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e.l.f Mineral Eyeshadow Set Review

e.l.f says: Bring a touch of natural beauty to your eyes with these soft, translucent shades that add subtle highlights for daytime or increased drama for night. With key vitamins A & B, these eyeshadows hydrate and minimize the appearance of fine lines. Available in an array of light-reflecting color options they can be worn wet or dry, together or alone, for countless shimmering styles and trends. They're all natural consistency makes them incredibly easy to apply and blend for a flawless finish. All our mineral makeup is 100% mineral based with no parabens, no preservatives and no chemical dyes.

I purchased this on eyeslipsface.co.uk on one of their 50% deals........These are 3 different types of Mineral Eyeshadow sets, the "Smokey eye, Expert eyes and Basic Eyes"......All But the "Smokey Eye" set was sold out so thats exactly what i went for......I havent heard too many reviews about this set for some reason so curiosity got the better of me i had to find out what they were like :) So These usually Cost £12/$12/€13 each but i got this half price HAPPY DAYS!!!!!

The Packaging 
The Instructions on the Box on how to do a look with these eyeshadows
As you can see you are getting: 
3 Mineral Eyeshadows (depending on the set you pick) but in this Set i got shades "Mysterious, Socialite & Seductive"
An eyeshadow brush
A Contour Brush 
An Eyeliner Pencil with sharpener 
They come in a box which has instructions on how to do a look with these shadows........It also has a list of ingredients and some information on what some of them mean.  

The Products 
The Brushes and Eyeliner 

The eyeliner:  You are getting a Black eyeliner with this set......Its ok it wouldnt be my favourite to be honest....I would much rather use my own favourite eyeliner than this one but its not exactly the worst i have tried.......Its not entirely reliable applying it as its not very pigmented but heating it up with a lighter for 3 seconds makes any "Cheap" eyeliner work so theres the tip you you havent any other eyeliner to use.  Lasting power is ok too it will end up needing a top up throughout the day.....

Eyeshadow Brush:  This reminds me of the Studio "C" Brush a little......The studio one is a wee bit denser though......This is perfect for patting on the eyeshadow onto my lid.........it washed well too i only lost a few hairs from it which i am impressed with .

Contouring eye brush:  This is a great brush to apply the darker eyeshadows into the crease it actually fits into the crease very well and blending out the shadow.  Again washing this i only lost a few hairs.  They are fairly good brushes especially coming in a set like this :)
The Eyeshadow Brush 

The Contouring Brush 
The Eyeshadows 
You are getting 0.03oz in each eyeshadow which is the same amount as the ones you buy separate Which Cost £3.00/$3/€4 each.  The package on these are the exact same as the ones i reviewed before to see them click here to see that review.......

Socialite:  This is a beautiful dark grey taupy shade with a purple undertone......This is my favourite i even tend to wear this one on its own as its great to make my hazel eyes show up.....even in photos my eyes look greener than ever......Its highly pigmented a little goes a long way....and yes there is shimmer to it so this is more for a night time look but i cant help but go for this for during the day the shimmer you can work at just blend blend blend the shimmer to nothing lol.........

Mysterious:  This is a matte greyish lavender......Alot of people dont like this shade but i think it looks well with this set.......Maybe the downside to this is that its not hugely pigmented......This is also not as finely milled as some of the other pigments its a bit on the chunkier side.  It does apply smoothly so dont let that bother you......

Seductive:  This is a Dark Charcoal shade......And of coarse matte.....I love this shade...simply because when you apply it you have an instant smokey eye without the mess your ready to go in 5 minutes.....Its so easy to apply and blend.  

"Socialite, Mysterious & Seductive"
The Swatches 
Swatches in Normal Lighting 

Swatches taken with Flash of Camera 
My Overall Opinion
Ok I was excited at the start about buying this kit and i made a vow i would get the others once they were back in stock....NOW im not as sure dont get me wrong this set was well worth the money especially when i got it half price but as far as paying full price and buying again i dont think so.....Reason been is i have plenty of brushes so i wouldn't really be gaining anything the next time......the liner isnt exactly a must have....which only leaves the eyeshadows in which i can buy seperate and i actually have them eyeshadows which are in the other sets.......but i would buy again if i was to buy them as a gift...........

I think its a great idea e.l.f came up with to do these sets especially for people who are only starting up with makeup and want some guidance in making a look or 2.  

Well thats it everyone have any of you tried these set if so what do you think of them 

Thanks for reading my review and dont forget to leave me a comment i love hearing from you all 

Until next time 
Cya Soon 
Nina Carry 


Limett said...

Nice colours!

Tarícia said...

hei, nice post Nina (: i like your reviews!
kits are really good to buy as gift! i'm thinkin about buying one!
i'd like to see the instructions... could you please send me photos of the instruction in the packaging?!

Nina said...

Taricia i will post them onto this blog now hun :)

Tarícia said...

thank you ;)

tizzy_bb said...

I have the Socialite eyeshadow and I really love it, but don't really like buying cosmetic sets. As you said yourself, I'm always "afraid" that I won't like all of the products (and maybe I don't even need them all) so I rather buy a product or two which catch my eye.

Daniela said...

Hi Nina! I don't know if you have it, but if you do, is MAC's Satin Taupe similar to socialite eyeshadow?

Thank you!

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