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e.l.f Mineral Eyeshadow Review

e.l.f says Bring a touch of natural beauty to your eyes with these soft, translucent shades that add subtle highlights for daytime or increased drama for night. With key vitamins A & B, these eyeshadows hydrate and minimize the appearance of fine lines. Available in an array of light-reflecting color options they can be worn wet or dry, together or alone, for countless shimmering looks and trends. The all natural consistency makes them incredibly easy to apply and blend for a flawless finish. All our mineral makeup is 100% mineral based with no parabens, no preservatives and no chemical dyes.
As you have probably noticed i've taken a liking to the e.l.f Mineral Range lately....I think its simply because everything i have gotten so far from that range has not disappointed me REALLY........I have nothing bad so far to say about it......but i havent tried everything yet ;) 
so anyway onto these eyeshadows
I got these obviously from the usual site while e.l.f was having a 50% off sale i took a notion to purchase quite a few of them.......they cost £3/$3/€3.40 each originally but  i got them for half price....  There are 26 shades to choose from and again the US site has 1 new shade "Outdoorsy"  in which hopefully will come to the UK soon.  
The Packaging 
Please excuse that i have 2 shades the same in this photo which is "Royal" by a mistake 
Ok these eyeshadows come in a little white box in which has the full list of ingredients on it.  The box is no different to any of the other mineral line make-up that comes in a box.....On the front of the box has a a long strip on the top indicating what shade of eyeshadow you have and also on the side of the box has a little circle with the shade colour and name on it 

Now to be honest the shade on the box isn't exactly accurate to the actual shade you are getting but its roughly like it.....The eyeshadow container itself is again a clear round container with a black lid with "e.l.f eyeshadow" printed on it......but what i love in comparison to the essential line you can actually read what shade each mineral line product is.....whereas the regular line you can barely ready whats on the product at all...... on these eyeshadows it actually shows expiry date on them after opening which is 6 months.   Your are getting 0.03oz from each eyeshadow......
The Product/Shades

There are a Mixture of shimmery, frosty and matte eyeshadows in this range and i tried to order a mixture of all three....i must admit e.l.f has listed what is matte but you will have to guess the rest.
Royal:  If you are a follower for a while you will know that im a lover of purple eyeshadows all kinds so i have to say i love this one also.......This is a deep purple with silver shimmer and really really makes my green eyes pop.......This is highly highly pigmented a little goes along way oh maybe thats the reason i ended up with two of these lol they wont be wasted anyway.....this would work brilliantly with a smokey eye look 

Wild:  This is another of my favourites....Its a deep/brown with gold shimmer....This too is highly pigmented.......This eyeshadow is stunning on its own during the day with plenty of blending you can actually take most of the shimmer away..........Its not highly liked by people mainly because of the glitter but to me you can work with it....this is especially nice for a nite out.......i like it :) 

Temptress:  This eyeshadow is matte.......Im in two minds about this shade...i dont hate it but i dont love it either.......This is a natural pink/mauve its more of a cool eyeshadow than a warm pink.......i was surprised my this eyeshadow i was expecting it to be more pink.........i have worn this as a crease transition and it does pay off as for an all over lid colour nope not for me 
Trendy:  This is a light taupe shade with shimmer to it....this is a beautiful light everyday wear eyeshadow......I actually find that this shadow isnt very long lasting even with primer it tend to wear off in which i find very unusual.....but the is very pretty and its great with other shadows
Girly:  This is a beautiful lilac purple with shimmer......I find this less pigmented than i thought......You have to pack on a good bit before you notice it.....its still a pretty shade and perfect for everyday wear
Natural:  I have to say i like this colour.......This is a beautiful beige/peachy toned eyeshadow with golden to warn you all there is alot of shimmer to this......some people dont like this because of that but again like i said before you can blend blend blend and that will calm down alot of the shimmer.
Angelic:  I Love this shade its a perfect highlight.....This is a white eyeshadow with silver micro shimmer....This is actually perfect for a number of ways.....It applies great as a white liner of course used with a wet a highlight on top of your cheekbones......even dusting on your legs and chest as a highlight.......i love this........I will definitely be using  this alot over Christmas....For a Winter wonderland look :) 
Celebrity:  This is a lovely neutral slightly goldy eyeshadow..........Works great with primer...not so well on its own maybe because its a neutral toned eyeshadow...this is another perfect everyday eyeshadow.  
Earthy:  Awwwww i just love my green shades :) :) obviously because im Irish lol.......This is a fab green shade with golden undertone and gold shimmer.......This looks Fantastic in the sunlight awwwwww i just love it :) :) This too makes a great eyeliner.  
Sassy:  This is a beautiful rich coppery eyeshadow with shimmer......again this is quite shimmery and pigmented so a little goes a long way......this really makes my green eyes pop.  i really like this tone.
Enchanting:  This is a another matte eyeshadow.  Its a light brown.....Perfect everyday shade.  This is great on the crease with "celebrity" on the lid and a bit of wild on the outer V.  A nice light smokey eye for day time 
The Swatches 

Starting from L-R "Royal, Wild, Temptress, Trendy Girly Natural, Angelic, Celebrity, Earthy, Sassy & Enchanting in Normal light.....Please click on photo for closer look.  All these swatches are made DRY & NO PRIMER
Swatches in Sunlight 

Swatches with Flash of Camera
My Overall Opinion 
These eyshadows have actually surprised me alot of course in a good way.....I wasn't expecting them to be as good quality as they are.  Most of them are highly pigmented and so easy to use.  The are easy to blend and a little goes along way....The only fault maybe is too many of the have alot of shimmer i would love if e.l.f mad more Matte shades.  But i have to say they are great pigment eyeshadows i have not come across pigment eyeshadows this good in a long time.  Now of course you are going to have fallout using, so either do your eye makeup before you apply your foundation or prep under your eyes with loose powder so your can sweep away the fallout with a fan brush........
are these worth buying???? YES definitely i have even ordered more shades and cant wait to try them out 

ok ladies thats it form me today 
i hope you enjoyed my review 
keep an eye out for an update on more of these 
Lots of Irish Hugs and Kisses 
Nina Carry 


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