Monday, 7 April 2014

MUA Undressed Palette Review

Hello My beauties How are you all :) 
Todays review is on the MUA Undressed Palette Now I know its out a while but I thought for all of you who havent tried it yet this would be a benefit for you.  I already reviewed the Undress Me 2 palette which is absolutely amazing :) and certainly has dupes of the Naked palette 2 (in which i do not own but have seen swatches of the UD Naked 2 ) in there 
This palette is supposed to be the dupe of the Naked Palette and I can confirm that it sure is a great match if not the only closest match to the the Naked Palette I mean all the UD Naked Palette colours !!!!! 
I was quite shocked myself to see it in front of me I have seen reviews with the MUA Undressed palette been compared the the UD Naked Palette but in all honesty seeing is believing more !!!!! 
The Naked Palette as we all know is one of the most talked about and used palette out there, plus it costs alot !!!! Paying €44 for a palette is very hard even though I do love the Naked Palette and reach for it quite a bit it lasts a long time because the pigmentation is out of this world, its crazy money to be handing over for just 12 eyeshadows especially when you have not got it .  The MUA team have surely come to the rescue with this one !!!!

The Undressed Palette costs only £4/€4.83.  I know crazy affordable eh?  The packaging is not as exciting as the Naked palette but what do we need exciting packaging for if you are getting a copy of the expensive thing :) :) 

I am actually going to keep this short but very sweet to be honest as there is nothing and I mean nothing bad to say about this palette :) Its amazing The quality of these shadows are amazing the value is amazing the dupes of the Naked palette amazing .... So amazing I am going to show you how :) :) 
This picture I took with my phone My camera died unfortunately :( 

you can see the palettes are very Familiar 

Now for the wonderful swatches and then I will show you the swatches of each colours beside each other :) 

Here are the swatches of the MUA palette in normal light and with a flash 

Amazing Right ??? These swatches are made with no primer under neath :) 
Now for the comparison swatches :) :) 

Virgin and Shade 1 are the perfect match as you can see they are both great for highlighting and lid shades if you were to pick a different I would say shade one is more on the pink side than virgin but in all honestly nothing too major.  They are both the same in pigmentation :) 
Sin and Shade 2 an absolute amazing match Shade 2 needs just a little more building up than Sin but apart from that both are just a pigmented 
Naked and Shade 3 you can see clearly that shade 3 is lighter and sheerer than Naked But I am sure you can see the exact dupe of Naked in this picture (yes the shade 5 is the exact match ) 
Sidecar and Shade 4 What can I say unreal match :)  Sidecar may be just a little more pigmented than shade 4 but it it is buildable I love this shade :) :) 
Buck and Shade 5 obviously Buck is more darker and pigmented but shade 5 is a great blending out shade and is the exact dupe of Naked :) 

Next up 
Half Baked and Shade 6 As you can see shade 6 is a little more on the gold side than Half baked which is more bronze but they are not too far off each other and they both have the same level of pigmentation :) 
Smog and Shade 7 Again very familiar yet shade 7 is more on the deeper brown side than Smog Shade 7 needs a little more building up too but still a fabulous shade 
A Little confession Somehow I forgot to include Dark Horse and Shade 8 but again they are both very similar in shades they are both dark brown with golden shimmer they only difference is Dark Horse is more on the chalky side and deeper than Shade 8 but shade 8 is buildable 
Toasted and Shade 9  Again very similar in shade and in pigmentation but shade 9 is more on the pinker side :) 
Hustle and Shade 10 are again very alike the difference is Shade 10 is a little darker and there is more golden shimmer than Hustle :) :) 
Creep and Shade 11 wow now this is a first when I say I actually prefer Shade 11 over Creep.  Shade 11 is deeper and more pigmented than creep even though they are both the same shades :) :) 
Gunmetal and Shade 12 Again I prefer Shade 12 over Gunmetal in this one The pigmentation is alot different there is alot more payoff from Shade 12 with Gunmetal you have to build it 

Thats it thats the comparison pictures What do you think.  I have to say well done to MUA for a pretty great palette Obviously the naked palette shadows overall will have better pigmentation and quality than MUA but for the price of the palette MUA have done a great job on their quality and pigmentation :)  
To be honest When my Naked palette runs out I am quite happy just purchasing the MUA Undressed Palette as an alternative

Here is a look I created using the MUA Palette With no primer just foundation as a base :) :) 
In this look I used Shade 4 all over the lid,  Shade 3 in the crease and over the crease,  Shade 10 in the crease and outer corner and also used Shade one in the inner corner and a little under the brow I put Shade 4 and Shade 10 on the lower lash line.  You can click on the photo for a closer look :) 

So Have you tried this palette yet :) :) 
Whats you thoughts on it :) 
Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Unknown said...

I have the MUA palette and I absolutely love it. You can't beat that price, and the shadows are so gorgeous :) Great post!

Robilia said...

great review, this palette is awesome! I own the original naked 2 and 3, but the MUA undressed for the 1

Unknown said...

I love the Undressed Palettes, hope they bring out and Undress Me 3!

Jess | The Indigo Hours said...

I love how closely they matched the shades!! I'm also hoping for a dupe of Naked 3 :) Lovely swatches and review!!

Jess xo

Makeup Monster said...

Great swatches Nina!

Barbie's Beauty Bits said...

Great post! I haven't tried that brand yet. I'm not a neutral fan, but I do like the rose colors and other darker colors in the Naked3. Now I can get it for cheaper...Thanks!


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