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Shiseido Perfect Rouge RD 516 Lipstick

Hello my beauties :) 
I hope you are all well
Today I decided to review this fabulous lipstick by Shiseido as I feel it deserves a full review :) 
Just to refresh your memories I got this in the PowderPocket Box Last Month and instantly fell in love with it :) 
I actually posted up a picture the day I got it on facebook with me wearing it and alot of you had great comments about it on my lips :) :) 
In all honestly this is the first time I have tried the brand Shiseido and I was super excited to see that it came in the box as I have always wondered about the brand :) :) 
The price tag of this beauty is fairly high I tell you so high its no wonder I have taken my time trying it out.  €27 reaches a no no point for me especially for lipsticks but I thought ok forget the price and just try it out to see if its worth all this ching ching :) 
Shiseido date back to 1872 Wow I cant believe that but its true :)  It creator was Japanese and the first product introduced by Shiseido was a toothpaste from then on was a face powder then skin lotion then Perfume.  It became on of the biggest brands in the whole of Japan by 1957 it became known all over the world.  Now today Shiseido offers products for both men and women including makeup, perfume, skincare products etc 
Its no wonder its one of the top High end brands of all time :) :) 

Their Perfect Rouge range is huge with 20 shades to choose from you are bound to find one that suits you :) :) 
Shiseido states:
"The Perfect Rouge is about colors that elevate the beauty in life.  Colours that bring true glamour and elegance within our reach.  Delivering this colour experience in such luxurious textures - with such nurturing care for the lips it is a feat of technology and it make the colour feel all the more special" . 
 Shiseido has alot of promises for this lipstick stating This lipstick Soothes and hydrates the lips without stickiness.  Offering moisture that lasts all day long improving dryness and roughness over time.  Perfect Rouge Lipstick embraces the use of Dual Optimizing Powder, Ultra-Fine Satin Smooth Pearl, and Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE, It combines powerful skincare with cutting-edge color technologies to create the ultimate lipstick.   So now that all that has been talked about let me show and tell you what I think of this lipstick :) 

The packaging I have to admit is nothing to be excited about to be honest there are drugstore lipsticks out there that are more excited and looks more expensive than this.  You do know what they say though its not all about the packaging its the product itself :) :) 

Its a simple Dark purple tube shaped like a flower with four hollows going around it.  The name of the brand printed on it plain and simple :) :) Its very lightweight and easy to store in your purse pocket handbag where every you desire :)   The one thing I have to say is that the lid closes like it has a slight suction at the end which means the lid will not come off easily in your handbag 

When i opened this lipstick to see what shade I got I was surprised RED!!!!! and very deep in the tube like a blood red  :)  Some people would be slightly fearful of this especially if you are afraid of reds :) but believe me there is no need to be afraid of this one its fabulous.  I swatched a little on my hand and was actually surprised.  It was not a deep dark blood red like I thought only to be a pinky blue toned red.  I cant help but love blue toned reds as I feel they suit my skin tone alot better.  I was so pleased 

On this lips this feels extra smooth and soft almost like butter.  Applying is like a dream even with this deep colour.  The lipstick feels more like a balm than a lipstick.  Not the balm that feels oily and greasy but the balm that feels like silk on the lips.  I It certainly feels like a luxurious lipstick on the lips.  I have especially tested this lipstick this week as I have been suffering with a horrible flu which involved me having to wear barely there makeup because I was constantly blowing my nose leaving me with dry skin around the nose and dry lips.  Applying this lipstick to my dry lips was amazing unlike some lipstick that soak into the cracks of your dry lips and becoming blotchy this lipstick glided on easily leaving my lips looking super moist and kissable :) 

It doesn't stop there ....... This lipstick does not lose its moister at all for the day even when it wears off your lips still feel as moist as when you first applied the lipstick.  The pigmentation of this lipstick is incredible you can get away with just one coat and you instantly have colour on your lips.  In the picture above I have 2 coats.  When the lipstick starts to wear off it wears off evenly which means no blotchiness or no checking your lips every time you drink or eat.  I found it stains the lips and the more it wears off the more pink it looks on the lips :)   This lipstick is very transferable so be careful with your other half while wearing this because you will literally leave him with lipstick on his collar but while the lipstick wears off you are still left with colour on your lips for the day.  
I have certainly had fun trying this little beauty out and will surely be keeping this for all the right occasions.  The shade is not for me for everyday wear as it is very opaque but i do sometime blot this over my lips for a little colour especially on my "No makeup Days" 
So in all this lipstick really does what it says on the packaging it delivers everything it says and boy will you feel good wearing it.  Now paying €27 I still don't think I would opt to that as money I feel been a mum of 5 that is alot of money to splurge on one lipstick but for some of you out there who like to splurge now and again on make-up you have to try this lipstick :) :) Its amazing :) 
I hope you enjoyed this review Check out Shiseido's website to see what other products they do :) 
You can purchase this lipstick from Boots 
You can also purchase this from Arnotts for €25 
They are also available from Feel 
Have you tried this brand yet :) 
Would this be a lipstick you would try :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Girlwiththeskew-earring said...

The colour looks fantastic on you Nina!

Shannon Boyce said...

That is one dramatic red - and it looks great on you!

Jess | Just Jesss said...

Definitely more than I could spend on a lipstick but my goodness it looks amazing on you!!!!

Jess xo

moon said...

It really suits you! :) You remind me of Lara Pulver! :D

Tara Birds said...

the color looks fab

Nina s said...

Girlwiththeskew-earring Thank you hunny xxxxxx

Shannon Boyce Thank you hunny its fabulous

Jess your so sweet thank you hunny yes its quite expensive thats why I said anyone who likes to splurge should try it

Moon wow thank you I think I had to google her to see who she was :) :)

Tara Birds it is hunny :)

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