Tuesday, 20 September 2011

e.l.f Beauty School 3pc Eyelid Primer Review

e.l.f says:  Use the Eyelid Primer available in Nude, Pearl or Champagne prior to makeup application to get longer-lasting and crease-proof eyeshadow. You can wear it alone or on your eyelid as a crease-proof eyeshadow to brighten and even skin tone for perked up eyes or dab it on your brow bone as a shimmery highlighter.
 Well Hello there my lovely Cailin Bans.........hope you are all well :) :) 

As you can see today i am reviewing the e.l.f Beauty School 3 pc eyelid Primer collection which only arrived on the UK Site in August......I was super excited to try these as i love love love the e.l.f Primer from the essential line........I got these on the 50% deal but these originally cost £3.50/$3/€4 each........I have these a good month and i have been using them non stop so on with my review :) :) 

The Packaging and Product 

So as i mentioned about this is an eyelid primer collection and in this you are getting 3 different primers 
  • Nude 
  • Pearl 
  • Champagne 
Each primer is half the size of the Primers about (2.3g) each,  you buy on their own which are £1.50 but i love the size of these they are so handy for travelling........The Tubes are the same as the bigger sized tubes.....They are a soft plastic tube with a hard plastic lid.  Some people complain it looks cheap but i say they look pretty funky in my language lol......
 Nude:  Is your normal eyelid primer....Its a skin tone shade primer that is hugely popular from the e.l.f site.......It works amazingly well.......I love this Primer :) :)  This is obviously my favourite out of the lot but thats simply because i have been using this for so long :) 
Pearl:  This is a lovely white shade with glitter.......This is alot thicker in consistancy but blends out sheer like the nude one........Its said to be great for a highlight under your brow as well as brightening up your eyeshadows ........I did find that there is alot of glitter in this.....I certainly wouldn't use this as a highlight under the brow but it does look really well on the inner corner of your eyes and it does brighten up your eyeshadows....even if you have a favourite matte eyeshadow that you would like to see with a bit of glitter this is perfect for that.  
Champagne:  Hmmmmmm this really is different.....Its a light Taupe shade with shimmer to it.....At first i thought oh no i dont like it...... I know in the picture it looks a bit off but actually when blended out it looks nearly the same as nude only with shimmer......This is perfect for any brown, neutral bronze shades but for any other shades it doesnt really work too well........
My Overall Opinion 
As i said before my favourite one out of the Pack is the Nude (sheer) eyelid primer in which you can buy on its own for £1.50/$1/€1.70 each.  The nude one is brilliant it doesn't crease and keeps your eyeshadow vibrant.  
The Pearl and Champagne eyelid primer im 50/50 on these two i mean yes they look good but i found they are alot thicker in consistancy than the nude one...........they blend out sheer and are easy to blend but the only doubt i have is will they dry out or form thicker in the tube after a while....I honestly dont see them lasting the 12 months it states they will last on the box but i could be wrong.  I will keep you updated on that one 
Ther Pearl one was slightly too glittery to be honest to use......and the Champagne one as i stated above can really only be used with warm shades but doesnt work with any other colours it also changed the texture of the eyeshadows making it harder blend......so overall the set is a no no for me i will not be purchasing it again....I would rather buy the Nude(sheer) one on its own. 

Well thats it from me today everyone have you got this set? what do you think of it? 

Take Care 
Lots of Irish Hugs and Kisses 
Love Nina Carry 


Kayleigh said...

I nominated you for a blog award!! Check out my blog for more details :)

Nina said...

awwwwwwww thanks you so much Kayleigh that means so much :)

Delsie Susman said...

If I had that eyelid primer, I would frequently use the pearl and the nude. The pearl will add some shimmer on my eyelids while blending with it easily. The nude, on the other hand, can harmonize my skin color.

Delsie Susman

Johni said...

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