Sunday, 23 October 2011

**Catrice, Smashbox & More Giveaway** CLOSED

1st Price :) is a bunch of  Catrice Cosmetics :) 

2nd Prize is a mixture of Cosmetics including Smashbox products 

The Rules:
1.  You have to be a Subscriber of my YouTube channel and also like and favourite my Giveaway video 
2.  You must be a follower of my Blog & Facebook Review page which is
3.  You must only enter on this page with a comment telling me "What is your utmost favourite, cant live without Beauty Product" 
3.  You must have Parents/Guardians permission if under 18 years old
For extra points 
1.  You must go to Lynch's Pharmacys Page and click like and comment on their page "Nina sent me" 
2.  You must go to Brands Direct Page and click like and comment on their page "Nina Sent me" 

Please don't enter anywhere else only on this page as i will be choosing my winners from this page only........Please state below if you have done all of the above including the extras and don't worry i will be checking hehehehehe. 

Can i say a huge thanks to Lynch's Pharmacy for Supplying the 1st prize 
and thank you to Brands direct for supplying the Smashbox primer in the 2nd prize 

Good luck everyone and this competition will end the 23rd of November at midnight
Open Internationally :) 



Shona x said...

I cant live without my elf eyelid primer great for eyeshadow and concealer!! thank you for an amazing giveaway nina#1! x

Shona x said...

I did all the extra entries as well!

sophieSfrancis said...

Hey hun, fantastic giveaway I am soooo excited :) my fave cant live without beauty item has got to be my comb lol! its not a typical item that everyone would pick..but without my hair comb/brush i would go crazy...i wouldnt be able to part my hair or comb it out and i will just have horrible crazy hair that looks TERRIBLE lol!!! so yeah..oh and i've done everything stated in the competition rules xxxxx

elslimmingjones12 said...

I currently can't live without my BB cream, it does everything and more I could wish for. It's so quick easy to apply when i'm running late for work :) x

Charlotte Carter said...

i cnt live without my bio oil as it makes my skin sooo smooth xx

Charlotte Carter said...

i did all the other extras,hun,im soooo excited for this giveaway xx

MythicalKinkii said...

i cant live without mascara! any type, i just love mascara!<3 thankyou for this giveaway!

Joanna Louise said...

I done everything, including extras!!

The one beauty product i can't live without is my L'oreal Volume Million Lashes! It makes me lashes look amazingly long and thick!<3

PinkyLorren said...

Hey chick!
I been sitting here thinking hmmmm what is my fave beauty product i have a few lol! So my fave product that i use daily is Palmers Lip butter and i have it in dark chocolate and peppermint. I lovveee this stuff it makes your lips soo soft and it smells amazing and gives your lips a subtle gloss! Defo reccomend it. Oh and i did all the extras! Good luck everyone this giveawys a biggie! Loves it!

tizzy_bb said...

Hey Nina, thanks a lot! :)
Enter me, of course, I did all the things requested (I "liked" the pharmacy and Brands Direct before though, but said you sent me because you actually did).

I don't think there's a cosmetic product I couldn't live without but the most important thing is to have a mascara because you can't finish your look without it and even if you don't wear any other eye makeup it really frames the eyes and makes a difference. The one that I stick to for over the last few years is Max Factor 2000 Calorie, I also try different ones but it really works best for me.
Good luck everyone!

tizzy_bb said...
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vivienne marry said...

nina love this giveaway :) well done chick ... cant live without browzings by benefit cosmetics .. its all bout defined brow at mo i feel naked with ou it .. its a wax and shawdow duo in 3 shades of bro ... it is effective and yet natural its works wonders its 33euro and lasts a year :) loving it .... btw ur makeup is fab in video :) xxx

Kerri_Jane said...

I cant live without my mascara especially avons superrshock mascara. I have no idea what i will do if they discontinue it! Thankyou so much for the extra special giveaway its amazing. Ive done everything including the extras xx good luck everyone xx

Anonymous said...

1)I can't live without mascara, and I did all for entries..
YT nick: funmakeupful..

vicky magee said...

Ive done all the extra entries :)

i cant live without my st ives face scrub! :)


debie said...

Hi Nina, my most used and fav product is my elf powder brush, it makes my face look flawless and is so cheap. Iv allready liked them pages for you since seeing you link them on fb but iv also wrote on them now too...your give-aways are amazing! So much stuff and plus we can't get them here in uk good luck every one!x

Nina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
- Kristin said...

Hi Nina. Great giveaway! I´ve done all that you asked, although I thought I already subscribed to your channel, was a bit surprised.. :)

I really cannot live without some kind of eyebrowfiller. I have very light eyebrows and even if I color them, I need to fill them in to feel at my best. At the moment I adore ELF´s eyebrowkit in medium!

Have a nice day. :)

Ashley Tiernan said...

Nina great giveaway!
I can't live without my photoready foundation.
GFC: Ashley Tiernan
Facebook name: Ashley Tiernan
Youtube name: tiernanashley
I did everything :)

icebeautike said...
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icebeautike said...

My favourite product is Olaz Regenerist Sierum. It's the only product that doesnt make me break out so far. It's not perfect but at the moment it works for me.
My youtube account is icebeautike.
My facebook account: Jelena Bahajeva
Done everything possible to enter your great giveaway!
Thank you so much for the possibility!

tizzy_bb said...

In addition to what I already wrote: :)
My YouTube nickname is tizzy888 and my Faceboook name Ž. Barbarić.

Olga said...

I can't live without my Collection 2000 concealer!
GFC: Olga
Youtube: vintagejewel7
FB: Olga Petsi

olgaliki77 at gmail dot com


elslimmingjones12 said...

Hey lovely, my youtube name is elaine12jones - everyone check it out and subscribe. I'll be doing my own give away soon :)

I also have my own weight loss blog


rAiNiEpUn007 said...

Hello, Thanks for the GREAT giveaway!
Youtube: rAiNiEpUn007
Twitter: rAiNiEpUn007
Facebook: Rainie Pun

My most favourite product is the 'Maybelline Mascara Falsies'! It is the best mascara I have ever bought! It makes my eye-lashes appear longer than it actually is and when I am in a hurry I quickly put the mascara on and nothing else and I am ready to go to school.
Also, I followed all the extras! :D
I liked both of the Lynch's Pharmacys Page and Brands Direct Page and commented on both of them that "Nina Sent me". :)
*fingers crossed* Hope I win! ^^

Anonymous said...

My favourite beauty product is definitely concealer for my under eye circles!
Youtube: miska49412
Facebook: Míša Sadílková

Love flawless makeup said...

I'm glad you said that i still have time to enter :D
what i cant live without is my urban decay instead moisturizer :D whenever i'm feeling down or ill or if i'm on the go in a rush just a few drops can make your skin feel amazing :)
PS I've done all the steps and the extras :D good luck to everyone and wish me luck :D xxx

Kris Beauty said...

Thank you for this giveaway!

I am Subscriber of your YouTube channel and I also liked and favourited your Giveaway video (KrisBeautyTag)

I am a follower of your Blog (Kris Beauty) and I am a follower of your Facebook Review page (Kris BeautyTag)

My utmost favourite, can't live without Beauty Product : Urban Decay primer

I like Lynch's Pharmacys Page on Facebook and commented on their page (Kris BeautyTag):

I like Brands Direct Page on Facebook and commented on their page (Kris BeautyTag):

Email :

tishka said...

youtube: TikiBrate
gfc: tishka (fb: Tijana Tiki Tešija)

my absolutely favorite beauty product is moisturiser, Afrodita AcneStop gel cream.

- Kristin said...

Hi Nina. Great giveaway! I´ve done all that you asked, although I thought I already subscribed to your channel, was a bit surprised.. :)

I really cannot live without some kind of eyebrowfiller. I have very light eyebrows and even if I color them, I need to fill them in to feel at my best. At the moment I adore ELF´s eyebrowkit in medium!

Have a nice day. :)

Youtube: Serendipity771210
FB: Kristin Vestergård
kristin.vestergard (at)

Lu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emzee said...

Done everything! :)
Facebook- Emer Brennan
Gfc- Emzee
Youtube- Brennan2k11
I couldn't live without my concealer for my dark circles and also Mascara because I feel so bare leaving the house without it :o

Mary said...

my favourite beauty item I can't live without would probably be my either my day to night mascara, it makes my lashes look so beautiful, I barely ever wear falsies anymore! or my sleek make up palette in au naturel. The colours really do make my eyes look stunning!

Jany said...

I can't live without ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pen:)

iMANII said...

I cant live without my ELF Complextion Perfection! As i have oily skin it helps mattify my face and evens out my skin tone :)

this is an amazing giveaway! good luck to everyone! i completed all the rules :)

Youtube account:


Carynxox said...


I can't live without my mascara, it enhances the long lashes I'm lucky to have! My favourite for a full on lash look is Rimmel Glam'Eyes Day 2 Night and my favourite for a more natural lash look is E.L.F. Mineral Infused Mascara.

FB: Caryn Preedy
YouTube: carynxox

Carynxox said...

I've entered on all and done the extras! :) x

Jelena said...

My absolutely favorite beauty product is KIKO full coverage concealer.

Youtube: jelena127
Facebook: Jelena Berneš

giusyp87 said...

Hi!! Please enter me!
GFC: giusyp87
YT: giusyp87
FB: Giusy Patanè
My favourite beauty product is Urban Decay Primer Potion, I can't live without it!!
My e-mail is: giusyp87 (@) hotmail (.) it
Thank you so much!!

Sweet As Honey Blog said...

Great giveaway!

My can't like without product is mascara. I'm not picky about the brand, but I have to have mascara.

GFC: Sweet As Honey Blog
FB Name: Sweet As Honey Blog
YouTube: dhperloff

I also did the extra entries. I "liked" their FB page under Sweet As Honey Blog.

Artemi said...

What an awesome giveaway!
Thank you so much for the opportunity!!
I'm dying to try some Catrice products!!

My can't live without product has to be blush..I look dead without it!

GFC: artemi
FB Name: Άρτεμη Ν.
YouTube: BeautyWithArtemi

Much love,

Anni said...

Frickin' awesome giveaway.
I'm following you here, FB and Youtube. Also liked and faved your vid. Did the extra points.

FB: Annika Mets
Youtube: BillaBongYeahh

Sooo.. I can't live without mascara. I just can't, I look like a dead person without it. hehe :D

Greetings from Estonia. :)

Anna said...

I absolutely love my mascara,Maxfactor false lash effect and i cant imagine living without it :)

I've entered on all and done the extras too :)

HairAndBeauty said...

I've done everything, even the extras :D And I have my Mum's permission!:) my youtube name is Br0kenbeautyx. My utmost favourite, cant live without beauty product is the E.L.F powder brush! This is because it's so dense, can apply anything and it looks professional and works professionally and I love the flat top! Thanykou for reading:)<3

Maria said...

Hi Nina, my favorite piece of makeup is my little notebook because I always have to carry it in my bag even if i dont use it, its my little silent pet :)
I follow you through youtube, facebook and here obviously through your blog.
Please keep up reviewing products as you are doing a very good job. Take care dear xoxox

Stéphanie Morin said...

I really cant live with my Makeup forever concealer palette! Mother of two young little boy's it's a must have! Lollll

Thx for this great giveaway Nina :)

Stephanie Morin

AnnMarie Chetcuti said...

What I cannot live without has to be my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. It does not budge, it gives me an airbrushed finish, what's not to love?!

ihaveablog said...

i cant live without batiste dry shampoo as i have really oily hair and i dont like washing my hair everyday!
youtube: xjenniferxslaughterx
fb: Jennifer Garrett
i did all the extra things aswell!

im new to the blog thing and it took my 20 minutes to figure out how to post a comment!


Thrifty Girl Loves said...

Great giveaway Nina :)
I'm a subcriber of YouTube channel via: ThriftyGirlLoves
I made your giveaway vid one of my favourites via: ThriftyGirlLoves.
I liked your vid via ThriftyGirlLoves.
I'm a follower of your blog via: Thrifty Girl Loves.
I'm a friend of your Facebook review page via: Ame Gallivan
I can't live without the elf studio conditioning balm in peaceful pink.
I'm 25 so think mum will be ok with me entering your fab competition ;)
I liked Lyches pharmacy page and said Nina sent me via my page Ame Gallivan
I liked the Brands Direct page and said Nine sent me via my page Ame Gallivan.

Woohoooo please enter me :)
Ohhh btw I like your blog's new design.


Amy x

Please feel free to follow my blog at

Maliha said...

My favourite beauty product is my ELF luscious liquid lipstick in brownie points. It's a gorgeous everyday colour.

GFC: Maliha
Youtube: malihatariq
Facebook: Maliha Ahmed

I liked the Lynch Pharmacy page and the Brands Direct page and wrote that you sent me :)

BumBaCicA said...

youtube: BumBaCicAv
GFC: Vedrana
facebook: Vedrana Vdovjak
I did this stuff for extra points :)

I can't live without my Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Ultimate Repair Hair Mask.. I have oily hair with dry ends so I put this hair mask on my ends and they are sooooo soft and ma hair smells lovely!! :) :)

Thanks for this giveaway :D

JustAnAngel said...

Youtube name: JustAnAngel4u
GFC: JustAnAngel
Facebook name: Alina Vrinceanu
Mail: disguised.marionette [at]yahoo[dot]com
I've done all the things for extra points.
My favorite beauty product is Revlon Colorstay foundation. Is awesome and it's great for a flawless makeup.
Thank you so so so so so much for this opportunity! xoxo

Maryen said...


GFC name: Maryen
Youtube: Maryen09
Facebook: Annamaria Adancsek

My favourit beauty product is the ELF blush&bronzer.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Lisbeth Natalie said...

GFC: Lisbeth Soerensen
Youtube: LisbethDK
Facebook: Lisbeth Natalie E-tuporn Sørensen

My fave product is probably my E.L.F 32 pierce eyeshadows - Everyday brights. Because I use it everyday. There's neutral and darker colors and brights so I can use it for a basic everyday look and even use it for a wild party look!(: Love it!

msanti91 said...

youtube name- msanti91
facebook- Yvette Santiago

my favorite beauty product is my gel liner ... i cant go out without it !... awesome giveaway btw ... i also did all the extras ! goodnite !

jenmurphy888 said...

This is such a great giveaway!! I liked & favourited the video, follow both your blog & facebook page and told the chemist & brand direct that you sent me :)

the one product i CAN'T live without is my maybelline 24hr super stay foundation! I loooove it. It lasts all day! Plus whenever I'm not wearing foundation my skin looks like shizers :) xx

my youtube name is jenmurphyxx8

stephanie said...

of course everyone is going to saya make up ! but the truth is I cant live without Nivea Facewipes!!! they are fantastic and so refreshing :) i use them every morning and my 7 year old daughter is now asking to use them too !!!

stephanie said...

I also have done everything for the competition :) so fingers crossed and best of luck everyone :) excited :)

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