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e.l.f Beauty Encyclopedia Sparkle Eye & Everyday Eye Editions Review

e.l.f says:  This is the perfect gift for yourself or for a friend. Add this trendy Little Black Book of Beauty as a reference guide to your collection.

Everyday Eye, Sparkle Eye and Basic Eye editions contain:
12 pressed powder eyeshadows
2 cream eyeshadows
1 eyeliner (Everyday Eye and Basic Eye come with  'Black' / Sparkle Eye comes with 'Coffee')
1 eyeshadow brush
Hey everyone today i am going review 2 of e.l.fs Beauty Encyclopedia's
 1.  The Sparkle Eye Edition 
 2. The Everyday Eye Edition  
I got these from they both cost £6/$6/€7 each........they dont seem to be available on the US site anymore they only have the new beauty books there.......Maybe they will get them back in i dont know.........I will start off my talking about the packaging of both then i will talk about each one seperate :) They both have more or less the same outcome but different shades of eyeshadows etc. 
The Packaging 
The first thing i noticed about these two is the book look .....I love the idea of that :) its cute and easy for storage.  My first ever Encyclopedia was the Lip Edition which i love and i loved it that much i gave another away as a prize on one of my giveaways.  These two were next to my collection.......
My First impression of these was that its a great idea for people who are starting up with makeup.  It says it has a step by step guide to the perfect eye makeup.......when you open it up on the left is the step by step guide to how to create a perfect eye look, to be honest i never followed it but for people who are literally only starting up its very handy.......To the right you will see 12 eyeshadows placed out in front of you plus 2 eyeshadows creams and eyeliner pencil and a brush with a plastic sheet cover to protect the lot.  I like the Plastic Covering as to me that keeps the products hygienic and saves them from dust etc.  

The Sparkle Eye Edition 
Obviously all of these eyeshadows are Sparkly :) You are getting 12 colours 
1st Row:
White:  This has a whole lotta glitter if anything it has more glitter than eyeshadow......its a no no for me to be honest oh it is white but it took me ages just to get a good swatch for my picture...... this has alot of fallout 
Medium bronzy brown:  This is a pretty shade but you definitely need a primer underneath or it wears away after a couple of hours can go everywhere so beware 
A Lilac/pink:  This is a lovely baby pink with a lilac undertone to it.......This is nicely pigmented and wasy to blend ..... make sure to apply a translucent powder underneath before applying so you can brush away any fallout 
Dark Bronze:  This has Gold shimmer to it so so pretty......This is a great shade and blends very well highly pigmented  again has a bit of fallout 
2nd Row:
Light beige:  This is very glittery also perfect for a highlight shade or to use as a base 
Deep Mossy Green:  I like this shade....its not exactly brilliant to work with but its better than some of the shades beautiful 
Sky Blue:  This is also hard to blend make sure to use a primer very pretty all the same 
Dark Brown:  This is less shimmery i like it.......It blends well just a little shimmer to it so can be worn everyday :) :) 
3rd Row:
Light Silver:  This is a fairly light pigmented shade a simple silver shade perfect for the inner corners of your eyes :) 
A Medium toned purple:  A nice shade nicely pigmented easy to blend :) 
A lovely burnt out red:  This is a fantastic colour perfect for Autumn i love it 
A Glittery Black:  Yes its black!!!!Its not very often you get a proper black in a palette well from e.l.f anyways i love this for a nice shimmery smokey eye look :) 

The Cream eyeshadows 
These cream eyeshadows remind me more the the Shimmering Facial Whips in a way only thicker......I wouldnt really be too pushed about using these as an eyeshadow base to be honest as they do crease but they do work well for a highlighter on the cheekbones, under the brow, inner corner of the eye etc.  You are getting a pearl white and a pinkish cream eyeshadow.  

The eyeliner is in coffee and is a wee bit hard to use.......its not too smooth so anyone with sensitive eyes will find this no good....

The brush is a double sided brush one side is a sponge tipped brush the other is like a small eyeshadow brush its not bad especially if you are travelling........
The Swatches 
The eyeshadows in normal light with no primer underneath 
The eyeshadows in sunlight with no primer
The Cream eyeshadows 
The Eyeliner in "Coffee"

The Everyday Eye Edition 
I know this isnt available anymore to either website but its the exact same palette to the Beauty Book Smokey Eye Edition.  The only difference is the Cream eyeshadows are missing in the current this is why i am going to go ahead and review it anyway as its the same eyeshadows :) :) 
So the Packaging is the same as the the above no difference at all.  So i will go ahead with the product :) 

The Eyeshadows
1st Row:
White:  This is a matte white eyeshadow.....Highly pigmented and very creamy like so easy to blend a little goes a long long way :) 
Dark Silver:  wow this is amazingly pigmented and has silver glitter in it.  A little of this goes a long long way.  
Dark Black:  Yet another palette with a pure black eyeshadow in it again this one has silver shimmer to it.......very pigmented and perfect for a smokey eye look 
Light Silver:  This too has a bit of shimmer to it.......very highly pigmented easy to blend and quite creamy 
The above 4 remind me alot of the Eyeshadow Quad "Drama" you get for £1.50 in the essential line only these are alot more pigmented and you get alot more in each colour
2nd Row: 
Shimmery White:  This is exactly like the white in the "Sparkle Eye Edition" its very shimmery and not very pigmented quite powdery too but i dont mind that as one white is more than enough in one palette....
Khaki Green:  This has very little shimmer to it very pigmented and blends very well 
Brown/cream:  This shade is almost non existent as to pigmentation its extremely light but can work for a near skin tone shadow and perfect for blending out harsh lines over the crease only think is there is a slight bit of shimmer to it 
Brown:  This shade is highly pigmented and has some shimmer to it....Easy to blend and even nice on its own 
3rd Row:
Champagne:  This is definitely a skin tone shade for has the tiniest amount of shimmer nothing too noticeable Perfect for blending out harsh lines or on the lid for a "No makeup" day :) 
Beige:  This shade is also a "no makeup" shade again with the tiniest amount of shimmer nearly non existent
Dark Brown:  This has a little gold shimmer....I love this shade :) very pigmented 
Bronzy Brown:   This has a gold shimmer to it also and very pigmented very easy to work with very blendable 

The Cream eyeshadows
These are both the same as the other edition they crease quite are getting a light brown and a darker brown with pinkish undertones......I have tried everything to make these cream eyeshadows work but they just kept creasing still they are good for a highlight so no wasting here :) 
They eyeliner you are getting is in "Black" again not the best but alright if you have no other eyeliner on you :) the brush is the same.  

The Swatches 
Swatches made with no primer

The Cream Eyeshadows 

The Eyeliner in Black 

My overall opinion
I think that these Beauty Encyclopedia eye editions are great especially for anyone starting up with makeup......They are a perfect Xmas Gift.  The eyeshadows are in all really good only be careful as they do have some fallout.  Some of them are creamy to touch and then some of the are quite powdery......The cream eyeshadows are disappointing in these as i said above i tried everything to make them work but no luck.....I do use the two in the "Sparkle eye" edition as highlights they work great for that.....These are also perfect for night time looks more than everyday because of the shimmer and glitter.  in all they are well worth the money as you are getting a generous amount of shadows.  These are so handy to store this is what i love mostly about them and the fact they dont take up alot of room.  I would definately rate these about 7/10 so go ahead and give them a try........

So i hope this was helpful to you all 
If you have any questions just comment below 
Until next time 
Lots of Irish hugs and kisses 
Love Nina Carry 


Ida Pie said...

I use elf eye primer then a thin layer of the cream eyeshadow. Then I apply the shadows. I have not experienced any creasing and the shadows stays put for 12h+

Nina said...

Hey Ida thats pretty good hun maybe its because i plus alot of other people experience oily lids more oily than some people its great that it works or you i bet it looks amazing on your eyes :)

Jo said...

Elf Everyday Eye Edition/Beauty Book Smokey Eye Edition:

1st row = Elf Drama quad.

2nd row = Elf Nouveau Neutrals quad.

3rd row = Elf Butternut quad.

It's the same colors. :)

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