Wednesday, 28 September 2011

e.l.f Studio Pressed Powder Review Mac Studio Fix Dupe?

e.l.f Says:  The Silky formula melts into the skin for adjustable coverage. Apply alone or over foundation for a flawlessly smooth and natural-looking finish. The portable makeup compact and sponge is convenient for on-the-go touchups.
Apply wet with a sponge for fuller coverage or dry for natural coverage with the sponge to create desired finish.

Hey everyone today i am reviewing the Studio Pressed Powders by e.l.f........They are £3.50/$3/€4 each and are available from or  The reason i have 3 here is because i ended up buying the first one which was too light for me and the other 2 on a 50% deal in which the 3rd one is perfect for me now but i know the 2nd one will be fine for me in the winter when i am paler :) :)  The Shades are "Sand, Buff and Caramel".  There are 6 shades available on the site the lightest is "Porcelian" then my 3 in the order they are then the last 2 are "Almond and Coco" 
The Packaging
"Sand, Buff & Caramel"
Well i will start off with the outside of the package first, It is a simple black packaging the same as the rest of the studio like which i love as non of the product especially the powder ones stick  to the packaging......The packaging looks like new every time you use it.......there is also a little window in which you can see the colour of your product and it says "e.l.f pressed powder"  on the front in white......
When you open the package you are seeing what you see in the picture......Plus a nice handy little mirror especially handy for travelling.......underneath that if you lift the product you are getting a sponge type applicator (which i dont use).  When you lift the product to where the sponge is you will see just how much product you actually get which doesnt look to be a whole are getting 0.317 oz/9g per package ........

The Product & Shades :) 
Ok I heard these were suppose to be almost Dupes of The Mac Studio Fix Powder and of course i had to see for myself.......And girls i am please to say that YES it is almost the dupe of the Mac Studio Fix Powder :) only smaller :) :) the only difference is the amount you are getting between the two :) :) I would say about 4 of the e.l.f Studio Pressed Powder would be the equavalent of 1 Mac Studio Fix but even at that you are saving money with e.l.f :) :) 
Bet your happy you read this review lol :) :) 
The textures between both are the same and when applied you see no difference between the two :) the shades are almost identical so if you are for example NC20 like me well shade " Sand" would be perfect for you .   At the moment because i got a little sun in the summer im using "Caramel".  But my tan wont be long fading away in our typical Irish weather :) 

Swatches in Normal Light of Sand, Buff & Caramel
My Overall Opinion 
I am Pleasantly shocked with these powders i mean they are incredibly smooth, Apply beautifully.  They have great great coverage......This is a perfect finishing powder for over my foundation.....I mean it does exactly what my Mac Studio Fix powder does.....and there isnt even a difference between the two when you apply it.......I highly recommend to you all to try this i promise you wont be disappointed :) :) This is one of my top favourite products from e.l.f and i have also replaced My Mac Studio Fix Powder with the e.l.f Studio Pressed Powder indefinately like why pay more girls :) :) 

So thats it girls 
Until next time 
Lots of Irish hugs and Kisses 
Love Nina 


Lila said...

Ι do not own any mac product, but elf studio pressed powder is great indeed! It's a fantastic foundation, I use it for special occasions over the elf flawless finish foundation and the result is perfect. But I don't use it for every day, I prefer the mineral booster for that.
I love your reviews, by the way :))

Nina said...

awwwww thanks lila that means alot have you entered my giveaway :) it ends tomorrow

Denise said...

hi, what a great review! I really enjoy reading your elf reviews haha :) thanks for all the effort and photos!! can you tell me something about the powder in 'Sand'? I'm around NC20 and I'm wondering, does the 'Sand' shade have any pink in it? because I need my powder to have more yellow than pink/beige undertones, you know? (and I was thinking of buying this in Sand)

Thanks in advance!! :))

Althea said...

wt shade would you recommend for NC 37

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