Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Sleek I-Divine Celestial Eyeshadow Palette

Hello my beauties I hope you are all well :) 
I think at this stage you all know I absolutely love Sleek's I-Divine eyeshadow Palettes by the amount of reviews I have and to be honest having about 7 palette just doesn't seem to be enough for me when Sleek announces yet another new release :) :) 
In the Past 4 months or so I think Sleek has released 2 new I-Divine Palettes one at Christmas which is the Celestial Palette as part of their Limited Edition stock and Garden of Eden which is Permanent.  Now don't be disheartened as Celestial is still available to buy on the Sleek Website for €9.99 and Cloud10 Website 
Celestial was release in time for Christmas and of course is full of sparkle and festive colours of course you can use these shades for everyday, nights outs or whenever you want.  

Like every other Sleek Palette this palette has 12 eyeshadow which contain shimmer matte and metallic finishes which reminded me a little of the last Christmas The Sparkle Palette which has 9 shimmery shadows and 3 mattes.  This Palette is a little of the same but with different shades.  Please Excuse my reflection in the next photo :) 

I love the colour combination in this palette :) :) this is perfect for parties and also for Spring and Summer in fact you have some Autumn colours here too ;) 
Starting with the first row

Solar:  This is an incredibly pigmented shade A Beautiful Cranberry with silvery shimmers.  The shimmer is chunky but when used in the crease and blended alot of the chunky shimmers disappear.  I did find a little fall out with this shade but nothing too cray cray :) Stunning shade :) 

Astra Blue:  This is yet another highly pigmented shade.  A Little chalky and you will have a little fall out.  This shade verges between royal blue and purply blue with silver shimmers.  The shimmers are not as chunky as the first shade 

Aurora:  This shade is fabulous oh my goodness me.  Again very pigmented and has silver shimmer much like the 2nd shade.  This mid toned blue toned green will be fabulous to use as a pop of colour or all over the lid :) :) Again a little chalky but nothing too major 

Galactic:  A very pigmented metallic silver.  Has a soft buttery texture and hugely pigment perfect for on the lid or as a highlight 

Earth Shine:  I am in love with this one A Deep Navy with silver shimmer and wow is this pigmented I have worn this shade once so far as a deep smokey eye and wowzer amazing.  This will surely create a wee mess so be careful as its chalky but so worth it when all cleaned up 

Dark Matter:  A very pigmented black with silver shimmer beautiful :) 

Row 2 is next and here we have :

Stargaze:  This is a semi matte violet shade, it has a slight metallic finish.  This is surely lighter than the rest of the shades :) This is for sure a buildable colour and fantastic for Spring and Summer

Saturn Ring:  Oh lordy this shade is stunning.  A Duo Chrome Deep purple shade with a metallic finish.  This is absolutely stunning :)  you can see a tint of pink and blue in this shade which is very eye catching especially in the light or flash of a camera 

Meteoric:  This is a matte shade very deep yet reminds me a little of Solar only a lighter version this is stunning in the crease or to use as a transition colour the more you build it the more intense the shade is 

Terrestrial:  Another matte shade for us this time a lime green.  Now this one is the more sheer one out of the palette its very light .  Its build able but to be honest does not get any strong in colour 

Lunar:  This is a stunning shade and one that I have not come across in the sleek palettes :)  It looks like a baby blue when you see it in the palette, when you swatch it, it looks silver when you apply it depending on the light hitting it you can see a light lilac shade very unusual I LOVE IT.  of course this shade has a metallic finish and is hugely pigmented :)  

Eclipse:  Another Mac Club Dupe for sure this is another duo chrome eyeshadow :)  This has a brown base with reflects of green You could wear this on its own and it would look like you were wearing 2 shades.  Applying this shade to the lid and blending it out into the crease you will see the green on the lid and brown in the crease I love it :) 

Now for the swatches.  The first picture is taken in natural light with no primer underneath 

This next picture is taken with flash of the camera 

Overall this is a very exciting palette full of fun shades that is suitable for anytime of the year.  You have daytime shades and night time especially.  The pigmentation as usual is amazing :) :) 
Well done once again to Sleek 
Here is a look I did yesterday using the shades Solar, Dark Matter and a little Galactic along with a rose gold from another palette and a matte cream to blend out harsh lines. The lighting was so bad yesterday I literally took about 30 photos to get as close to how the eye look looked in person :) 
I especially love How Solar and Dark Matter mix into an absolute stunning deep purple shade its amazing you have to see it to believe it :) :) 

Just to note I used no primer underneath just foundation on my lids :) 
Have you tried this palette yet ?
Whats your thoughts on it 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Emma Delfosse said...

i love that palette, i wish it was sold where I live! Have a great day :)

Budget Splurge Beauty said...

oh wow! I love this. I hope I can find it somehow to be shipped/sold here in the US. The look you posted really sold me. Sooo pretty!

Shannon Boyce said...

Oh what gorgeous shades! This palette looks so pretty. I really wish they sold Sleek makeup where I live!

Girlwiththeskew-earring said...

Oh Nina!!!! That look you did on your lids is just gorgeous! Would you consider a little tutorial?? Pretty Please?!?!?!

Sarah Barton said...

Ooh, a gorgeous mix of colours! I wouldn't have a clue where to start with it, but what you've created looks amazziiing xxxxx

Budget Splurge Beauty said...

I agree ^^ Tutorial please!! :D

Nina s said...

Girls thanks so so much for you comments girlwiththeskew-earring & Budget Splurge Beauty I will when I start doing tutorials on my channel of course :) or I might even do it on the blog :)

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