Monday, 5 September 2011

e.l.f Mineral Lipsticks Review

e.l.f says Now you can hydrate your lips and get a lasting soft color naturally! This nourishing blend of exotic oils, natural waxes, vitamins and plant extracts create the perfect moisturizing formula. The sleek lipstick has superior color payoff, glides easily onto lips, and is long wearing. Lips stay perfectly hydrated and soft throughout the day for no fuss, lip loving happiness. All our mineral makeup is 100% mineral based with no parabens, no preservatives and no chemical dyes.

If you are a regular visitor or follower you will know im not the kind of gal who buys in 1's lol i have to sample at least two or more of the same product and obviously different shades before i make i mind up about the product........well that is if they are great value and thats exactly where e.l.f is great for that im obsessed i have to admit and with the prices and great quality e.l.f has to offer im able to afford to buy more than one.....If its good i will keep buying different shade as you can see by these i have 11 shades so it must mean one thing :) :) 
e.l.f Mineral Lipsticks are available on & for £3.50/$5/€4 each.  There are 16 shades available but recently the US site got 2 new shades as you will see on the site but anyway down to the review :) :)
The Package
This is a sturdy lipstick i have to say i feel safe carrying this in my handbag with no worries of the lid coming off or it been broken.  The lipsticks come in a white box with the ingredients and shade written on it........The tube of lipstick itself is made of hard black plastic with the eyes lips face written on the side and e.l.f on the lid......the lid clicks down so there is no fear of it coming off........Its not terribly exciting but to be honest what drugstore/cheaper lipstick packaging are....its all about the product at the end of the day isnt it :) 

The Product 
I Got 3 Additional Shades Since doing this Review and here they are  :) 

Im sure you all or even most of you have at least tried one of these lippies if you havent .......put at least one on your next order.......These lipsticks are super soft and creamy........They are very sheer....Some of these have shimmer on them but apply matte actually all of them apply matte.......They feel so conditioning on the lips you feel like you are wearing balm not lipstick.......There are different shades to choose from like pinks, reds, natural and browns so there is definitely a colour or more for everyone.....There is no Scent or taste off these lippies which is what i love as i hate lippies that have a cosmetic taste off them..***Update i got 3 additional shade since doing this review girls so scroll down to read about them :) :) :) 

The Shades 
"Nicely Nude"
Nicely Nude:  This is definately one of my favourite everyday lipsticks......I love the MLBB look it gives me......As you can see its a lovely sheer pink and make your lips look so pretty....This is a perfect lippie to go with a smokey eye look...... LOVE LOVE LOVE IT

"Natural Nymph"
Natural Nymph:  This is definately a shade for us IRISH GALS :) anyone who has fair skin this is a perfect lippy for you anyone darker you will have to use this as a primer for another lippy or have some tinted lipgloss on the ready........This is a Nude/pinkish lipstick nicely moist and perfect with a gloss over it or on its own with a smokey eye 

"Rosy Tan"
Rosy Tan:  I Love Browns.......This a a natural nude/pinky/brown lol if that make sense.......Its beautiful with a everyday look.....Its sheer on the first application but with a second coat you are getting a nice pigmentation from this lipstick......

"Pouty Petal"
Pouty Petal:  This is a lovely neutral pink shade it give me a MLBB look......Again a lovely everyday lippie its quite sheer to be honest there is lip balms out there that can give you the same look thats just my personal opinion to be honest i do love it i would just rather spend my £3.50 on another shade than have yet another MLBB lippy from this range 

"Barely Bitten"
Barely Bitten:  This has a wee bit of shimmer but does not show on the lips.......Its a dark coral shade and perfect for any skin tone.....This is surprisingly more pigmented than the ones ive just spoken about.....I like that :)  This is another on my list of favourites and i will certainly be buying again 

"Rosy Raisin"
Rosy Raisin:  Yet another MLBB lippy don't get me wrong i love lipsticks like this but i think a couple of different ones in the collection is fine but more than that is too much well in my eyes anyway.........Yet this does show a little shimmer on the lip but is barely noticeable as a lipstick some people like that but to me a lip-gloss can do the same thing.  This is a very sheer pink :)

"Runaway Pink"
Runaway Pink:  Now this shade has been the most highly recommended lipstick by most people who have bought it.....This would be everyone's favourite so you can imagine the curiosity in me when i purchased this first i couldn't wait to get it.........This is a very sheer light nude/pink.......again us IRISH GALS will love this shade as we have the fair skin for it .........Nice for an everyday lipstick and even nicer with a bit of gloss over it :) 

"Party Pink"
Party Pink:  I Love This.........Now this is a pink lippie.......its the most pigmented baby pink in this pack i love it........Its so pretty and looks so moisturising on the actually makes my lips look a little plump.......This has a slight bit of shimmer to it but not noticable.......I suppose it all depends on the pigmentation of your own lips but if you have pale lips this will look very pink but wearable if you have pigmented lips this will look slightly pinky/coral i love it :) 
New: "Royal Red
Royal Red:  Oh Girls this lippy is a surprising lippie.....Its actually one of my favourites i love it........Now Girls this is a Red you can definitely wear.....This isnt exactly red so the name is a bit deceiving but its more of a brownish red with a goldy undertone as you can see in the photo in which i took outside to show you the gold undertone........This shade is a buildable shade....It doesnt apply like this on the first coat so you have control of how much you want on your lips........This is a beautiful lipstick for special occasions or going out on a night out :) :) 
New:  "Cheeryful Cherry" 
Cheerful Cherry:  Now this is Red lol......Its a beautiful Deep Cherry Red shade....Quite Dramatic i love it......If you are looking for a good pigmented red this is the one........Now dont be afraid if you are fair skinned this actually works for us too :) its not a bright red but more blood red it applies brilliantly and doesnt bleed on the lip after a while 
New:  "Bare Brown"
Bare Brown:  Now this is a shade that Doesn't seem to be bought or reviewed much.....I dont see why to be honest.......Ok its not the most exciting shade i have bought and to be honest i wouldnt wear this alone as it is more of a nude light brown shade but this is perfect for making my fairly pigmented lips more nude for other shades ......i dont really like using concealers on my lips to nude them out as i hate hate hate my lips dried out but this shade is perfect and moisturising and works well with another colour over it.....It also looks good with a dark smokey eye look but again as i said this lipstick is not going to be for everyone........

swatches in normal light 
Swatches taken in sunlight
Click on picture for a closer look 
Swatches of my newer shades "Royal Red, Cheerful Cherry & Bare Brown"

My overall opinion 
I think these lipsticks are a great buy full stop.....overall you have a great choice in shades.....Some perfect for fair , medium and dark skinned people which is brilliant......I do advise anyone thinking of buying these to google swatches before you buy them so that you wont be disappointed in the shades when you get them........
These lipsticks are doing nothing but great things for your lips in which i love also......They are super moisturising and last up to 3 hours before top up.......
I highly recommend you buy them to try them i havent heard any bad reviews about these and im certainly not giving one either.  The only bad thing i have heard is about disappointing shades in which i have said to review swatches before buying......

I have more mineral lipsticks ordered so keep an eye out for an update.....I have the 2 from the US Site that are just in ordered too so im excited about that hehe....

Until next time ladies take care
Lots of Irish hugs and kisses 
Nina Carry 


GretalRabbit said...

I love the mineral lipsticks too :) I have to disagree on Natural Nymph though- I'm also super-pale and it makes look dead! (Maybe it's because I have really cool-toned skin.) I can't wait to see what the new shades are like!

Nina said...

it could be and also your lips could be pale too mine are very pigmented hun so it probably looks a little different but try a nice pink gloss over it and you have a lovely lippie :)

GretalRabbit said...

Yeah maybe- either way I do like it as a base for lipglosses (and it looks good on my sister) so it definitely wont go to waste! :)

Fasterpussycat9 said...

Nicely nude is also my fav too, the nymph one is too pale though, it makes me look waxy :(

Ellie M said...

i have nicely nude, natural nympth, cool coral and barely bitten... micely nude is my fav!! xx

Kay said...

Awesome detailed review, thank you

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