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Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream

Hello Everyone Happy Easter :) 
Todays reveiw is on the Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream 
The Above picture is a Sample I got in my last PowderBox and I have to say I was surprised with the amount of Product I did get in it I got the total of 5 uses out of it which in my eyes is good enough to review the product with but luckily a friend of mine is giving me her sample too as its too light for her skintone.  
Thanks so much Yaz  :) 
This is what the full sized product looks like incase you were wondering :)  You can get them in 25mls or 45 mls
As you can tell I do not review alot of BB Creams because Every BB cream I have tried so far and I have tried alot have not agreed with me.  I either come out looking orange or very oily looking.  I began to give up on BB creams.  
To be honest I am afraid to try new BB Creams out because I dont want to lose out on money any-more.  When this BB Cream appeared in my Box I was unsure about it as you would especially when it said for all skin types.  The promises it had were major and I have to admit been a beauty geek I was curious.  I made sure the day I tried it was the day I would not leave the house (I had an incident before where I applied a bb cream on my face and it looked great at first then it oxidised dramatically making me look orange while I had already ran out of the house and was away shopping nightmare and totally embarrassing)

Since its coming into the summer I want something that will give me some coverage but will be light on my skin too so for the past 5 days I have been wearing nothing but this on my face.  Plus I need the extra SPF on my face as the sun is shining more and I am a true believer of full protection against the sun.  This if works out for me will be perfect for the summer :) as it contains SPF 30 

The formula is very light weight and runny.  First I thought this was going to be very sheer and I like to have something that is at least medium cover as I have dark circles and pigmentation on my face.  Putting that aside I liked that this had a more neutral tone to it which means it will match up with my yellow toned skin.  When I spread this little pea sized amount on my hand I was shocked after I rubbed it in how much this pea sized amount actually covered.  I can safely say 3 peas sized amounted would do the entire face.  
I have to admit this is surely not a shade suitable for all as it says on the packaging.  I can imagine someone who has deep skin tones to me will find this little gem a little on the pale side and anyone who is very pale skinned will find this a shade or 2 too dark.  For me applying this first I though oh oh this is actually too light for me but as time went by I found this BB cream to adjust to my skin tone nicely.  When I tried this first i thought oh no too light and actually put some bronze over it only to notice about a half hour later my face was a little darker than my neck.  So the second time around I left out the bronzer and it actually was perfect for me I am around an NC 20-25 

The best way I applied this BB Cream is dot it all over my face and take my Blank Canvas F80 Flat top Brush and stippled it around my face.  The finish is absolutely beautiful.  I was very surprised with the coverage to be honest I would say its fair to medium coverage.  It did cover the light pigmentation around my face but the medium pigmentation I have on my forehead was only lightly covered.  I do not have any blemishes but I can tell that it will not cover blemishes as I have a beauty spot on my face and it was clear to see when I was finished.  Lastly I have dark lids and dark circles and I definitely felt I had to apply concealer over that as it too was not fully covered.  
I can say one thing you are surely going to have hydration all day long as promised :)  You are left with a fantastic dewy finish that looks fresh and natural.  I am well impressed with this little beauty.  If you are oily I would say that you might want to carry some blotting papers or powder with you as you will get a little oily around the t-zone obviously because it has the natural ingredients in there to hydrate your skin for the day.  
Here is a before and after picture of me wearing the Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream (and of course I have applied concealer under the eyes as I looked so tired that day) 
To be honest I have foundations here I use that has the same coverage as this little beauty which I wouldnt expect from a BB Cream and that is pretty darn amazing.  The fact that this little beauty is doing nothing but great things for your skin yet gives you the satisfaction of walking out the door feeling like you are wearing a foundation is brilliant.  I noticed it didnt soak into my fine lines nor did it make my enlarged pores stand out.  Yes this lasts all day long without having to touch up apart from if you are oily which I do get especially this time of the year around my T-zone.  I am totally amazed I may have found my BB Cream :) :) I am in love with it.  Anyone out there who suffers from acne will love this as it does not cake it does not dry up and it will surely keep your skin feel fresh and moisturised all day long.  
I am loving this bb cream so much I actually would go and pay full price for it :)  I can tell it will last a long time and its good to my skin :)  There is a slight scent to it.  Its hard to pinpoint what the scent is but it does not linger It smells sort of floral.  
Have you tried this BB Cream yet?  Whats your thoughts on it :) If you are thinking about trying it out Here is a link to a website that has all Ginvera Range :) 
Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Yaz O said...

I promise its going in the post to you this week sweetie :)
I love the texture and feel of this cream but one shade does not suit all, as I'm quite tanned this unfortunately washes me out, I look so pale with it :( but I notice it does a really good job on covering little blemishes!
Looks beautiful on you!

NatalieDouka said...

Great review, thanks!!

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