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Maybelline Fit Me Foundation and Powder Review

Hello my Beauties How are you all doing today :) 
Wow its been a while since I have done a Review on a foundation and I thought maybe it was about time (slap on the wrists)  
I have plenty of foundations that I have been using happily through the past year but with the amazing summer that we were blessed with gave a a fantastic tan which ment I have darker skin so none of my current foundations suit my shading at the moment as they are all too light for me (and yes i know i can darken with a bronzer but im a beauty blogger, any excuse to go shopping for new products and i'll jump to it haha)  .  This was a great excuse to go shopping for a new foundation :) 
I decided to go for the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation As I have heard some good reviews about it and I liked the concept of the foundation, powder and concealer already matched up for you (pure laziness in my part to search lol) 
There are 12 shades of the foundation to choose from all suited for every skin type weither you are ligh, medium and dark toned :) 
According to the diagagram in the pharmacy I got my foundation from my match was number 210 which is on the medium section which means 210 powder and number 20 concealer matches the foundation.  At the moment I am about a NC20 - 25 (so proud :)  Now you will have noticed I did not get the 210 powder and I will explain later why.  I also gave the concealer a miss as I have enough at home to finish before trying a new one :) 
So Let me tell you a little about the foundation first :) 
The foundation comes in a clear glass bottle which is always a great thing as it looks more expensive ;)  It comes it a great pump too which I adore as Its more hygienic using a pump than without.  
Another great thing I noticed before even trying this out is the foundation has SPF18 in it which is always a bonus in my eyes even though I always protect with SPF before applying foundation.  You can never be too careful.  
The formula of the foundation is quite light but don't presume that you will use more of it because of that reason as you will be wrong my dears in fact just 2 pumps of this foundation does the entire face and down the neck too.  There is a scent also its not strong and smells floral but its actually quite nice.  I am not a fan of strong smelling foundations but I do tolerate this scent.  
The coverage is light to medium a perfect coverage for the summer time.  It covers enough but still shows off your freckles a little bit which I like.  
The shade 210 is a perfect match for my skintone at the moment I am actually surprised its so perfect.  210 is more of a yellow based foundation and is perfect for me even though in the winter when I am less tanned I find neutral foundations aswell as yellow based work well for me as I am usually a NC15.  Even though this is yellow based its not too yellow and makes my skin look very very natural.  I love how easy this foundation applies especially with my favourite foundation brush from Blank Canvas Cosmetics the F20.  It applies evenly without an effort.  
I am loving the finish of this foundation as it leaves a fabulous dewy finish but  let me warn you if you are a sufferer of oily skin you may find this to be of no use to you.  The reason been is because I am combination to dry skinned and sometimes especially in the summer I suffer with an oily t zone and even on my dry areas I found this to be dewy.  On my t zone I definitely have to use a powder as I have a high forehead and after applying this foundation you could probably see a reflection of you face on it lol.  This would be an amazing foundation for anyone who suffers with dry skin as it gives you the right amount of moisture and it looks fantastic.  With a little dusting of powder I still see a perfect dewy finish and I am in love with it.  I have been using this foundation constantly since I got it and even some of you have commented on how flawless my skin looks SO NOW YOU KNOW MY SECRET :) ;) 
Overall I am very impressed with this foundation not only does it give me moisture, protects my skin, is oil free, the perfect match for me, gives me a dewy flawless nature look but it costs no more than €11.99.  Plus it lasts all day long :) :) One more great thing about this foundation is that its camera friendly even with it have SPF18 pictures come out brilliantly
Here is some photos I posted recently with the foundation on me :) 
Before and after (try to ignore the cap i was in a childish mood that day hahaha)
This picture is taken in daytime but with a flash 
Next up is the powder I was telling you about Do not worry this will not be long :) :) 
I mentioned Earlier that Even though the match of my foundation was 210 I opted for 220 and the reason for that was because I found that the powder was too light for the foundation.  Even if you look at the very top photo 220 look too light for the foundation and believe me the photos are exact so exact that I made sure to take them in sunlight so you can see for yourself.  I still find 220 too light for the foundation but I have to admit I still use it 
The powder comes in a pretty square black compact.  When you open the compact you will see you powder and then underneath that you are getting your mirror and powder puff.  All nicely presented and handy for travel 
The powder itself is very lightweight and non chalky which I like as that means you have less wastage and only get what you want on the puff.  
It feels smooth and creamy and doesnt look cakey when applied which is what alot of us do worry about when buying a new powder.  
I don't use this all over my face but I do like to use this in areas that I highlight and conceal as it works great as a setting powder for that and adds brightness in the areas I want :)  
I am not too bothered about the fact it doesn't match the foundation as I have enough compacts here for that but for some of you who are planning to match up your compact make sure before you leave the store.  As I said I do like the powder but its just the wrong match for me.  
Well that is it from me today 
Have you tried Maybelline Fit Me Products yet?
Whats your thoughts 
Until Next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Jess | Just Jesss said...

I love the packaging of these and they make your skin look amazing! Sadly with my oily skin it doesn't sound like they'd be much use to me :( Thanks for sharing!

Jess xo

Heidi Carrenberg said...

I've seen this Foundation so many times at the Drugstore, but never bought it... I'm so happy you reviewed it. I'm now considering giving it a try!
Thank you!

TheInsideOutBeauty - Daily Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

Bloglove Me! I Bloglove Y<3U !

Makeup Over Mind said...

I'm still not sure how I feel about it for my own skin...but I can't quite put my finger on why! Looks fabulous on you though!

Nina s said...

Makeup Over Mind what skin type are you hun

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