Thursday, 1 September 2011

e.l.f Natural Radiance Blusher Review

e.l.f states:  Exquisite, delicate, pigment  that makes cheeks radiant combined with a healthy-looking glow.  Infused with texturizing agents, skin feels smooth and pores are minimised.

Imagine thinking back some of these blushers were some of the first products i bought from  i got these for £1.50/$1/€1.70 each.  There are 6 shades available i have 5 out of that 6 dont ask my why but i intend on getting the 6th which is "Flushed" that is in fact one of my favourites and i hit pan with the last one so cant even show you but i promise will update later :) 
The Packaging 
Starting from the top left "Shy, Glow, Bronzed, coy & Innocence" 
I Know what your thinking wow it looks cheap right??? well you do have to admit it IS cheap for these are getting .07oz(2g) of blush in this product....Yes it is small but believe me a little goes a long thing i find annoying with these is the lid......alot of people have asked on a regular basis how to open these......I remember the first time i bought these i broke one trying to open it i took the lid clean off another blushes it was a mess but then i realised how to open them and i was happy again......Its actually quite easy i have made a video on these blushes (Please keep in mind its a no make up day lol and im taping from my webcam in which i have explained i hate doing as the lighting and swatches are not right) if you want to have a look  CLICK HERE on this i show you how to open them :)..........But it isnt really that complicated to open you just slide the lid up and BAM its open :) :) if it is stuck hold it over the steam of the kettle for a few seconds and it should work........another thing too is that if you have an empty palette case you can take the blushes out of the little containers and put them altogether in the empty palette case.....
The Product/Shades 

Shy:  This is a Bubble gum baby pink shade with a slight silver shimmer to it......Very Very pigmented so beware girls....And i do have to add this is a little chalky and powdery but can you really complain for the price....this is grand for anyone with fair skin who just want an everyday blush but this wouldnt work out well for the anyone with a tanned or darker skin tone this would be more of a highlight to them all it is pretty but if your looking for something more noticable this isnt the shade for you 

Glow:  This is a beautiful Coral/peachy shade with s wee bit of gold shimmer....this is one of my favourites for sure....and it does live to its name it gives you a beautiful natural glow to your cheeks.....this one is a little more pigmented than "Shy" in fact a little goes a long way.  Again this is a little powdery in fact they all are but workable........


Bronzed:  This is a lovely everyday bronzer.....but you could also use this as a blush if you are tanned if you are darker this could be a highlight.......This has lovely little gold sparkle to it which makes you skin have that toned sown sunkissed glow.....But i do warn you use with is a light hand girls as it can make your face look dirty if you use too much......


Coy:  This is definately a winter blush......This is a Lovely mauve/Purley/pink with a light golden shimmer.....It gives you a beautiful natural blushed glow especially for the winter......again this wouldnt work well for anyone who is very fair as it quite pigmented....anyone with a medium toned skin tone this is perfect for......
Innocence:  This is extremely light girls its a very pale pink and also matte......its too pale for me.....i would use this as a highlight for the inner corner of my eyes but as its matte it wouldnt even do for a top of the cheek bones highlight........This would be more suitable for my 13 year old sister to be honest at least she wont over do her blush with this shade........If you are super super pale you might make use of this :)  

Swatches in normal light of "Shy, Glow, Bronzed, Coy & Innocence"  
Swatches in Sunlight of "Shy, Glow, Bronzed, Coy & Innocence" 
Swatches with flash of camera of "Shy, Glow, Bronzed, Coy & Innocence" 
My overall opinion 
Ok There is a few faults with these blushers for example they can be chalky and powdery and can make a wee mess, they are also fairly small, also you do find that it can wear off and you need to top up during the day but they are only £1.50 and i am not going to complain about that.......I was pleasantly surprised with the pigmentation of these blushers......These are a perfect go for blush for during the day they are certainly not a going out blusher.......they are also perfect for carrying in your handbag because they are so small........the ultimate question is would i purchase them again ? I have and i will only certain shades though my shades for sure is ""Shy, Glow Bronzed and Flushed" for sure :) :) :) 
They certainly are no way like the Studio Blushes but they are usable......:) :) 

Well thats it from my everyone i hope you enjoyed my review and if there is any questions please ask away and please leave a comment i love hearing what you think!!!!!!!!

Take Care of yourself 
until next time 
Nina Carry 


Ashley Tiernan said...

I like these blushes a lot but yes they are chalky. :)

sweetTEA said...

thanks ! i've been look for quality elf blushes forever! you mentioned flushed but ididnt see it in the swatch. do you have the others?

sweetTEA said...

elf swatches * of their essential blushes**

Nina said...

No i dont have flushed hun but i have heard great great reviews on it so thats next on my shopping list :)

Anonymous said...

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