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My NYX Single Eyeshadow Collection

Hello My beauties :) 
I hope you are all well 
Todays review is on my NYX Single Eyeshadow Collection 
I have slowly built this little collection everytime I bought something from Cherry Culture I bought one eyeshadow so I thought it was about time I shared my collection so far :)  I mean so far I plan of buying alot more so be sure there will be part 2 or even part 2 and 3 on this post ;) 
There is a whopping 132 shades of eye-shadows to choose from and believe me it was even difficult for me to choose these ones so far so make yourself a cuppa when you do plan on buying some because it will take a while :) :)  
You can get these in numerous of sites which I will list at the end of this review for you 
Each eye shadow costs around $5 which is only €3.61 each 
There is 6 different finishes of eyeshadows in these 
You can get 
I am going to show you the colours I have so far and tell you more about each one :) 

Of course I had to get this as A black eyeshadow is always useful.  This black is 100% matte.  Its important to find a good black eyeshadow and I surely have found it in this one.  Its also been said to be the exact dupe of Mac's Carbon.   This is a true black and so so pigmented.  I like to use this for daytime eyeliner.  For darkening up a day look.  For setting liquid eyeliners.  Its Fabulous and should be added to your list for sure 

This eyeshadow feels super creamy, super soft and highly pigment and not chalkiness whatsoever its a dream to blend out its a dream full stop :) :) 

This shade is always handy for days you just want to look more awake.  Its a stunning semi matte champagne.  This I like to apply all over the lid with a little bit of liner and mascara and im out the door I instantly look more awake.  I also use this as a highlight for under the brow or in the inner corner I have also used this to blend out harsh lines :)  Again another multipurpose shadow that should be in your kit :) :) 

I found a little goes a long way with this.  Again like Black this is smooth soft and creamy and you experience no fall out.  :) 

Oh boy if you have hazel or green eyes especially this shade is going to make them pop.  I am in love with it :)  This eyeshadow has been said to be the exact dupe of Mac's Cranberry.  Thats literally what this shade is a frosty/shimmery Cranberry shade 

Oh boy this shade is amazingly pigmented and a little goes a long way.  It too is very soft creamy and is not one bit chalky 

Exotic Green 
Well I am sure you can tell that this is a shimmer eyeshadow and every so gorgeous.  It is an almost black shade with green shimmers.  I actually seen Vintage or Tacky using this in one of her tutorials and I just had to have it I am so glad I picked it too 

Doesnt it look stunning :) This is smooth and creamy and I did experience a bit of fall out with this shadow but nothing a wipe couldnt clean up :) 

Hawaiian Coffee
This is another everyone should have as its perfect for daytime smokey looks.  Its a medium brown and has a satin finish.  This is great to use in the outer corner to darken up a bronze look its also great to use as a liner if you do not want a black liner look during the day 
It is a little sheer to begin with but once you build it you have that desired medium brown payoff as it looks in the pan 

This too is very soft creamy and has no fall out 

Burgundy Pearl 
This looks a little like Rust when you put the two of them together in the pans.  But believe me they are different.  This is another one for the hazel and green eyed girls out there wow does this little beauty make your eyes pop :) :) 
This is true to its name with a slight hint of purple and red in there 

Wow this is pigmented :) soft creamy and easy to blend There is a little fall out with this but nothing crazy :) 

This is stunning and a perfect shade to add to your neutral colours.  Its a perfect bronzey brown it has a slight metallic finish.  I love to wear this on the the lids with Hawaiian Coffee they colours really compliment each other plust with my hazel eyes I have found Cork makes them pop.  Love this shade and highly recommend it :) 

Even though it looks golden in the pan it comes out darker when swatched.  This is smooth creamy and very pigmented :) 

These swatches were made with no primer underneath.  I have to rate these shadows 10/10 for quality.  They are absolutely amazingly pigmented .  They are easy to work with and there is so much product for the price you are paying.  I have used Mac eyeshadows as I own a few and they are definately up there with the pigmentation and lasting power.  In fact I would rather the NYX shadows over Mac simply because the only difference between them is the price.  They are also up there with Inglot shadows too.  If you were a makeup artist and you were given mace eyeshadows in one palette and NYX eyeshadows in another you would find it hard to pick any difference and thats for sure :) :) 
For the price and the quality I will surely be buying for of these shadows and I am to get alot of them When I do I will depot them all and place them in palettes :) :) 
Absolutely amazing :) 
Have you tried these eyeshadows yet ???
If you havent tried them you should at least try one and I can be sure you will want more :)
As promised here is some links to where you can buy these eyeshadows and who ship internationally  
You can Purchase these from Cherry Culture :) 
You can also purchase these from Joy017 Ebay seller who is very trusting as I have bought from her lots 
You can also order from Non Pareil website but be warned if you order too much shipping can be high.  You can also purchase them from Nyx Cosmetics.co.uk but again shipping is high 
In this picture I created a simple everday smokey look using
Cork on the lid, Hawaiian Coffee in the crease, black on the outer V and Nude in the inner corners and under the brow
I hope you enjoyed my review and I am sure I will be back with more eyeshadows to show you in the near future :) 
Until Next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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These eyeshadows look great! Love the look you created! Very very pretty!

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