem hun as i said this is just my own opinion :)

pinkiglam said...

OMG I want this


Nina said...

you would like it did you see my video review

Imah Ayub ♥ said...

I wish ELF is cheap here in Brunei, it has a higher mark-up of B$110+ which is almost like £55? :(

Nina said...

@imah thats really expensive i wonder why that is you would nearly get it cheaper on ebay hunny

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